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19 Best High School Movies Like Mean Girls: Chick Flicks You Can't Ignore

Rahul is a movie addict who can never get enough of good films. His all time favorites are Inception, 12 Angry Men, and Scarface.


What Movies are Like Mean Girls?

I have to admit that despite being an adult male, I have a penchant for movies like Mean Girls. They're just too good to miss out on.

The plot revolves around a teen girl who is trying to get along with her new friends in college. Things soon go awry when she comes across ‘The Plastics", a clique of girls who manipulate and torture her to destroy her college life.

Some people say that Mean Girls is a rip off of The Heathers, but I beg to differ. With a straightforward and relatable story and fantastic acting, Mean Girls certainly cements its place as an all-time classics. Although a sequel was released, it was nowhere near as good as the first one.

Let's take a look at some other films that would help fill the "Mean Girls" shaped hole in your heart. I will continue to add more if I come across other similar movies.

Movies Similar to Mean Girls

  1. Heathers
  2. My Sassy Girl
  3. What A Girl Wants
  4. Uptown Girls
  5. Picture this
  6. 13 Going On 30
  7. Odd One Out
  8. Juno
  9. The Devil Wears Prada
  10. The Perfect Score
  11. 16 Candles
  12. Thirteen
  13. Legally Blonde
  14. Jawbreaker
  15. Cruel Intentions
  16. Easy A
  17. Leap Year
  18. What Happens In Vegas
  19. The Hot Chick



The story of Heathers follows a girl who is trying to adapt to her new college life. As she struggles to get along with a clique of dumb girls, she meets J.D., a rebel who wants nothing to do with the school or crowd. These two hit it off really well and find a devious way to play the game; killing all the famous teens of school.

Heather is not only nostalgic, but it also manages to be surprisingly witty and hilarious at the same time. If you are looking for some movies like Mean Girls, you must give Heathers a go.

My Sassy Girl (2001)


You will have to watch My Sassy Girl with subtitles on unless you know South Korean language. The plot revolves around Kyun-woo, an average guy who comes across an abusive, crocked girl in metro and is shamed into helping her out as others mistake him for her boyfriend.

This girl brings nothing but trouble for him, but he endures everything to ease out her pain. He has developed a sense of responsibility for the girl. Will his efforts be worth it?

Yes, it’s Korean movie, but it’s way better than the American remake. I would suggest you to stick to the original. The movie is perfect blend of drama, love and action with a heart-touching story.

What A Girl Wants


I found this What a Girl Wants to be simple and well put together. From visuals, drama to storytelling; everything is perfect.

The story revolves around Daphne, who travels to England to get to know her father and establish a normal father-daughter relationship. Things change though when she finds out that her father is a prominent political figure running for office. Now she must adapt to the social requirements while being wary of the fact that it could cost him the election. Will she be able to get to know her father and set everything right?

Uptown Girls


The plot revolves around Molly Gunn, a young rich woman with childish behavior whose parents left her with US$ 100,000,000.00 as an inheritance. Now she lives her life like a princess.

Her world turns upside down when she finds out that her accountant has run away with all the money. With nothing but debts and no job experience or skills, she gets the job of babysitting Ray, a young girl who acts like an adult.

There are comedy, drama and lots of gut-roaring laughter. If you are looking for some witty and touching movies like Mean Girls, Uptown Girls should be right up your alley.

Picture This


The plot revolves around a young, nerdy girl who is invited to a party of the most handsome guy in her school. Tired of his usual life, he shows some interest in this new girl.

For her, it's a chance to be socially promoted and finally be famous. Her only problem, though, is that she is grounded. Determined to not let anything get in her way, she takes her friend’s help and gets away.

Although it’s a little bit predictable, you will still love Picture This. Don’t pay any attention to the low ratings on IMDB or other sites. If you love movies like Mean Girls, you are going to love what Picture This has to offer.

13 Going On 30 – One Of The Best Movies Like Mean Girls From Body-Swapping Genre


The story is about Jenna rank, a 13-year-old girl who doesn’t want to be a teen anymore after the total humiliation at her birthday party. She just wants to hide until she urns into an adult.

To her horror, she wakes up next day and finds out that she is an adult now with an athlete boyfriend, superstar friends and lots of money. Her wish has been granted. Is this what she really wanted, though?

She tries tracking down Matt, a boy that she thought was the reason of her humiliation in her birthday party. Will she figure out what happened?

Odd One Out


Odd One Out is one of the best movies like Mean Girls, but there is no comedy or drama. It’s more serious and realistic, which successfully shows the ugly side of high schools.

The plot revolves around Vanessa Snyder, a good-spirited teenager who starts becoming depressed when her friends start humiliating her at high school. Thanks to her supportive mother, she might have chance to regain her confidence and get her life back on track.



The story is about Juno, a sixteen year old teen who finds out that she is pregnant from a sexual encounter with Paulie, her best friend. They like each other, but they are not ready to take it to the next level yet. Although, she would like to go for abortion, she takes an unusual decision that not many people of her age would even consider.

Telling anything else would ruin the movie for you. All I am going to say is Ellen Page rocks as Juno. This movie boosted her as one of my favorite actresses. Give Juno a go. You're in for a surprise.

