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“The Outfit” (2022) Review: The Good and The Bad

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The Outfit is an enjoyable film that, unfortunately, will be forgotten before the end of the year.

Leonard (Mark Rylance), an English tailor who manufactures suits on London's famed Savile Row, stars in The Outfit. However, to save his life on one tragic night, he must outsmart a deadly crew of criminals.

Zoey Deutch, Dylan O'brien, Johnny Flynn, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Simon Russell Beale, and Alan Mehdizadeh co-star alongside Mark Rylance in the starring role.

Mark Rylance in The Outfit

Mark Rylance in The Outfit

The Outfit is an American criminal drama film directed by Graham Moore in his directorial debut. It's a terrific movie with a lot of nice moments and very few poor ones. With that out of the way, let's look at what works and what doesn't in this film.

The Good

1. Using Only One Location

The only critique that could be leveled against this film is that most of the action takes place in the tailor shop. While the narrative mentions events beyond the tailor shop's compound, the viewer never sees them. You'll only be able to observe what happens within the business.

And it's reasonable if this is labeled as "boring." To counteract this, the filmmakers did an excellent job of maximizing the location's possibilities. You'll never get tired of seeing the same store repeatedly.

If anything, the use of a single location improves the quality of the story.

Francis, Monk and Mable (left to right)

Francis, Monk and Mable (left to right)

2. Excellent Mob Story

While the movie is about a mafia family, the story, in retrospect, is about an individual who is never a part of the family but is, in some ways, a part of the family.

That is where the story's beauty comes from. You see this person who doesn't want to be as immersed in the gangster life as he can be. Allowing even a tiny amount of it into his life, though, means he is a part of it.

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And like with any other mob scenario, there will be deception and mind games between the characters. If anything, you will experience a narrative that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Dylan O'brien as Francis

Dylan O'brien as Francis

3. Strong Supporting Cast

A good cast and solid character writing are required for a little narrative like The Outfit. That's something else Graham Moore (The Imitation Game) and Jonathan McClain (Walking with Herb) got right. Everyone in the cast, from the main actor to the supporting cast, did an excellent job of elevating the material.

We will talk about the lead guy in another space. For now, supporting actors such as Zoey Deutch, Dylan O’brien, Johnny Flynn, and others also do their best to bring their respective characters' depth and dimension to tell the story.

A particular mention goes to O'brien, who portrays Richie. From portraying an adolescent fleeing his difficulties in the Maze Runner series to playing a mobster, the actor has significant acting chops that might shine with the appropriate screenplay, which this movie manages to give him that. Anyway, the casts are entertaining, and there is nothing else you need.

4. Mark Rylance Gives Strong, Subtle Leading Performance

Leonard Burling is played superbly by Mark Rylance. You can tell he's seen a lot of things in his life from the time you meet him, and he's trying to keep those experiences hidden from others' eyes. However, you are unsure of what he is concealing.

And that adds to the interest of seeing him onscreen and seeing what he does with the circumstances that are unfolding around him. It's so much pleasure to witness a character carefully examine a situation and decide what you can and cannot foresee.

Mark Rylance as Leonard Burling

Mark Rylance as Leonard Burling

The Bad

1. Nothing

Nothing. Even if they are bad parts, its mostly subtle to the point of it being nitpicking.

Words of Recommendation

The Outfit is an excellent American crime drama that expertly uses its one-location narrative, strong story, and dialogue to tell an intriguing movie. Unfortunately, the heavy use of dialogue will be the downfall of this movie, as a lot of people will probably choose to skip this movie. It is a shame, but that is just how things work.

8/10 for The Outfit.

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