'Skyscraper' (2018) Review

Updated on February 12, 2020
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Big Blockbusters often hit their target with numbers, but how about the ride? Was it good for you?

Skyscraper 2018 #Skyscraper2018 #dwaynejohnson #nevecampbell
Skyscraper 2018 #Skyscraper2018 #dwaynejohnson #nevecampbell | Source

Neve Campbell, why do I love thee? More intriguing, where do you hide your anti-aging machine and can I borrow it? It was so great to see one of my favorite actresses on screen again. I couldn't pass up watching Skyscraper and I was sure that a disaster-crossed Die Hard-esque action flick couldn't be bad. Action-thrillers are a great way to pass the time.

City in the sky. Would you stay here? #Skyscraper2018 Skyscraper 2018
City in the sky. Would you stay here? #Skyscraper2018 Skyscraper 2018 | Source

Who Else Is In Skyscraper And What Is The Movie About?

Skyscraper stars that big hunk-a-spunk Dwayne Johnson a.k.a; The Rock. He is a one-legged security expert who needs to rescue his wife and twins from a 225-story building. Neve Campbell (Scream franchise) plays Sarah Sawyer who accompanies her husband Will to Hong Kong. Of course, the kids come along while he gives the fancy building a big thumbs up.

Of course, not everything goes to plan and the building is taken hostage by some really mean criminals who set it on fire.

  • Written and directed by Rawson Thurber (upcoming Red Notice 2020.)
  • This film also stars Chin Han (Ghost in the Shell 2017), Roland Moller (Atomic Blonde 2017), Pablo Schreiber (Den of Thieves 2018) and Noah Taylor (Paddington 2.)

This film was released in July 2018 for its cinematic run. I reviewed this at Event Cinemas (AU.)

Chin Han stars as Zhao Long Ji. What does he have that the bad guys want? Skyscraper, an action thriller must-see
Chin Han stars as Zhao Long Ji. What does he have that the bad guys want? Skyscraper, an action thriller must-see | Source

How Was The Skyscraper Movie?

It takes a lot for an action movie to impress me. I do like disaster movies so this action thriller seemed like a good idea. I'm a fan of the original Die Hard films and this is said to meet in the middle of those. There is a lot of tall building gymnastics and climbing combined with baddies who carry heavy artillery. The skyscraper itself is referred to as a 'city in the sky.' It's home to many technologically advanced thing-ma-bobs and gadgets. All those types of high-tech stuff that make me envious I haven't caught up to speed with Alexa and her voice-controlled virtual assistant lighting yet.

Time to Switch Your Brain Off

What doesn't happen though, is anything remotely realistic. To enjoy this CGI speckled skyscraper inferno filled flick, I would recommend switching your brain off almost completely. In a similar vein to the non-sensical decision making in The Meg (2018), Skyscraper also pushes the bar with what it expects me to believe. I'm not saying Dwayne Johnson lacks skills to pull off walking across a crane at least 200 stories up. However, I just don't buy his machine bullet-dodging luck while doing so. Suffice to say this everyman type character has a lot of lucky coincidences.

For example; gaffer tape (wait, what?) plays a large role in the atmospheric tension. I did love the build-up of fear from watching the many uses of this handy tape. I'm all for believing in the power of gaffer tape, I really am. I mean I once bought some at a petrol station to seal a slow leaking hole in the tire of my car. That stuff extended the life of that wonderfully bald wheel for a week.

However, wrapped around The Rock's hands and used to Gekko-walk himself across a teeny tiny ledge seemed too good to be true. Even with the added security of some twine around his one good foot, I'm unsure it would hold. But you do what you must when your kids are in danger and the police think you're on the wrong side of right. Am-I-right? And to be fair, that prosthetic gets used in some extremely imaginative ways.

Cinematography and special effects were executed with a deft hand. I'm positive there were many fake backdrops and green screens used. I couldn't tell you when though, it's that well-done. While we are talking about the positives of the film's production, the pacing is non stop thrills. With tiny speckles of comedic relief, those with a penchant for this type of action flick will not be disappointed.

For the younger-generational action lovers, looking for something new and shiny Skyscraper will rock your world (pun intended.) For the rest of us, familiar with the Die Hard series (1988) and greatness of movies like Deep Impact (1988), Skyscraper will smolder past as good but not memorable. Either way, it's a great time-passer overall and will not leave you wishing for your time back.

I give Skyscraper 3.5 If you can't fix it with duct tape... you ain't using enough duct tape out of 5.

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