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My Top 5 Movies of the Year (So Far)

Updated on September 6, 2016

5. Deadpool

Will Deadpool go down as one of the greatest movies ever? Absolutely not, but it's a funny ass movie. It's also exactly what we expected it to be, and while the story wasn't the greatest thing ever, Deadpool's humor and the action sequences make up for it.

4. Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War may be the best Marvel movie since the first Avengers film. The Avengers fighting each other was a great change of pace from the usual Marvel formula, and while we knew that the heroes wouldn't kill each other, it was still great to watch. We also got re-introduced to Spiderman...which I'm very excited about.

3. The Jungle Book

I was very surprised by The Jungle Book to say the least. I wasn't a fan of the whole live-action adaptation idea and frankly I thought it was going to be a pretty mediocre movie, but it wasn't. The CGI in this movie is amazing, and the performance by the little boy who plays Mowgil was impressive. Throw in the fact that the story of The Jungle Book is one of my childhood favorites, and we have a pretty good movie.

2. The Nice Guys

A lot of people may not have The Nice Guys as high as I do, and that's just fine. It's a movie that knows what it is and appeals to a very specific audience. Unfortunately, that specific audience isn't all that big. Anyway, Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are great together and the humor in this movie is top notch. Oh yeah, the plot is pretty interesting as well.

1. Hell or High Water

If you have not seen Hell or High Water yet, you need to see it as soon as you can. It's by far my favorite movie of the year, and it's pretty dang close to cracking my top 10 movies of all time. If you like the Western genre, hell if you life movies in general, you'll like this movie. The dialogue is great, the acting is fantastic, and the story was much better than I was expecting.

This Year as a Whole

This year as a whole hasn't been very good, but the movies I listed above are definitely worth a watch, and possibly even a Blu-Ray purchase. Check them out and decide for yourself.


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