Top 9 Engrossing Movies Like 'The Sixth Sense'

Updated on June 20, 2020
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Rahul is a movie addict who can never get enough of good films. His all time favorites are Inception, 12 Angry Men, and Scarface.

What films Are Like The Sixth Sense?

‘I see dead people’ is still one of the most hauntingly beautiful lines I remember from this movie. Despite being billed as a horror film, its surreal serenity is astounding. Even in its dreadful moments, it's calm, composed, and an evenly paced ride. It doesn't try too hard to deliver its twists. And the way it slips the mind-boggling twist at the end is beyond brilliant.

The success of this film led to a lot of people trying to imitate its twist-at-the-end style, but nothing could ever come close to it. It wasn't easy to come up with a list of films like The Sixth Sense. I have given it my best shot. If you disagree with some of the suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.

Without further ado, let's get into the nitty-gritty of things.

Movies Similar To The Sixth Sense

  1. The Others
  2. The Village
  3. The Mist
  4. The Visit
  5. The Invitation
  6. Inception
  7. Shutter Island
  8. Memento
  9. Fight Club

1. The Others

Set in 1945, The Others is a story of a troubled mother who is living with two photosensitive kids in what appears to be a haunted mansion. Cursed with a morbid past, this family is haunted by peculiar ghosts, making their lives a living hell. When water goes over her nose, she takes it upon herself to call forth these entities, and get it all over with. However, the story is not as straightforward as it might appear. This Alejandro Amenábar directed horror masterpiece has a tinge of Shyamalan-like twist waiting for you at the end - one that'll pull the rug out from under you.

Thanks to the hauntingly mesmerizing cinematography, the mansion is captured meticulously, exuding suffocation as well as dread in every inch of the square. And, when the unwanted guests finally arrive at this family's doorstep, an already disturbing movie morphs into an ordeal.

Despite borrowing a lot from movies like The Sixth Sense, The Others manages to carve out its own distinct identity, thanks to what arguably is the best performance by Nicole Kidman, which elicits sympathy as well as hatred. If you haven't watched it yet, about time you gave it a shot. The Others might not have the grandeur of The Sixth Sense, but it doesn't pull any punches.

2. The Village

The story revolves around a handful of people living in a secluded village surrounded by thick forests. Nobody has come out or gone into these lush jungles in years, for the long-standing truce between humans and the insidious creature living in the woods will stand broken if any of them dares trespass the other's territory. There is peace and harmony, but not for long. When a blind girl dares to cross the boundary and ventures out in the unknown, she uncovers the insidious truth behind these nonsensical restrictions.

Since it's a Shyamalan directed movie, you can expect The Village to pull a trick or two on you in an effort to pull the rugs out from under you.

The negative reviews mostly stem from the fact that we started expecting too much from the director of The Sixth Sense. The grandeur of that movie can't be replicated. The Sixth Sense works, mostly because the twist at the end feels like a natural extension of the movie - one that's mesmerizing and shocking at the same time. Since there is no sure-fire formula for creating and directing a successful twist-laden movie, a few stumbles are bound to happen. Expecting the perfection of The Sixth Sense would be sheer naiveté, and perfect, The Village certainly, is not.

Keep your expectations in check and leave the skepticism on the doorstep. Only then, you can find love for this flawed masterpiece.

If you're looking for a movie like The Sixth Sense The Village should be right up your alley.

3. The Mist

A small town is engulfed by a sinister fog - one that's getting worse with time. As unholy creatures start making their way into the city, a peaceful place soon turns into a nightmarish ordeal.

Though acting may feel wooden at times, an enchanting storyline keeps the momentum going. It takes some time for it to take off; creatures of the dark don't come out to play until later in the movie, but they wreak havoc when they finally strike.

This Stephen King adapted story will not make you look over your shoulder, but The Mist certainly will disturb you, especially the ending where all the palpable tension, paranoia, and dread converges into a harrowing conclusion - one that'll haunt you for a long time.

The last few moments are disarmingly disturbing. I won't recommend this movie to anyone who gets easily unhinged.

4. The Visit

In contrast to the majority of reviewers, I found The Visit to be a riveting take on some familiar horror tropes. Despite being helmed by Shyamalan, one of my favorite directors, I didn't expect The Visit to deliver on its promises. As talented as Shyamalan is, he seemed to have lost his way with moviemaking, fallen from the grace in a flash.

To my surprise, The Visit’s minimalistic setting and the lean storyline was a transfixing journey. The story of two naive kids entrapped by their grandparents is articulated with care. As the mystery unravels gradually, you can sense the unease and tension in the air. Nobody but Shyamalan could have pulled off such a sparsely detailed pic in an emphatic manner. Authentic acting aside, this movie's saving grace is the sadistically precise steering of Shyamalan. And if ‘Glass’, his most recent movie, is anything to go by, he has found his mojo back.

