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'Slither' (2006) - Zombie Movie Review

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'Slither' Film Comparison

From the moment Slither premiered its trailer, the most reactive geeky cinephile community immediately began to compare it with Night Of The Creeps.

Yes, both are cult films. Both are about an extraterrestrial being that falls in a small American town unleashing slug-like creatures that are forcibly inserted into humans and turn them into violent irrational creatures hungry for raw meat.

Both, in addition, are constant tributes to other works of the horror genre and B-Movies. In Slither, for example, there are references to Tremors, Goosebumps, Basket Case, Brain Damage, The Stand, The Thing, Rosemary's Baby, Shivers, and Videodrome, among others. James Gunn also makes an extensive tribute to the Troma movies (where he himself began his career with Tromeo & Juliet) not only putting The Toxic Avenger in one of the scenes, but with the overall design, tone, and style of the entire movie. Slither could easily have been a Troma movie if it had used less CGI and had even less star power.

But the big difference between Slither and Night Of The Creeps is that this movie develops its own style and has a more solid script. This film is much more than a catalog of tributes and styles. It's its own thing. James Gunn is a natural born entertainer and knows how to fill his stories with a crushing personality, no matter how insane they get.


Plot Synopsis

Slither begins with a meteor falling on the town of Wheelsy in South Carolina. Car dealer Grant (Michael Rooker) is being unfaithful to his wife Starla (Elizabeth Banks) with a lonely woman named Brenda (Brenda James) in a spot of the forest near the meteorite. Of course, the parasite takes control of Grant's body and mind.

Slowly and progressively, Grant mutates and becomes a monstrous disgusting mass, worthy of the most grotesque David Cronenberg’s body horror. His appetite for raw meat has made him equip a barn as a base of operations, where different animals and people are chewed and digested on a daily basis. Grant also infects Brenda and incapacitates her, to make her breed hundreds of slugs.

Sheriff Bill Pardy (Nathan Fillion) and other officers discover Brenda turned into a morbidly obese ball of meat about to explode. And in perhaps the most disgusting and grotesque scene in the movie, that's exactly what happens. Hundreds of slugs attack/possess the police and spread throughout the town.

When a slug possesses a human, they not only become a beast eager for raw meat but also falls under Grant's control, who is like the mutant queen bee of this hive mind.

Virtually the entire town is either chewed, digested or turned into Grant's zombies.

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The only survivors are Starla, Pardy, Major McReady (Gregg Henry) and teenager Kylie (Tania Saulnier), who also managed to have contact with the hive mind before saving herself, thus confirming the parasitic intentions of "Grant" to absorb all life on the planet.


Overall Thoughts

Slither is more body horror and Troma comedy than a zombie movie. James Gunn is a real talent in lightening horrible and disgusting scenes with black and explosive humor.

Slither is not for everyone. It has a disturbingly sexual tone in the design of the attack of its creatures that will generate rejection in the most conservative. The character of Grant is literally the most toxic masculinity captured in the cinema in recent date. He acts like a serial rapist, using his tentacles like two giant penises. He is possessive and jealous of his wife, whom he wants to become his eternal servant. And Michael Rooker, of course, is great in this role.

Although its CGI has aged horribly and its social commentary--beyond the character of Grant--is not very interesting, Slither has achieved its cult status thanks to the charisma of the cast and the disgusting design of its creatures.

In addition, its short duration makes it a fun, shallow and highly recommended experience.

Movie Details

Title: Slither

Release Year: 2006

Director(s): James Gunn

Actors: Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Rooker a.o.

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