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'Pokémon Detective Pikachu': Movie Review

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Ryan Reynolds stars in a kids' movie about this classic character.

Ryan Reynolds stars in a kids' movie about this classic character.

Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu

Pokémon Detective Pikachu stars Justice Smith as the son of a detective who has just been killed. And Ryan Reynolds voicing an amnesia-stricken Pikachu. Since Pikachu was the father's partner, the two team up to solve the mystery surrounding the father's death.

I was never a big fan of Pokémon growing up. The other kids in my school would always trade the cards, but I never thought that was cool. So, I did not have that big of an interest in this film. I do not have a whole lot to say about the film, but I did just watch it, so I wanted to give my take on it. Let's talk about it!


I liked this movie because it is just enjoyable. It is a sweet movie that you can watch with children and still find enjoyment out of as an adult. There are some really heartfelt moments in this movie that I did not expect. The very beginning of the movie has a lot of heart and can be really sad. I appreciated that it gave the movie some depth behind it.

Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu is the best thing about this movie by far. He has the best lines in this film. Every time he speaks the movie becomes better. Who knew we ever needed Ryan Reynolds's voice coming out of Pikachu? His voice and the cuteness of Pikachu work so well together. He carries this movie alone. If Reynolds was not in this film, it would be a waste of time.

I also liked the world-building they did in this movie. As I mentioned, I never got into Pokémon, so I had no idea who any of the characters were. I think the filmmakers did a pretty good job at creating this world in which the Pokémon live and introducing us to these different characters. We see how they contribute to this world and some of their different powers. Do they have powers? Whatever their special abilities are!

I also liked the design of the Pokémon. I don't know if it is true to the source material, but I found them interesting. There are so many different Pokémon with different designs. It seemed to me that the filmmakers did care about the source material and tried to stay true to it.


My biggest problem with the film is the human characters. They were so boring! They felt like cardboard characters on screen. There was really nothing interesting about them. Then they are on screen with the Pokémon, who are interesting, and they feel so dull. I had a big problem with Justice Smith in this movie. His character was very cold-hearted towards his dad's death. He doesn't care, and that makes him unlikeable to me. I just did not care for him, but who really watches this movie for the human characters anyway? We come to see these movies for the Pokémon.

I didn't like that there weren't as many Pokémon fights as there could have been. When the Pokémon battle each other, it makes for some really cool scenes. But it does not happen much in the movie as they focus more on the mystery surrounding the father.

The mystery in this movie was not all that interesting to me. It felt like they really kept telling us what is happening through exposition rather than letting us figure it out ourselves. It felt really laid out. By this I mean it felt like every other mystery movie. The story is played out beat by beat on when certain things should happen. The characters go to a certain place to find answers and they get a whole lot of exposition that leads them to a new place. This is repeated throughout the movie. It felt really repetitive.

Overall, an Enjoyable Pokemon Story

In the end, Pokémon Detective Pikachu was a really enjoyable movie. Where it lacks with human characters and story, it makes up for in the Pokémon characters. This is a family friendly movie that you would be able to enjoy as an adult. The movie is hard to watch at the beginning as it can be depressing. However, the movie picks up with the introduction of Pikachu.


Michael115 on August 11, 2019:

I agree! I was not invested in the characters when I watched the movie. It was a cute movie but it is pretty forgettable.