'Saving Christmas' Review

Updated on July 30, 2018
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Neal Sastry is a 21-year-old man trying to become a successful movie critic.

Christian White: This is a complete hijacking! This is a hijacking! Hi-handed, hijacking! Handedness-jacking! It's like a car-jacking of our religion!

Beware: Spoilers may follow.

There have been many movies and specials of people saving Christmas over the years. We’ve had Ernest Saves Christmas, Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas, How Murray Saved Christmas, and several others. All of these have been all over the map in terms of entertainment value and critical acclaim but by far the bizarrely worst is simply known as Saving Christmas a.k.a. Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas.

The story involves Kirk Cameron (himself) at a Christmas party hosted by his sister (Bridget Ridenour). While there he notices his brother-in-law Christian White (Darren Doane also the director) isn’t celebrating and steps outside to his car claiming that the holiday has become over-commercialized and consumerist and the fact that many Christmas celebrations are in fact rooted in paganism. Kirk joins Christian explaining to him how wrong he is.

There are many problems with this movie. For starters aside from the beginning and end the ebb and flow of the movie is basically Christian complaining about some aspect of celebrating the holiday, Kirk going into explanation of how he’s wrong, and Christian being like “I guess I never saw it that way.”

The movie also seems to ride on horrible logic of how the holiday of Christmas is rooted in Christianity. For instance Christian complains that the origins of Christmas trees are not biblical. Kirk contradicts him saying that Christmas trees were God’s idea as God created trees. Also for a movie trying to put Christianity in Christmas its message about embracing its excess in the forms of presents, feasts, and parties is entirely contradictory.

The movie also has David Shannon as D’Andre who is basically the token black guy in this film. His dialogue is nothing short of stereotypical and adds little of value.

The directing is also off. Many shots and scenes throughout the movie are done horribly. During the opening while describing his love for the holiday Kirk is drinking a cup of hot chocolate that clearly is empty.

The movie ends with a hilariously horrible dance number of Angels We Have Heard on High, which is completely random.

The only good thing is aside from the ending dance number and the bloopers at the end it is only an hour long. Also the movie is horrible but it is so in all the right ways. In a sense it is The Room of Christmas movies and definitely worth looking at to believe (if you’re in the right mindset). Just don’t go in expecting anything actually connecting to genuine Christina traditions.


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