'The Nun' Review

Updated on October 18, 2018
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The Nun was a disappointment to say the least. Unfortunately, the film didn't live up to it's name.

This was a film I was extremely excited for. I loved the first two Conjuring films and thought this would live up to those two. I was wrong. The worst part is it had the potential to become a classic, but failed.

The plot wasn't bad. In fact, I liked it. It was simply about an evil spirit trying to escape, and possess someone's soul. It was simple, and reminded me of the original two. The plot is ultimately ruined by lazy jump scares. I for one love jump scares, but this film runs it into the ground. There are so many predictable moments that it just becomes boring. The camera pans to a dark hallway, then it comes back to see a figure standing behind one of the character. The first two or three times was okay, but when it happens in nearly every scene it becomes boring. There are so many moments that lead to nothing. The priest gets locked in a coffin, and sister Irene goes to save him, but after nothing happens. What could've been a tense moment leads to absolutely nothing.

Maybe the writer/director didn't have enough of a story to tell, and put in copy and paste jump scares to fill in the time. A promising premise is butchered by cliché jump scares, and a predictable plot.

I for one don't care about predictably in a plot. In certain genres you have to accept that certain clichés are going to be there, horror films are no different. The first two Conjuring films don't shy away from clichés. The first one revoles around a family moving into a new home that turns out to be hunted. The second is about an old man wanting his house back, and both end with an exorcist. There not original stories, but they work.

Another thing is the film doesn't build up the characters. Maybe the first two Conjuring films wouldn't have been so scary if we didn't care about the characters so much. I really didn't care much about the plot or characters.

One thing the film got right was the atmosphere. I think the director Corin Hardy did an excellent job here. The film's got a very dark and creepy feel to it. While watching the film you can't help but feel this creepy presence in the air.

Another thing the film got right was the acting.Taissa Farmiga was great in the staring role. Demián Bichir, and Jonas Bloquet both hold their own.

The scariest part in the film was the Nun, but she isn't there a whole lot. When she is there the tension builds up, but is ultimately dropped do to bad writing. The Nun comes and it's spooky, but she does something stupid. There so many of these moments that by the end of the film there wasn't a doubt in mind that she was going to lose.

By the end of the film a promising premise turns into your average jump scare fest, and amounts to nothing. There a couple genuine scars, but they are scarce. If your a huge horror fanatic then this movie will disappoint you. If you like me think the original two Conjuring's are among two of the best in the 21st century then you will be disappointed. If your a casual view that enjoys a scare every now and again then you might enjoy this, but I think it is one of the biggest disappointments of the year.

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