Top 16 Captivating Movies Like 'Triple Frontier' Nobody Should Miss out On

Updated on June 20, 2020
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Rahul is a movie addict who can never get enough of good films. His all time favorites are Inception, 12 Angry Men, and Scarface.

What Films Are Like Triple Frontier?

This action thriller directed by J. C. Chandor may be the first of its kind on the Netflix platform, making it stand out from hundreds of other indistinguishable ones. The burden of a soldier is something we as ordinary people will never experience; they risk death every day for a foreign cause in a war they did not choose and barely make enough to support themselves and their families.

So when former Special Forces operatives, who have had enough after having nothing to show for the relentless missions during their 17 years of service, plan a heist to rob 75 million dollars from one of the biggest cartel heads, we can't help but root for them. This is the first time these soldiers are fighting for themselves, using the skills they honed during years of service.

But plans change as things get out of hand after the robbery turns into murder, with little hope of returning back to normalcy. These skilled fighters seem to get through everything in front of them but their inevitable fate eventually catches up to them. The country demands blood from its soldiers but can’t pay them back for the countless sacrifices made, so they’re made to choose between country and family. That’s a choice no one should have to make, but they do.

If you enjoyed this flick, you’ll certainly enjoy my compilation of some movies like Triple Frontier. Check them out if you want to experience some gory and violent action sequences along with some heartbreaking content at its core.

Movies Similar to Triple Frontier

  1. Die Hard
  2. The Heat
  3. The Foreigner
  4. I Saw The Devil
  5. John Wick
  6. Taken
  7. Inception
  8. Mad Max: Fury Road
  9. Lucy
  10. Speed
  11. The Terminator
  12. Leon: The Professional
  13. Sherlock Holmes
  14. Mission Impossible
  15. Casino Royale
  16. The Equalizer

1. Die Hard

"Yippee Ki-yay motherf **ker." These words bring back memories from the classic thriller franchise, Die Hard, which has five movies under its belt.

John McClane gets to spend this Christmas with his wife and daughters as a Christmas miracle granted by Santa, but celebrating Christmas becomes secondary to saving his family when a group of terrorists takes everyone in the building as hostages.

It’s not a job this time, it's personal. He is forced to deal with these uncompromising men and their ruthless methods, using the skills he acquired over many years as a New York policeman. The last thing these men wanted was for a man like him to get in their way and change the predator-prey dynamic.

2. Heat

Heat brought Al Pacino and Robert De Niro together for the first time since The Godfather, and what followed was a cinematic masterpiece. Neil McCauley and his crew are facing turbulence after their last robbery doesn’t go as planned and they’re being chased by Lt. Vincent’s team. Neil plans one last heist before he leaves for good, risking everything to prove a point to his equally stubborn counterpart.

Both these people have mutual respect for each other, realizing they’re the same and just happen to be on different sides of the law. Who among the two identical men will be victorious? That depends on the simple act of being able to pull the trigger before the other one.

Those looking for some thriller like Triple Frontier will not be disappointed by this no-holds-barred flick.

3. The Foreigner

It’s the same old story of a good man turned bad after facing a certain tragedy, but with a blockbuster budget and lovable action star in Jackie Chan. After Quan’s daughter dies in a politically motivated bombing, he seeks out the killers after not receiving help from anyone. He’s willing to go to any lengths to make the perpetrators pay for their actions and attacks powerful officials who he thinks know the location of the bombers.

After a long back and forth with this apparently common man, the government officials start to hunt him down and learn about his capabilities and a tragic past. The struggles he faces shows you how far one would go to avenge the people they love.

4. I Saw The Devil

This sly feature from South Korea is a story about revenge with tons of gore and violence that takes you to dark places and makes you question your morals.

Serial killer Choi-Chul ruthlessly murders a woman and leaves her severed head to be discovered by her husband and trained agent, Kim Soo-Hyun. Soo-Hyun hunts down his wife’s killer, only to punish him and leave him for dead. This is a mistake he gravely regrets later on.

