'Skyscraper' Review

Updated on October 15, 2018
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Skyscraper stars Dwayne Johnson as our hero. This film was disappointing to say the least. The film was just so stale. The biggest problem was just how boring it was.

I love the Rock, but he wasn't good in this film. To be fair, he isn't given much to work with. The plot is simple but confusing at times. How the whole thing comes together was terrible. The biggest complaint I heard about this was that it was a rip off of Die Hard. It is not. Die Hard was good, and it made sense.

The acting in the film wasn't amazing. The Rock doesn't do bad, but he isn't allowed to show off any of his natural charm. He's such a charismatic man in real life and in his movies, but here he's so stale. You could've replaced him with Liam Neeson and called it Taken 4. All of the acting was so lifeless. It tries to be a dark, moody movie. It forces all the actors to be so...not entertaining.

The plot was terrible. It all happens by a series of stupid events. Spoiler ahead, the plot revolves around a group of people who want a microchip from the owner of the building. In order to get it, they burn the building. I thought this was one of the stupidest parts of the film. To make matters worse, The Rock's family goes home, and gets stuck. This draws him into the plot. Why? It is perhaps some of the laziest writing I have seen. Instead of paying homage to Die Hard, it steals the premise and runs in the wrong direction.

The visuals looked good. The special effects (the fire) looked good. The darkly lit bright fire mixed well with the tone of the film. I guess it's the one bright spot.

The stunts. They could've been amazing, but other than a couple of heart pumping moments, this too falls flat. They build it up, and it just falls flat. They played it too safe. One moment in particular sums it up (spoilers ahead). Towards the end of the film, The Rock has to go out and do something to a spinning thing (forgot what it was). He does it, but he gets stuck. He's outside hanging upside down by his foot. This was a genuinely tense moment for me. How does he save himself? He lifts his body up, and climbs the rope. There are so many moments like this. They build it up, but play it safe. They had the ability to make some truly memorable moments, but ultimately decide to play it safe.

Another thing I didn't like was the wife (forgot her name). I've got nothing against her personally, but it seemed as if she was just there to solve problems The Rock couldn't.

The beginning was probably the best part, but when you watch the full film, it just seems like an excuse to give The Rock a swiss army leg.

The ending was probably the worst part of the film. It sums up the entire film. After a good action scene (in my opinion), we get a terrible ending. More spoilers ahead, the bad guy (forgot his name) has his daughter. Their in a room of mirrors. The Rock talks to him (standing in front of them), but their in the room of mirrors, so The Rock is really behind them. I don't think I ever face palmed so hard. To make it that much worse, The Rock and his daughter are trapped on the roof with nowhere to go. What do they do? Does The Rock give the last parachute to his daughter? Do they jump off together? Nope, they just call swiss army wife. She pressed a few buttons and down comes the rain, and it washes all the fire out. Why oh why.

The entire film isn't terrible, but it is pretty bad. Terrible writing was the films downfall. Even with a terrible plot, The Rock could've managed to make the film watchable, but he isn't allowed to shine. Great visual effects and CGI, combined with some truly beautiful shots, make the film less emotionless, but I think the director ultimately chose the wrong tone for the film. Combine that with the lack of creativity and copy and paste stunts, your in for a watchable, but tough ride.

2 stars for Skyscraper

© 2018 Royce Proctor


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