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'Mayhem' Movie Review Starring Steven Yuen + Samara Weaving

Overlooked and underrated movies are speckled amongst the sea of bad horror. Allow me to steer you in the direction of some good films.


What is Mayhem About?

In the Mayhem movie, a virus has emerged nicknamed the 'Red Eye Virus.' It causes those infected to have their id hijacked. The Cambridge dictionary defines the id as:

The deepest part of the unconscious mind that represents the most basic natural human needs and emotions such as hunger, anger, and the wish for pleasure.

Derek works in a dog-eat-dog corporate law firm. Derek wants success, but being successful at Towers and Smythe Consulting means you have to swim with the big fish.

And the big fish just fired him.

When the virus is inside the building and everyone is under quarantine, what will Derek do?

That smirk Samara Weaving, smirking done to perfection.

That smirk Samara Weaving, smirking done to perfection.

Movie Facts and Trivia

Director: Joe Lynch.

Writer: Matius Caruso.

Date of Release: November 2017.

Genre: Horror with some comedic relief and tonnes of action.

Country of Origin: USA.

Fun Facts:

  • Steven Yuen plays Derek Cho, he was also cast as my favorite character Glen Rhee on The Walking Dead (TV Series). I adore him and when I saw the trailer for this film, I eagerly awaited its release and rented Mayhem because I had to see it as soon as possible.
  • In the opening scene of the Mayhem movie, there are two people having sex, they are in a real-life relationship and were actually having sex.
  • Due to a limited budget, the movie was made in 25 days.
Queen of the mean girls squad,Caroline Chikezie plays The Siren. What would you do if someone stole your favorite coffee mug on purpose?

Queen of the mean girls squad,Caroline Chikezie plays The Siren. What would you do if someone stole your favorite coffee mug on purpose?

Full Review

I love movies that use voice-over narration. From Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) to American Psycho (2000) horror movie, the technique provides an inside glimpse into a character that we wouldn't normally see. When Mayhem begins, Yuen who stars as Derek is talking about how he feels about his life and his view of the Red Eye Virus.

The cinematography from Steve Gainer was superb. At times I felt like I was watching the virus use Derek as its puppet along with everyone else in the office. Camera angles and close up's caused the film to take on an almost video game-like feel, later underpinned with referrals to locating keys to reach higher levels which are 'gamer-talk.'

What I adored about this film was that it was reminiscent of the sentiment in the movie Office Space (1999). The workplace is a thankless arena that kills your soul. Mayhem is one of my favorite virus movies. This is a virus that unencumbers your inhibitions. These same free-spirited people are then given nail guns, circular saws, and access to the underpaid guy in I.T.

Many will hone in on the want to punch out that nasty co-worker or throw down with the office jerk and that's where this film finds success. We have a hero to cheer for in Derek and it's impossible to want him to lose.

The violence is not restrained in director Joe Lynch's film. If you have seen any of his other works such as Wrong Turn 2 (2007) or his mini-series 12 Deadly Days (2016) you will be aware that the man loves a good spatter and this is no exception. I found this film took on a badass coolness that only Steven Yuen could bring. Yuen's performance teamed with Samara Weaving's cold maniacal smirk, was amazing. There was an aspect of crazed comical effervescence bubbling out of them. I couldn't get enough.

Samara Weaving stars in The Babysitter (2017) a Netflix original. She aces her role in Ready or Not and Guns Akimbo. I love her in a sadistic killer role. I was equally excited when she appeared as a disgruntled, heavy metal-loving client in Mayhem. Samara Weaving is superb. The chemistry between Yuen and Weaving was amazing. So much so, after most of a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, I wanted them to get married in real life and have babies. I'm joking of course, but I hope they team up again in the future.

What Are the Flaws in Mayhem?

So was there a flaw in his movie? I will have to give a resounding no!

It's without a doubt my favorite film for 2017. I have seen people compare this to The Belko Experiment (2017) but this is nothing like that. The only thing the two movies have in common is that they use an office as a location.

Mayhem's tongue-in-punched-out-cheek at its absolute cracking best.

I give Mayhem, 5 Motorhead loving, nail gun-toting queens out of 5.

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