The Devil Wears Prada


Andrea Sachs, a naive journalist, is hired to work as an assistant for Miranda Preistly, a ruthless executive of a fashion magazine. She must learn to dress appropriately according to the demands of her executive and adapt to the new work culture.

Andrea starts changing her behavior and starts hitting it off with her boss, but her personal life goes haywire as her family and friends start drifting away from her. Is it too late for her to get things back on track?

I found this movie to be cute and smart, but it goes over the top sometimes. Nevertheless, it’s still a great movie to escape to. If you are looking for some great movies like Mean Girls, The Devil Wears Pradashould definitely be on your radar.

The Perfect Score


The plot revolves around six high school seniors willing to do anything to get good grades. In hope of acing their exams, they conspire to break into Princeton Testing Center and steal the test papers. Their plan nearly blows, but they manage to score well without major sacrifices. Ultimately, though, they realize that getting a perfect score is not what they wanted.

Granted, this movie is little predictable at times, it’s still a must see if you are looking for a good laughter.

16 Candles

The plot revolves around Samantha, a 15-year-old teenager who has a crush on the most popular guy of the school. And there is a geek in her school who has a crush on her.

Her regular, sweet high school life goes downhill fast on her ‘special’ sixteenth birthday when her family totally forgets her birthday. She is embarrassed in front of her friends as she struggles to get through the ‘special’ night.

I find it really hard to believe that it was released more than 40 years ago. Yes, 40 yeas is a long time, but you’d still be able to relate to it.



The plot revolves around Tracy, a troubled 13-year-old who is looking to make it through school. She cuts herself often and hates her mom’s boyfriend. Things go awry when Tracy befriends Evie, who only makes matters worse as she brings drugs, sex and petty thieveries to Tracy's life. .

As she transforms himself and becomes a totally unrecognizable person, it becomes a challenge to maintain a healthy relationship with her mother and old friends. It isn’t long before she finds herself in a precarious situation when her new world eventually starts taking toll on her.

“Thirteen” is a great move that you should watch with an open mind. I you haven't watched it yet, you should now.

Legally Blonde


Can being too blonde become a problem for someone? It certainly does for Elle when she gets dumped by her boyfriend just because she is too blonde for him. So when his boyfriend packs up for Harvard to reunite with her high school sweetheart, she decides to follow him to get him back. Once there, she realizes that it’s going to be tougher than she thought. Elle must wage the battle of her life to get back what's hers.

After reading the plot summary, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s a series movie. Make no mistake; it's going to make you laugh, a lot.. Anyone who has ever been subjected to rejection just because they didn’t coincide with someone else’s opinion, would be able to relate.



The plot revolves around three popular girls of Reagan High School, who decide to prank the prom queen by kidnapping her. They shove a jawbreaker into her mouth to keep her from shouting for help. Things go wrong when these girls accidentally kill her. And it only gets worse once Mayo, a geek from their school, finds out about it.

It’s intriguing and funny the whole way through. Although, it’s inspired from several other movies of the same genre, there is enough originality to keep you on your toes throughout this movie.

Cruel Intentions – One Of The Best Dark Comedy Movies Like Mean Girls


“Cruel Intention” is a movie about two wealthy teens, Sebastian and Kathryn, who take advantage of their good looks and charm to manipulate others.

Kathryn bets that her stepbrother won’t be able to bed Annette, a virgin who wants to wait until her marriage. If he wins, though, he gets Kathryn.

Don’t be disgusted by the plotline; Cruel Intentions is an amazing movie with strong performances. These wicked siblings will keep you hooked until credits roll.

Easy A


The plot revolves around Olive, a lonely heart who uses the school rumor mill to make everyone believe that she is not a virgin. The rumors spread, and it isn’t long before she gets a ‘slut’ tag. Initially, she uses it to her advantage, but soon gets into trouble when she finds out that a self-appointed religious leader of school wants to shame her. Will she tell the truth or continue to run with the tag for her gains?

Overall, Easy A doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but it’s still a breath of fresh air.

Leap Year


Directed by Anand Tucker, Leap Year is an American comedy movie about a woman who is planning to go to Ireland to propose her boyfriend on February 29. The Irish tradition holds that a man can’t deny the proposal by a woman on a leap day.

The only trouble is the bad weather, which is threatening to derail her plan. With the help of an innkeeper, though, the cross-country journey might become a possibility.

Irish scenes are downright gorgeous, and accents are fascinating. But more importantly, Leap Year is an amazing romantic comedy. Sit down and enjoy a simple love story.

What Happens In Vegas


The story revolves around two people who are compelled to live together as a couple for six months following a night in the club where one of them won a great deal of money. They both claim that money is theirs, but the judge has instead decided to sentence them to hard marriage for six months to teach them a lesson. Of course, they oblige as there is a truckload of money at stake. Things wouldn’t have become complicated if they hadn’t fallen in love along the way, though.

The Hot Chick


The story follows Jessica Spenser, a mean spirited girl who finds herself in the body of live Maxtone, a gas station robber in his 30s. She must find out what happened last night as well as try to switch back to her body. Along the way, she realizes how mean she has always been to people around her.

Yes, it’s another new ‘switching body’ genre movie, but it’s worth watching for lots of laughs.


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