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Star Wars: 3 Times Jedi Used the Power of Anger

Jeremy hopes the Force is with him as he pursues a forensics career in the swamps of Louisiana.

Vengeful Jedi?

In Star Wars, the Jedi are powerful, lightsaber-wielding advocates of the Light Side of the Force. They're supposed to be calm defenders of justice, right? Well, the word supposed is doing a lot of work here. What do they actually do?

Throughout the movies, we see many instances of them fueling their attacks with ire, despite what they've been taught. Two lines of the Jedi mantra read "There is no emotion, there is peace" and "There is no passion, there is serenity."

Well, I'll tell ya, these upcoming Jedi weren't very serene in their battles.
Spoilers ahead.

Obi-Wan Kenobi fights Darth Maul.

Obi-Wan Kenobi fights Darth Maul.

1. Obi-Wan Avenges Qui-Gon

Our first star on Name-That-Ticked-Off-Jedi is none other than Obi-Wan Kenobi. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Not Obi-Wan! He was the calm one, the negotiator, he taught Luke and Anakin. He even had a beard!"

Well, he didn't always have that beard, and even he could get pretty miffed if you ruffled the right feathers. In Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, Obi-Wan and his mentor, Qui-Gon, duel with the ferocious Darth Maul. Eventually, the Jedi are separated, allowing Maul to kill the elder Jedi Master.

Here we see Obi-Wan, typically renowned for his level head, lose his cool and even tap into the Dark Side. He chops Maul's saber in two, then lands a kick before being Force pushed into a pit. Desperate, Obi-Wan summons his fallen Master's saber to cut Maul in two. Good strategy; between your dying master, and Darth Halfsies here, you think no one's gonna know about your rage-fueled assault, Obi-Wan. But we know, Kenobi. We know.

Obi-Wan also gets furious with Anakin when his former student falls to the Dark Side, and ends up slicing off three of his limbs, but eh, Anakin had it coming. We'll give you a pass for that one, Obi-Wan. But, speaking of Anakin...

Anakin about to behead Dooku.

Anakin about to behead Dooku.

2. Anakin Skywalker Decapitates Count Dooku

Anakin Skywalker, the young and talented Jedi thought to be the Chosen One of ancient prophecies. The Jedi believe he is selected to "bring balance to the Force."

In reality, maybe he's just chosen to lose his temper. We see several instances of his aggression in the movies. As a young man, he's prone to fits of wrath; as the ruthless Darth Vader, he periodically murders his Imperial officers for incompetence. Still, this is typical Sith behavior; did Anakin ever lose his cool in a fight before going dark?

Yes, in Episode 3 against Count Dooku. These two also fought at the end of Episode 2, but Skywalker kept his temper mostly in check then. Here, with a little goading, he unleashes an anger-fueled flurry of attacks, battering down a senior citizen (don't pretend you've never wanted to do the same).

Skywalker slices off Dooku's hands, takes Dooku's weapon, and cuts the Count's head off. Soon after that, he takes Dooku's spot as the apprentice of Darth Sidious, adding insult to injury.

Not cool, Anakin. Not cool. I hope your kids turn out better than you did.

Luke, about to slice off his own father's hand.

Luke, about to slice off his own father's hand.

3. Luke Skywalker Chops off Vader's Hand

Oh boy. Well, here we go. Luke Skywalker is normally a kind and compassionate human who puts others before himself and believes in the Light Side. Throughout most of Episodes 4 and 5, we only see him get annoyed, never furious. He gets a bit irritated when Vader cuts off his hand at the end of 5, true. I mean yea, that's a bummer.

But Vader then kindly offers a hand, invites Luke to join the Dark Side, and reveals to him that Luke is Vader's own son. So how does Luke repay dear old dad? A year later in Episode 6, he vengefully batters him into submission, lops off a hand, and almost kills his father.

Thankfully, Luke quickly realizes how expensive funerals can be, calms himself down, and allows his father to live. Then together they tag-team a man even older than Dooku was. You're never gonna grow out of that, are ya Anakin?

There you have it. Star Wars is rife with Jedi failing to control their feelings. Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Luke. Master Yoda would be ashamed of you.

Yoda's gonna have to lie down for a couple minutes.

Yoda's gonna have to lie down for a couple minutes.

Disgraceful. Absolutely disgraceful. Well, readers, do your best to learn from our Jedi's mistakes and control your anger when times get rough. Thanks for reading!

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