When a man meets pure evil and his soul starts getting corrupted as a result of the rage he’s burdened to carry, the only choice he sees is vengeance that completely destroys his moral compass.

The acting from both the leads will take you through a journey of moral dilemma yourself, as you try distinguishing right from wrong.

5. John Wick

On the verge of collapse after the death of his wife, the only thing holding it together for John Wick is the dog she left and a car he loves. But after an unpleasant encounter with some Russian thugs, he gets severely beaten, waking up to find the dog killed and his car stolen. This forces John to take out the hidden artilleries and take on an entire Russian-mafia empire by himself.

It turns out John has an unsavory past, being a highly trained assassin who left the criminal world after falling in love and vowing to never go back. But now after all these years and nothing left to lose, he's back in the business again. The Russians call him Baba Yaga or The Boogeyman because there seems to be no end to what he can do, and now they’re forced to fight back as he hunts them down.

Unflinching cruel and flashy, John Wick is one-of-a-kind thriller - one nobody should miss out on.

6. Taken

After his daughter gets kidnapped while on a vacation with her friend in Paris, Bryan Mills, a former government operative, needs to track these assailants quickly and find her. But soon the objective changes from saving his daughter to tormenting these unsavory men who are about to experience the wrath of an angry father.

Mills, prepared to do anything to avoid losing his daughter, uses violent investigation tactics to find her whereabouts before it’s too late. This action trilogy featuring Liam Neeson has great fight sequences and memorable one-liners that will keep you on your toes.

If you're looking for some nail-biting thriller Like Triple Frontier, Taken will not disappoint you.

7. Inception

Like other great Christopher Nolan movies, this one will have you talking about it well after you’ve seen it. What if you had the ability to enter dreams, where people hide secrets and dark fantasies they don’t want others to find out? Cobb, a virtual robber, has this special ability thanks to a gadget and uses it for his own selfish purposes, which has cost him everything he holds dear.

The next task he's about to take isn't as easy, as it requires placing an idea inside a mogul's mind instead of extracting it. The only way to plant an idea in someone’s head is to make them believe they came up with it, which requires more than a dream-entering ability, and Cobb is sure he can handle it with some help. Things, however, quickly go south as Cobb learns the cost of pushing his luck too far.

This visually stunning story of a dream inside a dream will have you questioning the fabric of reality, hoping these people can wake up and escape the elusiveness of fantasies.

Nolan's Inception is a once-in-a-generation movie - an epitome of perfection, to say the least!

8. Mad Max: Fury Road

This new reboot of the Mad Max franchise featuring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron is just as enticing as the old ones but with upgraded visuals. The story is set in a future dystopian world where people have gone back to being savages and the only goal is survival; you fight for every second you breathe or you die.

When Furiosa, a young woman, helps five women escape the cruelty of their husband and tyrannical leader, Immortan Joe, she meets escapee Max on the way. The two, despite having different goals, help each other survive this disaster.

Though the story is breathtaking, this sly feature's saving grace is its unflinching action-sequences, as you hold your breath waiting to witness the next acute twist in the movie.

9. Lucy

Following her unfortunate encounter with some large scale drug dealers who intend on turning her into a drug mule, Lucy is never going to be the same again. When surgically implanted drugs leak into her system, she gains super-human abilities and increased access to her brain.

As Lucy begins to unlock more mysteries of the human mind, she seeks help from a renowned neurologist to help her understand these newly discovered abilities. The more powerful she becomes, the further she moves from normal human emotions that tie her to humanity.

Though the plot lacks originality, Lucy's unsavory shenanigans more than makeup for it. Give this underrated gem a shot.

10. Speed

A bomb placed inside a bus will go off if the vehicle goes below 50 miles an hour. LA police officer Jack has to figure out a way to save the passengers and find the bomber's location while making sure to prevent the explosion.

Will the driver keep up with the speed? When will this crazed maniac stop playing games? Will these questions in mind, Jack is forced to make split-second decisions because each moment counts and every decision leads to life or death.

