Ranking the Transformers Movies

Updated on September 28, 2019
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This fight was overhyped in the trailer, in reality it was only around 3 to 5 minutes long.
This fight was overhyped in the trailer, in reality it was only around 3 to 5 minutes long.
This fight was overhyped in the trailer, in reality it was only around 3 to 5 minutes long. | Source

#5 Spot: Transformers: The Last Knight

This is where I would put Transformers: The Last Knight, unsurprisingly. The movie is a huge mess and the plot is very inconsistent with the other plot lines and time lines setup by the previous 4 films in the series. To start off this review I will talk about the plot.

Plot: The plot of this movie boils down to the main character, Cade Yeager, being handed a talisman (the main plot item). The other main character, Optimus Prime is turned evil by Quintessa and he stays that way for a majority of the film, even though he barely gets any screen time. The deceptions also team up with Quintessa to bring Cybertron to Earth so she could use a staff (another plot item) to kill Unicorn, who is actually the Earth. Yeah, the plot is all over the place and ridiculous.

Characters: The characters in this movie are barely rememberable, and many of the transformers from the previous film, such as Crosshairs and Drift, get little screen time. The main focus of the movie was more on the human characters like Cade, Viviane, and Edmund.

In short, this movie is a mess and not worth watching. So heed the warnings of movie critics and fans alike, and don't watch this movie nor purchase it. Watch the Bumblebee film instead.

Spot #4: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Surprise, surprise, this movie stinks. Revenge of the Fallen is a film that fails in almost every category, including plot and characters. I will quickly brush over the plot and characters because this was a really bad movie.

Plot: The plot is mainly the Autobot's joining up with a secret military force called "NEST" and Sam starts college. Optimus is killed by a revived Megatron* and the Fallen rises. The Fallen and the Deceptions fight because the Fallen wants to claim the Earth's sun and needs to use a big machine and the matrix of leadership to do so. Long story short, the Deceptions lose, Optimus is revived and brutally kills the Fallen and the movies done.

Footnote: *The scene where Optimus takes on the three Deceptions (Megatron, Starscream and Grindor) is the only good part about this movie, and you could make that same statement for the other fight scenes in the movie, but personally, the forest fight was the best.

Characters: There were quite a few characters in this film, but most of them were the same from the previous film. There were Sam and Mikaela, the main human protagonists. Then there were a handful of Autobot's that got around 5 or so minutes of screen time each, and then there was a bunch of Deception protoforms that all died. The only living Deceptions at the end of the movie where Megatron and Starscream.

Overall, this movie is only good for the action, which more or less sums up most, if not all, of the Bayverse films.

Spot #3: Transformers: Age of Extinction

I wanted to like this movie. I really did, but it did not live up to my expectations. The movie seemed like a fresh new start for the series, an (almost) new cast of robots, new human character, it all seemed enticing. Until I actually saw the movie. The movie is not awful, and it is not on par with Revenge of the Fallen and The Last Knight. However, this film is not the best.

Plot: The plot is not bad, in my opinion at least. The plot is not overdone with a bunch of potholes and inconstancies, and it does not mess up many of the timelines already established. That being said, that is all that is good with the plot. The new main character, Cade, is kind of one dimensional, as are his daughter and her boyfriend. The only real memorable thing about Cade is that he is an inventor. But don't get me wrong, Mark Wahlberg did a good job with his acting, but it's the way his character is written that gives him no depth. Also, the idea of Lockdown hunting the Autobot's does raise a question, that being why is he only hunting Autobot's and not Deceptions? Sure, it could be because he is trying to find out where Optimus is, but the humans hired him (more like made an alliance) to kill all Transformers on Earth. Anyway, the Autobot's kill Lockdown and the KSI robots, KSI are destroyed and everything is happy.

Characters: The characters consisted of mainly just Cade and Optimus/Bumblebee as the main protagonists, as Cade's daughter and her boyfriend really did not do much. The new Autobot's have been only on screen for a while and their personalities were not really fleshed out, but at least they had an adequate amount of screen time given the amount of money it takes to have the CGI Transformers.

Overall, the movie could have been better, and it failed from classic Michael Bay blunders, like over sexualizing seventeen year olds and having dry comedy.

Spot #2: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I actually enjoyed this movie and thought it was very well made. Sure, it suffers from dry comedy and, as always, over sexualized women. But the action and the plot mixed with the soundtrack was amazing. I liked this movie, and I think that may people agree that Dark of the Moon was better than most of the previous Transformers films.

Plot: The plot comes down to Sentinel Prime being found and revived by Optimus Prime, and the two team up and together protect the pillars that were found on the Ark. Sentinel betrays the Autobot's and kills Ironhide, while stealing the pillars, as he made a deal with Megatron. This plot twist was unexpected and I loved it. Sentinel then activates the pillars and a bunch of awakened Deceptions attack Washington D.C. and move across the globe, but they set up a fortress in Chicago. The whole story arc of Sam and his new girlfriend is something that I could care less for, and I thought that was a big reason to why the film is not as great as it should have been. Going back to the plot, Optimus and the Autobot's end up saving the humans and Optimus brutally kills both Megatron and Sentinel.

Characters: There was a plethora of new characters, but many of them did not get a lot of screen time, such as Dino and Que (who was killed in the battle of Chicago). The human protagonists, Sam and his girlfriend, were more or less Sam and Mikaela from the previous films.

Overall, this film was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I know that many critics did not like the film and I do agree with a good number of their arguments, those stemming from the fact that the script and the comedy of the movie sucked. But the plot and the action are something that really made me enjoy the movie.

Spot #1: Transformers

It should be no surprise that this movie is what I rank #1 in the Transformers film series. This movie does almost everything right. Notice how I said, almost. This is because, obviously, the movie suffers badly from Michael Bay's common blunders. Such as, yet again, over sexualizing female protagonists. Overlooking that, this film is great and definitely the best out of the 5. The characters are likable, the action is great, and the plot is not terrible.

Plot: I will say that I prefer the plot of Dark of the Moon over Transformers, but that does not mean that I do not like this movie's plot. It handles the arrival of the Autobot's to Earth well and makes a great way of introducing each of the characters. Sam is also likable in this film and he has a purpose, instead of just screaming the entire movie like in the other two movies. Another thing I liked about it was the plot sets up a pretty good timeline for the film to follow, and it does not overload the audience with information. The ending of the movie, where Sam kills Megatron with the Allspark was a nice ending that I did not see coming. The ending speech by Optimus was also great and well done.

Characters: The characters consisted of Sam, the main human protagonist, and Mikaela. The Autobot's consisted of the traditional 5, Optimus, Bumblebee, Jazz, Ironhide, and Ratchet. The Deceptions were fairly rememberable as well, and they did not die so easily, like in other films.

Overall, I love this movie. It was what got me into Transformers and it will have a special place in my heart. Now, I am not saying that this movie is better than the 1986 movie, because that movie was something that helped shape my childhood love for Transformers, but this movie helped bring back that spark in me that loved the series and the characters.

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    • Tim Truzy info4u profile image

      Tim Truzy 

      14 months ago from U.S.A.

      Great article. Loved your review. I agree with everything you wrote. Those transformers really deserve good movies.


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