Rampage Movie Review

Updated on April 13, 2018

The Plot

Rampage is based on the 1986 video game that shares the same name. The plot is fairly simple. We have 3 animals who accidentally ingest some scientific experiments that fell from space and become gigantic monsters overnight and that's about it. From there all hell breaks loose and all we can do is sit back and watch the carnage. In the video game I believe the monsters were humans that turned in to monsters but don't quote me on that. I have never actually played the game or seen it in an arcade.

My General Thoughts

I have to admit, I did not have very high hopes for this movie going in. From the first trailer it just looked alright to me. I am a Dwayne Johnson fan and I do think he can carry a film if it is the right movie for him. I was pretty surprised how entertaining and how not over the top Rampage was. Don't get me wrong there are still some ridiculous action pieces that you know are impossible but it works because the film does not take itself that seriously. It is supposed to be a fun action film and not anything you should take too seriously. The reason the newer Fast and the Furious films are especially annoying to me is that the action is so hilariously impossible and that the tone can get way too serious from time to time. It does not work for me and I love that this movie was not like that. One thing that I loved was that they kept one of the monsters fairly hidden until the closing scene so it was extra bad ass once you finally got to see it. Also I noticed that the "bad guys" in the movie had one of the 1986 Rampage arcade games in their office, which I thought was a nice touch.

Any Faults?

Yup. But not as many as I expected to be honest. Their was one actor in particular who was pretty bad. Jake Lacy, who plays one of the Wyden siblings was a pretty blatant miscast in my opinion. I had only ever seen him in The Office which he was just fine in but this movie was not suited for him. That being said the other acting in the film was more than adequate. Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan had good chemistry and I had no problems with them. I also enjoyed Jeffrey Dean Morgans southern cowboy thing a lot more than I thought I would. From the trailer he seemed pretty bland but he was pretty funny at times.

If I have any other problem with Rampage it is that I felt Naomie Harris's character knew way too much about the Wyden's company. I know she used to work there and that is not an uncommon plot device but it was pretty ridiculous. There is no way she could have known that much about the company she had not worked for for a few years and it is obvious that her backstory is their just to move the plot along.


3 out of 5

This was a fun popcorn movie but overall is wasn't anything too special. That being said I do think it is the best video game adaptation I have seen on the big screen so far. That is not that hard to do since video games do not have the best track record when it comes to big screen adaptations. Don't even get me started on Super Mario Brothers.

I would recommend that you see this in the theater as that makes all the difference. The action pieces look great on the big screen and I'm not so sure I would have enjoyed it as much if I hadn't seen it in the theater first.

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