'Mute' (2018) Review—Starring Alex Skarsgard

Updated on February 26, 2018
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I will watch the movies that people say aren't that great. How do you feel about them?


What's It About?

Alex Skarsgard is Leo, a mute Amish man living in the future with his girlfriend Naadirah. When she goes missing, Leo uses everything he has to find her.

Trailer— Mute

Quick Film Info

Writer and Director: Duncan Jones with co-writer Michael Robert Johnson.

Release: Straight to streaming platform Netflix in February 2018.

Who's in it? Paul Rudd, who is usually in comedic roles like Knocked Up (2007) and The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005). Also stars Alex Skarsgard, Daniel Fathers and Saeyneb Saleh.

Some of the costumes were spectacular. #Mute2018 #AlexSkarsgard #DanielFathers #PaulRudd
Some of the costumes were spectacular. #Mute2018 #AlexSkarsgard #DanielFathers #PaulRudd | Source

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My Thoughts on 'Mute'

I got into watching this because the cast looked solid. I am a fan of Alex Skarsgard and enjoy the likes of Daniel Fathers and Paul Rudd. It was odd to see Rudd in a menacing role here although, his character development was not consistent to create any connection.

The focus is on Naardira for most of the first half. This is where, in my opinion, the story fell down. Had the love story been more concentrated, I believe the result may have flowed a little better. Instead, the love between them was paper-thin and often felt very one-sided. The underpinned secret was not that gritty that it deserved to get hidden considering the feelings of Leo. His was an apparent unrequited love and I for one have no idea why.

For the story to work, I'm supposed to believe that he is so un-lovable because of his affliction that his sole purpose it to aimlessly make her gifts and follow her around like a guard dog. Meanwhile his girlfriend keeps a not so important secret, talks to acquaintances about it and furtively scurries around without her protector. If anything, he show's he's pretty fierce on more than one occasion. If anything, this makes her completely inept.

It's the future, as in about 40 years from now. A secret such as hers in a world where prostitutes are a major career choice seemed asinine. There were so many sub-plots untouched that were in fact more interesting than the big secret, I became irritated once it came out.

I really enjoyed the visuals in this film and if anything, the writer and director Duncan Jones is known for his pleasing aesthetics. Even his earlier movie Moon (2009) is sitting pretty in ratings. What went wrong during the creation Mute, I have no idea. It's a massive shame though, because this should've been enticing. Instead it was so beige, it disappeared in a sea of neon.

I give Mute 1.5 towering Skarsgard's out of 5.

Alex Skarsgard against a visually stunning futuristic background. #Mute2018
Alex Skarsgard against a visually stunning futuristic background. #Mute2018 | Source

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    • NessMovieReviews profile imageAUTHOR

      Mother of Movies and Series Reviews 

      2 years ago from Moreton Bay, Queensland

      Totally Max. The visuals were awesome. I'd of been just as happy with this film though, if the first half had just been him swimming haha

    • MaxSmithGanbaru profile image

      Max Smith 

      2 years ago from London

      I was suckered in by the trailer visuals but was disappointed by it. I love the whole cyber punk look, but I guess you can't win it all.


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