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"Solo: A Star Wars Story" (2018): A Stellar Review

Alexander is a lifelong viewer of videos and media pertaining to the Stars Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and additional movie franchises.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Why the Negative Reviews?

Solo: A Star Wars Story has unfairly received a lot of negative reviews. This is not one of those. I cannot state that I've always been thrilled by the decisions made for the Star Wars universe, but this piece of art is relatively unique. I personally believe that this film has been the best Star Wars movie since "Return of the Jedi". I am not evening joking about that! I seriously feel this way.


First of all, this work actually feels like a Star Wars movie. By that, I mean the kind of movie many of us fell in love with during our childhoods; that is, episodes IV through VI. Incredibly detailed puppets are applied with great frequency. The prequels (here I mean episodes I - III), although not bad films, relied far too heavily on computer animation and graphics alone. That is not the case at all in Solo. Furthermore, computer graphics have improved greatly since the makings of episodes I - III. Thus, where computer animation is relied more heavily upon is far less noticeable than it used to be. Moreover, practical effects were the preference in this movie, and that is one reason I give this one five stars.

Actors and Characters

I can see why some people may take issue with Alden Ehrenreich playing the role of Han Solo. Traditionally, the part has been played by Harrison Ford. However, Harrison is just too aged to act as his famous Han character in a new prequel. Alden may look a great deal different from Harrison. This criticism has likely been made more than I currently know. Regardless, similar observations have been made concerning the voices and bodily features of the two actors who played Obi-Wan Kenobi. Is it not possible that travel with hyperdrive technology could have severe effects on the body over time of the individuals traveling within these ships? Of course, there could be a number of other environmental variables which may affect the physiological structure of the characters in the Star Wars universe. We should all keep in mind that all of the Star Wars stories have occurred in the distant past and very far away.

Standout Performance

I feel as though Alden did a great job. His acting was far above average, and he paid his respects to the famous Han Solo. Watching Alden on screen, one can note that it does actually feel like viewing a younger Solo. I will also make the important note that Chewbacca really seems like Chewbacca in this film. Chewie looks and sounds like he should look and sound. Despite there being a number of actors who have played his part, Chewie is simply Chewie.

Story Line

The story is fantastic! There are so many emotions in this movie. I saw this film for the first time in theaters, which was an even more excellent experience. But, even when I re-watched it on a small computer screen, I continued to be thrilled! Much needed explanations are given throughout the film, and plot holes are being metaphorically filled with the aid of this work.

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Other Thoughts

There was the addition of a number of new characters that I, for the most part, enjoyed. The Star Wars universe often includes the occasional individual who is cartoonishly silly. Regardless, this has been something of a tradition in the series since the first film (Episode IV) was aired in theaters. And, I'd be very surprised to see another character in this universe who will have the same impact that Jar Jar Binks did. And, I will further mention that I do not feel as though Jar Jar is without redemption; I am still patiently waiting for Darth Jar Jar to be part of the Star Wars canon! Moreover, as far as wacky characters go - C3PO has had a relatively good reception over the years.

Overall Impression

I do not think that there can be any doubt that I absolutely love this contribution to the world of Star Wars! I am so proud of the Walt Disney Company for being so very loyal to all those who have loved the original trilogy. I can only hope that Star Wars stays on this more familiar path. I give Solo: A Star Wars Story five out of five stars!

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Alexander James Guckenberger (author) from Maryland, United States of America on January 26, 2019:

I think that you're right about the negative vibes surrounding this work. What's your favorite 'Star Wars' film?

Geeky Daddy on January 26, 2019:

I enjoyed your review. I agree that Alden didn't blow me away, but he did a better job than he got credit for. The negativity with this filmed climaxed with the firing of the initial directors so far into production. While that does happen quite a bit with films, this was so high profile and really did not put Kathleen Kennedy in a good light. The guys made nothing but imrpov style comedies, what did she think they were going to make? She really deserves to buy Ron Howard a nice steak dinner for bailing her out.

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