In the world where superhit movies like Triple Frontier get all the attention, underrated films like Speed never get much of a chance to shine. If this sly feature slipped under your radar, now is your chance to make it right.

11. The Terminator

This James Cameron movie turned Arnold Schwarzenegger into a household name. The award-winning actor never looked back since then.

The Terminator shows the ultimate battle between man and machine. An indestructible cyborg from the future has a mission of killing Sarah Connor as her unborn son may be the only thing standing in the way of a future AI uprising. The Terminator kills every one that comes in the way of its quest and the only person that can save Sarah is Kyle Reese, another man sent from the future to protect her and save the only hope of defeating the machines.

What is more resilient? The human spirit and its desire to survive or a perfect being that follows every command without question, making no errors?

12. Leon: The Professional

Leon is a highly skilled hitman and a nightmare for his targets, but he’s just like the rest of us during his off-days. After getting involved with some bad company, his neighbors get slaughtered, leaving only a little girl, Matilda, who wants to exact revenge upon the murderers by learning the art of killing from the man himself.

The once care-free Leon starts to grow fond of this girl and teaches her all the necessary skills, hoping she makes the right call when the time comes and doesn’t lose herself in the wrath of vengeance. This highly unlikely companionship between the two makes for enjoyable moments until the guns start firing and we see Leon at his best.

13. Sherlock Holmes

This big screen adaptation of the book by British author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, tells the story of a fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes and his most trusted ally, Dr. Watson, who work together to solve cases in the most unorthodox of ways. Sherlock finds his intellectual rival in the form of Lord Blackwood, who takes the duo on a spiraling journey, trying to solve the case at hand.

Sherlock and Dr. Watson often argue and don’t see eye to eye on many things but no one could argue about the effectiveness of their partnership. With Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law in the lead roles, you see the chemistry between the characters brought to life as they make you go on crazy adventures.

14. Mission Impossible (Series)

Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt is no ordinary agent, as we have witnessed over the years. For the uninitiated, MI's story revolves around Cruise's character for the most part, as he takes on impossible missions (of course), saving the world in the process. The situations always appear to grow tenser with each passing second as Hunt tries his best to resolve them.

With a staggering six movies under the franchise already and a couple more yet to be released, Mission Impossible series will have you believe that there really is nothing impossible for this dogged agent.

And if that wasn’t enough, Tom Cruise performs all his stunts, so the action sequences you see on screen are not fabricated. Those looking for some heart-stopping films like Triple Frontier will love what Mission Impossible series brings ton the table.

15. Casino Royale

Casino Royale rebooted the James Bond franchise and introduced Daniel Craig as the new British secret agent with a license to kill.

Bond is sent on a mission to foil the plans of Le Chiffre, a man linked with funding terrorist organizations. The agent will have to beat the man at poker as he’s planning on raising money in a high stake poker game looking for his next funding.

The charming agent who likes his martinis shaken, not stirred, teams up with Vesper Lynd to tumble Chiffre’s empire and apprehend him. Can agent 007 complete this mission like the others before it or will the antagonist finally get under his skin? Though you already know the answer, Casino Royale is a nail-biting ride nonetheless, as our protagonist plays with fire everytime he gets camera time.

16. The Equalizer

Robert McCall has a mysterious past he has buried for years but is forced to unleash it after Teri, a teenager, gets severely beaten by Russian mobsters. He offers these goons money in exchange for her life, which they refuse, and it appears to be the biggest mistake of their lives as he uses his skills to neutralize all of them.

Soon after, he’s followed by ruthless killers seeking revenge for their fallen friends, but this too might be a mistake as he appears to elude them and hunt them down, one after another. A simple man by day and protector of the helpless by night, McCall becomes a nightmare for a certain breed of the sinful population.

The Equalizer might lack the grandeur of Mission Impossible and Bond movies, but it packs a punch where it matters.


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    • Larry Slawson profile image

      Larry Slawson 

      16 months ago from North Carolina

      Interesting article. Always on the lookout for a good movie. Thank you for sharing.


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