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"The Foreigner" Movie Review

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The Foreigner was a dramatic and emotional mystery/thriller that lived up to most expectations and hopes. It has such a deep meaning to its story and keeps you intrigued throughout its entirety.

The Foreigner follows Quan, a single father who was enjoying his day when suddenly his daughter is killed in an explosion. When the military refuses to give him answers, Quan starts taking matters in his own hands. After some careful research, he finds out that a British government official named Liam Hennessy used to have ties to a terrorist organization. Quan then accuses Liam of being a part of the group that killed his daughter. Quan will stop at nothing to find out who was responsible and delivering justice to all those guilty of the bombing.

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Almost everything was superb about this film. Jackie Chan delivered the performance of his life. He was convincing both as a broken-hearted father and a war veteran out for justice. He was like a combination of Rambo, Bryan Mills, and himself. Pierce Brosnan was also in top-form, giving everything he had to his role.

Director Martin Campbell returns to theatrical film for the first time in 6 years, having been in hiding since the widely hated Green Lantern film. Campbell proved he still has what it takes, hopefully rejuvenating his career.

The only problem I had with the film is Liam's complicated family. It was a side story that was highly unnecessary and in fact distracts more than it adds. Liam's brother's son was having an affair with Liam's wife and Liam was having an affair with an Asian woman....I found myself at times trying to keep up with who was sleeping with who rather than staying focused on the central plot. Fortunately this whole side plot only took up a couple of scenes and wasn't overwhelming.

In conclusion, I have high praise for this film. I will say it's more of a thriller and a mystery rather than Jackie's usual action-packed martial arts fueled films. So don't go in expecting an action spectacle because Jackie Chan's in it. Expect a perfectly paced mystery with rising suspense and thrills. I give the film a 3 out of 4.

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