Star Wars Anthology Movies That Need to Be Made

Updated on December 11, 2017
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Gregory Honay is a writer and Star Wars geek from New York City. He vehemently denies the accusation that he named his dogs Han and Chewie.

With Rogue One in the books, and less than six months to go before the release of the young Han Solo movie, Disney's begun to fill in a lot of the blanks pertaining to history that has yet to be officially covered by canon material. There's plenty to be explored, so much that it may be difficult for Disney to figure out where to go next. Let's lend a helping hand by looking at a few other ideas that would make for great standalone Star Wars movies...

Count Dooku & Qui-Gon Jinn

Though we never saw them interact on screen, the history between Qui-Gon Jinn and his former master (and later Sith Lord) Dooku became a fairly major plot point in Episode II. A movie set during Qui-Gon's years as Dooku's padawan would give us a much greater insight into the nature of their relationship, how Dooku's own willingness to buck the system rubbed off on Qui-Gon, and whether there was ever really a chance that Qui-Gon could have joined Dooku when he left the Jedi to lead the Separatists.

The Rise Of The First Order

As of right now, there's a lot of questions about the First Order and its key players that have yet to be answered. Where did Snoke come from, and how did he wind up in control of what was left of the Empire? How did he corrupt Ben Solo and seduce him to the Dark Side? Why are they so afraid of Luke Skywalker? Some of those answers may come to light in Episodes VIII and IX, but a standalone movie showing the Empire's escape from the Rebellion and transformation into the First Order would be interesting to see.

Anakin Skywalker: Jedi Apprentice

Much has been made of Yoda and Mace Windu's reluctance to train Anakin Skywalker due to his age, and those fears were well founded given how Anakin turned out. However, in much the same way that the prequel trilogy itself gave us a much deeper understanding of Anakin/Vader as a person, a movie about Anakin during the years between Episodes I and II would give us similar insight into Anakin's early days in the Jedi Order. We could see his training, his struggles to assimilate into the Jedi way of life, how he coped (or didn't) with being separated from his mother, and Obi-Wan's struggles to keep his exceptionally talented apprentice in line during it all.

The Solitude Of Obi-Wan Kenobi

Do you think Obi-Wan Kenobi really spent the twenty years between Episodes III and IV sitting around playing solitaire? No, me neither. Some adventures had to have taken place during that time, and an Anthology movie would be a great way to explore the "lost" years of Obi-Wan. What happened when he found out Anakin survived their duel on Mustafar? How did he cope with the fall of the Jedi? What was his relationship with Luke's family like, and how did they end up becoming estranged? Did he have any contact with Yoda or Bail Organa during his exile? What happened when he learned to commune with the spirit of his late master, Qui-Gon Jinn? Did he ever leave Tatooine? Did Darth Vader ever ALMOST find him...and Luke? A lot of people would love to find out!

Yoda In Exile

People have wondered for a long time what Obi-Wan was doing during his long exile on Tatooine, but the same questions could be asked about Yoda. Why did he choose Dagobah of all places to live in secret? What was his history with the Dark Side Cave? Did he ever have any adventures that took him off planet? On top of all that, this movie could answer a question rarely asked: how did the Jedi Grand Master, serene and in tune with his emotions as he was, cope with the fact that his personal failures caused the destruction of the Jedi Order?

The Fall Of The Sith

The Sith survived in secret for a thousand years after nearly being wiped out by the Jedi, but since we only ever saw the final years of the Sith Order, there's a big hunk of that group's history that has yet to be told. A good starting point would be a movie set in the days leading into that climactic Jedi victory. We could learn who the key players were, what mistakes led to the Sith being nearly exterminated as the Jedi would be many years later, and the beginnings of the modern Sith Order and the Rule of Two.

Boba Fett: Bounty Hunter For Hire

For a character who had minimal lines, minimal screen time, and minimal character development, Boba Fett has developed a surprisingly cult-like following. The normally-silent bounty hunter has enough merchandise, fan clubs, and even fan fiction out there to outshine many of the other, main characters of the Star Wars movie despite his life and personality being an almost completely blank space. We did learn a bit more about him in Episode II when we learned he was the clone/child of Jango Fett, a notorious bounty hunter in his own right, but despite a few appearances in the Clone Wars TV series, there's a lot of backstory to fill between the time we saw him holding his father's helmet on Geonosis and when he reappeared in the Empire Strikes Back. We know that Boba Fett fell in with another group of Bounty Hunters and spent some time in prison, but not much about his own training and work as a bounty hunter, or how he became so notorious for his work that both the Empire AND Jabba the Hutt retained his services. Given the nature of his father's death, there's also a good bet he crossed paths with the Jedi every now and then, and may have even had some interactions with Han Solo before their meeting on Cloud City.

Darth Vader: Imperial Enforcer

Darth Vader had to make a lot of adjustments after Mustafar: Padme (and, apparently, their unborn offspring) were dead, the Jedi were destroyed, he had been physically crippled to the point he needed a life support suit to survive, and he now served the most evil and powerful man in the galaxy as a Sith Lord. Though the theme has been explored in books and comics, we never really got to explore the relationship between Vader and the Emperor after the Jedi Purge, how Vader coped with everything that he had lost, and how he adjusted to his new physical limitations. A movie telling the tale of how Anakin Skywalker competed his transformation into Darth Vader could fill in the blanks on all those things.

The Life And Times Of Darth Plagueis The Wise

People have been fascinated with Darth Plagueis ever since the Emperor first mentioned him during the opera scene in Episode III. Even though we never saw him on screen, his actions directly led to nearly everything that happened over the course of the movies, likely including even the birth of Anakin Skywalker. The emergence of Snoke reignited the interest on Plagueis, leading to a popular fan theory that the Emperor's old master had somehow survived his assassination, and now led the First Order under the assumed name of Snoke. There is SO much this book could cover: Plagueis' experiments using the Force to cheat death, his discovery and training of Palpatine, and of course, his death at the hands of his apprentice.

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