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Rose's Top Ten Fashion Moments in "Titanic"

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Director James Cameron's epic 1997 blockbuster hit Titanic is widely recognized for its extraordinary period-style fashion. Rose DeWitt Bukater is one half of our beloved yet tragic star-crossed lovers, and wears some of the most stunning fashion in the film. Let's take a look at Rose's top ten fashion moments in Titanic.

10. Rose's Pink Embroidered Coat

Rose wore this beautiful, soft pink embroidered evening coat on her search to find Jack in the latter part of the film. The black embroidery paired perfectly with the feminine shade of pink, and Rose looked lovely despite the severity of events occurring. She shed the coat when water began flooding the ship, and she dared the freezing ocean in order to find a captive Jack.

9. Black & Red Embellished "Jump" Gown

Jack and Rose first met when Rose was wearing this stunning, black and red embellished and embroidered gown. With a deep crimson satin bodice and black lace top, the dress has cap sleeves and an intricate, three-layer skirt: first a red satin skirt, then a layer of black tulle with fringe and finally a layer of fabric called d'esprit. The "jump" gown is iconic, as Rose is wearing it when she attempts to jump over the railing and is of course saved by the dashing Jack Dawson. In this moment their beautifully tragic love story begins.

8. Vision in White

Rose was truly a vision in white when she wore this gorgeous, crystallized evening gown when she was finally reunited with Jack (seemingly in heaven). Regardless of your take on the ending, the dress she wore was elegant and chic, and is actually an identical replica of the red and black dinner dress. The only difference is this version was made in all white, down to the matching shoes she wore. The gorgeous lace and crystals truly made the gown pop, and was the perfect outfit to be worn when reunited with her one true love Jack.

7. Green & Yellow Floral Tea Gown

Rose wore this delicately detailed soft green and yellow tea gown when she had her first showdown with fiance Cal at breakfast. The empire waist number is simple yet sophisticated, and the mixture of green and yellow gives Rose a feminine and demure vibe. The matching flower trim and embroidery gives the outfit an added touch of refinement. With her hair pulled back and swept to the side in a braid, Rose looked absolutely stunning. Though she had been violently reprimanded by Cal for her actions with Jack the prior evening, she remained calm and composed.

6. Stroll on the Promenade Dress

Jack and Rose were reunited after her frightening jump attempt when they took a stroll together on the promenade. She wore this lovely yellow belted dress with chic white sleeves during her talk with Jack. On the tops of her sleeves is a fine gold embroidery that truly elevates the outfit. Rose looks effortlessly chic in the day dress, with her hair pulled back in a loose and relaxed bun and little wisps framing her face. Paired with delicate earrings and jewelry, her red tresses and pale skin looked absolutely amazing with the ensemble.

5. Green Lace & Floral Waistband Gown

This green tea gown is accented by lots of lace and embroidery that truly makes it a vision to behold. The layers upon layers of embroidered lace detail in the skirt is definitely a wow factor, and the shade of green complements Rose exceptionally. The pop of bold color in the red floral band around her waist highlights her stunning figure. Her matching green teardrop necklace is on full display with the ensemble, and she looks so poised and chic as she has her first lunch and tea aboard the Titanic. This was also the gown Rose was wearing when Jack first spotted her aboard the ship.

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4. Pink Satin & White Chiffon Sash Dress

The dress Rose wears when she and Jack run off from Cal's right-hand man is this beautiful pastel number. With pink satin and white chiffon accents and matching sash, this empire waist evening gown gives Rose a soft and feminine feel. The cut is gorgeous on her and pairs well with her pale skin and bold red hair. It is during this point in the film that Rose truly breaks free from her mother and Cal and embraces her freedom, as shown by her hair being worn down defiantly in loose curls. She also wore this sash gown with that beautiful pink coat, making the outfit that much more fabulous.

3. Black & White Pinstripe Boarding Dress

When we are first introduced to Rose, she is wearing this ultra chic and glamorous pinstripe boarding suit. The colors pair beautifully with the black and white patterns and pinstripe, complementing one another perfectly. The details on the dress are immaculate, and the black belted waist highlights her fabulous figure. What truly makes this ensemble jaw-dropping is the huge purple, ribbon lined hat and cane that is the epitome of high-class and sophistication. Though Rose might have looked picture perfect, inside she was having an epic internal battle.

2. Blue Velvet "Fying" Dress

Arguably one of the most memorable dresses of the film, Rose wore this stunning blue velvet dress in her romantic and iconic "flying" scene with Jack. The lace top is paired with a navy bottom and blue velvet jacket-type overlay. The color was absolutely gorgeous on Rose, and contrasted against her porcelain white skin and deep red hair perfectly. She wore her curls in a sophisticated up-do that further complimented the ensemble. Of course, this dress got a lot of screen time when she and Jack were at the bow of the ship, in a romantic embrace.

1. Beaded & Embroidered Red Dinner Dress

The beaded and embroidered evening dress Rose wears at dinner is simply divine. The coral taffeta is paired with a tiered wrap-around beaded overlay, giving a look of deep red with the transparent black layer and matching beading. The intricate details of embroidery and jeweled embellishments makes the gown shimmer and shine and truly demands attention. With the elegant white opera gloves, statement-making diamond necklace and earrings, Rose was definitely the belle of the ball. Her hair was worn-up in a gorgeous bun with matching beads and she had a bold pop of red lipstick. This gown was worn when Jack and Rose secretly attended a party in third class, and began to fall in love with one another.

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