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6 Epic Action Movies Like the Hunger Games: Deadly Game Shows

Rahul is a movie addict who can never get enough of good films. His all time favorites are Inception, 12 Angry Men, and Scarface.


The Hunger Games is set in dystopian North America that has been divided into 12 districts with all the power in the hands of The Capitol. After a long war, peace is reinstated, but not without its cost.

Every year, a boy and a girl are selected to take part in the Annual Hunger Games – A brutal reality TV show where they are forced to kill each other until only one of them remains. Everyone must watch these kids fight to the death. It serves as a reminder to everyone watching the show as to how brutal and unforgiving a war can be. At least this is how the Capitol tries to justify this brutality. Does the plot sound familiar to you? It’s not the first movie to have the concept of a deadly game show.

Being a big fan of films and books, I’ve compiled a list of some films that bleed in a similar vein like Hunger Games that will intrigue you. Let’s take a look -


The Ten Commandments

Do they still make films worth watching more than once? It’s pretty rare. Shutter Island, Inception, Memento and few other movies come to mind, but those movies are exceptions to an otherwise brain-dead stream of movies popping left and right.

The Ten Commandments might be more than half a centuary old, but it still is one of the best movies ever made. You’d wanna watch it over and over again, just to recollect what you missed in first few sittings. They have made a lot of movies about Hebrew born prince of Egypt, but none come even close to The Ten Commandments.

It wasn’t really a big hit at the box office, but it succeeded in staying in the hearts of millions of people even after all these years. As the case with The Hunger Games, this is a movie about good triumphing over evil, to put it simply.



In the futuristic dystopia, people have started living in factions. As soon as someone grows old enough, they have to make a choice. They have to decide whether they want to stay in the same faction of their family or choose any other. When a teenager makes a surprising choice, she must undergo extreme psychological and physical changes to outcompete others or she risks going faction-less. What she mustn’t tell others is that she is Divergent, not fitting for any particular faction. Anyone knowing it would mean certain death. But this is the secret that could save her people.

The plot of Divergent stays true to the novels for the most part, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are some slight changes, of course, but it’s only done to make it more fitting for the screening.



Have you ever wished that Katniss would just stop being a Mockingjay and just kick some ass without any emotional distress? If yes, Hanna is just the movie you’re looking for.

The plot revolves around a teenage girl who is trained to be a killing machine from very early in her life. Isolated in the wilderness, she finds herself stacked against her captors. Will she come out unscathed?

This movie is pure action. If you’re looking for some good movies like The Hunger Games with the main focus on fighting, Hanna is what you’re looking for.


The Truman Show

Truman Burbank lives a perfect life. He has everything he could have asked – a caring wife, a job that pays well and all the other luxuries one could afford. Still, everything seems just like a setup to him. Still paralyzed by the fear of water, Truman feels he is missing something. He wants to leave the island, but something always mysteriously comes up, forcing him to postpone the plans. Soon enough, he finds a secret about the island that totally changes the course of his life.

Jim Carreys (get it?) the whole movie on his shoulders since he takes almost all the screen time during the whole movie. His character is comic but serious, and somehow he manages to do it perfectly. Other supporting characters have done their job well despite not sharing much screening time with Carrey. It may be Jim Carrey’s show, but the support always helps.

This is the movie that cemented Jimmy as an actor who could do much more than making a number of funny faces. It’s short, thought-provoking, serious and funny at the same time. Well worth your time and money.


The Maze Runner

As with The Hunger Games, a bunch of teenagers find themselves in a completely new environment with no previous memories whatsoever. When Thomas finds himself amongst these 60 other teenagers, he starts to learn to survive while looking for a way out of the maze.

The only thing that works against this movie is the lack of motive and explanations. We are never told why the Maze exists. It’s one of those make-your-own-story kinds of movies, which adds to the suspense and intrigue.

Although the narrative isn’t really compelling, the action scenes and amazing cinematography more than make up for it. Overall, it’s a good debut for Ball. His young cast manages to carry the whole movie on their shoulders.


Battle Royale

How does the idea of a Japanese version of The Hunger Games sound to you? Battle Royal is what we’re talking about here – a creepier and more despairing story surrounding around 42 school students who must kill off each other within 3 days. If they don’t do it, the government will kill them all. Some of them decide to go all guns blazing on others, while a few others decide to get off the island without any violence. Is there any way out for them?

One of the key things working for this movie is that there are children fighting each other. It manages to deliver a more shocking aneverlastingng impact on our minds. We have seen movies like The Hunger Games before where teenagers are forced to kill each other, but we’re talking about high school students here.

There are no villains or victims here. They are kids, forced to play until they die. My guess is, you won’t be cheering up as the numbers start reducing. If you have the stomach for it, you can go ahead and watch it.


Satvik on June 01, 2020:

Have you seen death race, it is on netflix. i would suggest that.

lily :) on May 31, 2020:

I love the hunger games but there are no other movies like it. As in fight to the death in a arena I Know it’s pretty bad but I find it so interesting for some reason

Isaac on November 20, 2018:

Actually they did mention the reason why the teenagers are put in the maze in The Maze Runner. It was to study their brain activity under a harsh environment to develop a cure.

Angel on March 24, 2018:

Century, not decade. I like hannah

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