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Sci-Fi Short Film: 'Adam' (2016) by Neil Blomkamp and Unity Technologies

The OP Mother of Non Spoiler Reviews is on the hunt for the next big thing. Short films are on trend and there are plenty to choose from.

#Adam #Webshhortfilm #UnityTechnologies #OatsStudios #NeilBlomkamp

#Adam #Webshhortfilm #UnityTechnologies #OatsStudios #NeilBlomkamp

What is Adam?

Trying to explain how this film came about and why it's important led me down a rabbit hole of sorts. What I saw first was an amazing short film unlike anything I have ever seen before. It is special because it's an animation film made with software technology that makes the picture so realistic that my head almost exploded.

Adam was made using a game engine by Unity Technologies to show off just how far the software has come. This software runs in real-time with fancy graphic applications that give it that extra movie feel.

When Adam was released in 2016, the short film won a Webby Award.

Adam steps out of the prison. #Adam #UnityTechnologies #OatsStudio #NeilBlomkamp

Adam steps out of the prison. #Adam #UnityTechnologies #OatsStudio #NeilBlomkamp

What is Adam About?

The story of Adam is straightforward. He is a prisoner who wakes in a robot body. The story continues through 3 short films, all available on YouTube. I watched them and immediately wondered how this new online world had not crossed my path before.

After the original 5:43 minute episode, Unity reached out to Neil Blomkamp, who is the founder of Oats Studio and has now pumped out short films of his own. He is also well-known for movies such as District 9 (2009), Elysium (2013) and Chappie (2015).

Blomkamp worked with Unity and made episode two, Adam: The Mirror, in October 2017 and then Adam: The Prophet in November 2017. Judging by the comments on the YouTube channel, people seemed to have the same reaction as me and were screaming for more.

Adam: Episode 1, June 2016

About Unity Technologies

Unity Technologies is a game development company. They not only make games, they also provide tools for other developers to help with business requirements. Their website boasts that over 2 billion downloads of Unity games were played on mobile devices just for 2016.

With too many games made by Unity Technology to list, a few more commonly known ones for iOS in the genre of shooter include the following:

  • Call of Duty Strike Team
  • Unkilled
  • Dead Trigger
  • M.U.S.E.
  • Hitman Sniper

The company boasts to have 35% of the top 1000 free mobile games credited with their software. Its customers are no small fries either, names like Coca-Cola, Disney, NASA and Nickelodeon are among those listed.

It's probably a given if you like your mobile, Xbox or Playstation games that you have probably played one made with this amazing software engine.

Anyone can get access to their tools. When I looked on the Unity website, I discovered that I could open a free Personal account which allows me to use the basics and develop something myself. There are strict terms of use on these personal accounts so that anyone already making a truckload of money would not keep the rights should they choose to skimp out and get the goods for free. Other subscriptions include yearly fees from $35 a month for a Plus account or $125 a month for a Pro account.

This means, if I was particularly handy with software and developed a game or an application using this free software, I wouldn't have to pay royalties or revenue share. The description does mention that it's easy to use and great for hobbyists so perhaps it's time I learn!

#Adam #TheProphet #Mirror #NeilBlomkamp #UnityTechnologies

#Adam #TheProphet #Mirror #NeilBlomkamp #UnityTechnologies

'Adam: Episode 2 The Mirror'

'Adam: Episode 3 The Prophet'

What Else Has Oats Studio Made?

These latest film making abilities allow people like Neil Blomkamp to make these photo-realistic images in half the time and less than half the cost of what it does to make cinematic film. It's an exciting time for studios wanting to break into this area.

When Oats studio got involved with Unity Technology's software, the result was realistic digital humans in an even more realistic world. If you look at any of the videos in this article, you will notice things. The clothes characters wear move in the wind, there are shadows and depth to faces and backgrounds the lighting looks the way it should if scenes are inside or outside.

Oats created the worlds within these universes by shooting more than 35 000 photographs of all the elements that make up a scene. The development of these new short films means that this software engine has now entered the realm of cinema better than we have ever seen before.

Not all of Neil Blomkamps' shorts are made with software. Many of his latest releases are a taster which he hopes will show him which ones to make into full feature movies. They are all very cool though.

Take a look at the table below for an extensive list of Oats Studio short films.

Short Films made by Oats Studio and Neil Blomkamp

Neil Blomkamp has released all of these on YouTube with the idea that if they are well received, they'lll be made into feature films so be sure to show your support for your favorite.

Name of ShortCompletedStarringWhat's it About?

Adam: The Mirror

October 2017

Unity Software

Part 2 of the Adam series.


July 2017

Dakota Fanning

Two survivors are lost in an Arctic mine trying to fend off a alien-like creature that seems to be reading their minds.

God: Serengeti

July 2017

Sharlto Copley and Jason Cope

Geoffrey and God play with a new civilization.


June 2017

Steve Boyle, Nicole Goliath and Robert Hobbs

It's the Vietnam War and both sides of the apposing army find a new threat to fight.


June 2017

Sigourney Weaver

A post-apocalyptic story where the world is overrun by an alien species.


November 2017

Last film. Not Released yet.

Robocop style film involving a soldier.

Kapture: Fluke

August 2017

Ken Lawson and Tony Hargrave

Scientists develop a weapon that they test on a prisoner.


November 2017

Dakota Fanning

A Robot Knight wants some gold.


November 2017

Unity Software

A medi-evil giant who loves to kill.

Adam: The Phrophet

November 2017

Unity Software

Part 3 of the Adam series.

The Escape

October 2016

Clive Owen, Dakota Fanning and Jon Bernthal

Technically and advertisement for BMW tells the story of FBI raids on a scientific facility.

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