5. The Invitation

A man gets invited to his ex-wife’s party, and he reluctantly accepts the invitation unbeknownst of the horrors awaiting him. The usually calm and composed exterior of the host tells a different story than the one she's trying to convey through her antics. Will he realize the threat before it's too late?

You might have seen your fair share of weird hosts, but these surreal folks will definitely spook you, especially when they make their intentions a little clearer. At first, their overly gracious antics don't make much sense, but everything falls into the frame once everyone's sinister backstories are revealed. These backstories serve as a backdrop for the nightmare that follows along.

The palpable tension and distrust grow to the point where it's unbearable. And when it finally comes to the meaty part, Karyn Kusama‘s The Invitation revels in the bloodbath.

It's a shame no one knows about this lean, mean feature. Blame the poor marketing and a shoestring budget. Watch this underrated pic. Carry the word forward!

6. Inception

This dream-within-dreams Dicaprio starrer is brought up so many times by everyone (including me). I almost didn't include it in this list, presuming you've already watched it. Not including it, however, would be tantamount to grave sin.

Directed and written by Nolan, the story revolves around a group of thugs, led by Dom Cobb, who go about stealing people's ideas by hacking their dreams. Things go south when they're entrusted with a mission to plant an idea inside someone's mind instead of stealing. The game has changed and so has the stakes.

Doing this job would mean risking their lives, but this stint being the only shot at redemption, Cobb accepts the job. The mind-bending drama that follows after this prologue can't be inscribed in words.

Nolan took 10 years to finalize the script of this pic. Judging by its flawless intricacy and panache for mind-blowing details, I'd say it was well worth the wait. If you're looking for a transfixing movie like The Sixth Sense, Inceptionshould be right up your alley.

7. Shutter Island

Shutter Island is the story of a U.S. Marshall sent on a mysterious island to investigate the escape of a mental patient from an asylum. He's onto the case in a flash.

This island, however, has a past with this Marshall - one he finds out much later in this spectacle. There's something morbidly wrong with the whole scenario, and he knows it. Caught in the crossfire between his own haunting past and the people of this island, he must uncover the mystery before it's too late.

From Robert Richardson‘s apprehension of the island in painstaking detail to a mesmerizing performance from DiCaprio, the movie gets almost everything right. Caprio’s Teddy is a deluded and possibly dangerous man, who elicits dread and empathy, all at the same time. His poignant performance elevates an already intriguing plot to new heights. DiCaprio has a bucket load of movies in his repertoire, where he's given some of his best performances, but Shutter Island will always have a special place amongst them.

With a jolt of adrenaline still running through my body, I compiled a list of some of the similar movies to Shutter Island a few years ago, as soon as I finished the movie. Admittedly, though there is nothing quite like Shutter Island that even comes close to eliciting the same amount of dread, suspense, and paranoia.

8. Memento

Memento stars Guy Pearce in the role of a deranged man reeling from the murder of his wife. On a quest to find the perpetrators behind it, he embarks upon a journey that ends with him being face to face with his macabre past - a shocker to him as well as the audience.

The story is told in such a way you're never sure of what's happening on the screen, as most of the time, you'll still be stitching its myriad of clues together to wrap your head around its convoluted plot.

The intricacy in Nolan’s stories is what made him an overnight star. However, it's a double-edged sword, one that cuts deep when things go awry. The suspense only works when the story is worth enduring the enigma. Thankfully, Nolan's Memento does a great job of laying the groundwork before firing on all cylinders. Since the story is told in the reverse order - from the ending to the beginning - Nolan had to be incisive and careful, which, he archives with panache.

9. Fight Club

This David Fincher's labyrinth stars Edward Norton in the role of an everyday office worker who has everything one could ask for, but he is growing increasingly fed up with materialism. When he meets a careless and adventurous soap seller, they both decide to build an underground fighting club. When it spreads like fire and becomes a revered cult, things spiral out of control. Can they stop the carnage before it's too late?

Fight Club is much more than a movie; it's a piece of art - something to be savored and revisited. Such is the majesty of its intricately woven pompous storyline, it's magical, and at times, meditative.

There's violence, blood, and gore, so much so it can be overwhelming at times, but that's not the main draw of Fight Club. Though the action sequences are exceptionally well choreographed, Fight Club’s saving grace is its twisted storyline with a deriding undertone.

Despite floundering a bit in its attempt to glorify its grisly affairs, Fight Club is a triumph in itself - a visual extravaganza with a heart. Its heavy-handed approach will not only entertain you but also make you contemplate about your life and everything else you hold dear to. Are you ready for a challenge?

As I stated earlier, The Sixth Sense is not an easy movie to imitate, and that's why finding movies of the same caliber was an arduous exercise. While I'll keep updating this list with new findings, you can help improve this list with your suggestions.

If you think I missed out on an essential entry, please let me know in the comments section.


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