Netflix Halloween Countdown: "The Babysitter"

Updated on October 31, 2017

Netflix Halloween Countdown

For the month of October, I have selected 17 horror (or horror-themed) movies, at random, on Netflix. Over the course of this month, I watched and reviewed a lot of spooky, scary, gory, chilling, horror-themed movies and, with each review, I have included a table (at the very bottom of the article) where I have ranked them in order from best to worst. So if you are looking to get in the Halloween spirit, by watching some Halloween style movies, then these articles are for you!



Cole (Judah Lewis) is a simple kid. He is naive, gets bullied at school, and he has an innocent crush on the girl that lives across the street. However, he has another crush; his babysitter, named Bee (Samara Weaving). He has become pretty good friends with Bee. She saves him from bullies, they play games together, talk about science fiction, etc. She is the perfect babysitter. When someone at school mentions that she probably invites boys over after she puts him to bed, Cole immediately denies it. However, when they pester him further, Cole decides that he is going to stay up late tonight and spy on her to prove that she would never invite boys over to have sex while he sleeps.

So he hangs out with Bee and, when it comes time to go to bed, he pretends to fall asleep but stays up late. Later in the evening, Cole hears the doorbell and hears Bee inviting people in the house. So Cole, very quietly, sneaks out of his bedroom to spy on Bee. He discovers they are playing (what seems like) an innocent game of spin the bottle, but when Bee has to kiss one of the guys, she stabs him in the head with two knives so that the rest of the guests can collect his blood into ritualistic cups. While in a state of shock, Cole must quickly call the police and find a way out of the house before his babysitter (with her guests) comes upstairs to "collect the blood of the innocent."

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The Pros & Cons

The Pros
The Cons
Cole (+8pts)
Plot (-6pts)
The Babysitter (+4pts)
Egging (-2pts)
Violence & Tone (+6pts)
Side Characters (-5pts)
All movies start with an average score of 75pts, points are then awarded for each Pro and taken away for each Con. Each Pro or Con is designated points ranging from 0-10 allowing me to convey to you how significant these Pros or Cons are.

Pro: Cole (+8pts)

I was surprised at how much I liked this character. When we first see him, he is getting a shot at school and is absolutely terrified of the needle. We then see him getting bullied, we see him afraid to drive, and we see him too shy to tell the girl across the street that he likes her. This kid really comes across as a pushover and a weak character that will be bullied throughout the film. However, this kid goes through some great character development and actually holds his own against his babysitter's friends. I also thought the actor did a pretty decent job in the role. Cole witnesses and suffers through some pretty traumatic experiences and he grows (figuratively) throughout the film. I though Judah Lewis did a very good job of showing both extremes of the character as well as showing a growth that felt very natural.


Con: Plot (-6pts)

The plot for this movie was extremely predictable. I feel like this has been an issue with so many movies that I have reviewed lately, but this film is no different. It has a couple major plot points and everything in between (those plot points) simply felt generic and under-developed. My best example is: what are the babysitter and her friends doing? So they kill this kid, and collect his blood. Then they try to get the blood of the innocent. Bee is reading all of these instructions from some demonic book. We never learn what she is trying to summon or why. We just know that she is trying to do something very bad. The premise for this film is interesting but the filmmakers fail to explore anything. It is hard for me to get invested in a plot if the filmmakers were unable to do so themselves. That was the case for this film.


Pro: The Babysitter (+4pts)

While I really liked Cole and the actor playing him, the second key to this film is Bee and the actress playing her. For this movie to work with it's audience, they have to believe that Bee is compassionate in the beginning and evil after Cole makes his discovery. Samara Weaving nails this and her transition felt natural. As a viewer, I really got the impression that most of her innocence was a front but that part of her does actually care for Cole. This was a necessary and compelling element of the film and it required Samara Weaving to perform the character's inner conflict well. Due to this, the conclusion to this story worked really well and it felt justified; if Samara Weaving's performance was not up to par, the conclusion would have felt extremely forced and unjustified.


Con: Egging (-2pts)

For the most part, I really enjoyed this film's pacing. It focuses on the main characters in the beginning and then, when Cole makes his discovery, things start to escalate pretty quickly. The film stays at this escalated state for the entirety of the rest of the film, except for the egging scene. So during all the madness, there is a point where Cole is trying to get away from one of the babysitter's friends, Max (Robbie Amell). Max is trying to kill Cole, but when they both discover that one of Cole's bullies is egging Cole's house, Max stops trying to kill Cole and tries to convince him to go confront his bully.

Keep in mind, it is heavily implied that (once Cole confronts his bully) the chase will resume, so I found it pretty jarring for a deadly chase to be paused momentarily so that Max can give Cole a pep talk. If the egging scene was a necessary scene, I would be a bit more forgiving, but the egging scene is so insignificant and unnecessary that I am shocked the filmmakers decided to mess with the pacing of the film in order to squeeze it in.


Pro: Violence & Tones (+6pts)

This was a pleasantly ridiculous movie and the violence was shockingly entertaining to watch. The movie never really felt like a horror, but it felt like an entertaining horror-themed comedy. This worked really well in the film. There are blades, guns, car crashes, explosions, and a ton of death. Once this movie gets going (after Cole's discovery) things get pretty crazy and it made for an entertaining film. The Babysitter is violent, has horrific themes, but never takes itself too seriously. There is a lot of blood, and there are some crazy deaths. This movie suffers from some major plot and development issues, but the action and comedic tone will entertain a lot of people.


Con: Side Characters (-5pts)

While I thought the main characters were pretty well developed. All of the side characters felt extremely generic and one-dimensional. Side characters are: Allison (Bella Thorne), Max (Robbie Amell), Sonya (Hana Mae Lee), and John (Andrew Bachelor). All of these characters fit into a specific stereotype that has been done before. Allison is the self-centered cheerleader, Max is the buff jock, Sonya is the dark and twisted psycho, and John is the character that freaks out (frantically) once the violence starts. All of these characters fit into a generic character stereotype and none of them are able to ascend that stereotype. I think their performances were fine and fit the roles, but they felt too one-dimensional for me to be invested in them.

Grading Scale


Grade: B- (80pts)

The Babysitter was a fun, horror-themed, action-comedy. Unfortunately there was not too much more to it. The main character, Cole, was pretty interesting. He starts as a scared and wimpy little kid but, through the course of the film, Cole goes through a transformation. I expected this transformation right from the first scene of the film, when we see Cole being terrified of a needle. While the transformation was predictable, I was impressed by the way Judah Lewis was able to make if feel natural. Then there is the babysitter, Bee. She also has an interesting story. She definitely seems sincere in caring for Cole, but when Cole makes his discovery, she is able to switch the characters intentions in a very believable way. I always felt like deep down, she does still care about Cole and I think that is evident of the good performance from Samara Weaving.

The plot for this film was extremely predictable and under developed. There are probably three or four major plot points, while everything in between just feels like filler. Luckily, that filler came in the form of non-stop, action-comedy. The film felt very well paced (aside from one random scene) right up until the end. My last issue with this movie was how one-dimensional all of the side characters were. I am not even kidding, all of them. They are annoyingly generic and I think the film hurt (a bit) from that.

Is this a fantastic movie? No, but it is a decent and entertaining action-comedy that is set in a horror-themed plot. It is a fun movie that does not take itself seriously, and with that respect, it works.


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