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5 Horror Movies Like 'It' Everyone Should Watch

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What Films Are Like It?

Stephen King is widely regarded as one of the horror genres' most compelling writers, and with several of his written works already adapted for television, of which the likes of The Shining and Misery had become breakout successes, it was not a difficult decision to adapt King’s 1986 book of the same name.

Directed by Andy Muschietti, It is set in the small town of Derry, Maine in the summer of 1989. The story follows the story of seven children who are terrorized by the eponymous being that takes the shape of what they fear the most. As if having to deal with this being introduced to us as “Pennywise” was not enough, the children must also come face to face their own personal demons in the process.

Granted, the film’s box office success was guaranteed to some degree by Stephen King's ever-increasing fanbase, but no one could have predicted how successful the movie eventually became. With a production budget of $35 million, It grossed $327.5 million in the United States and Canada, with a worldwide total of $700.4 million. Deadline Hollywood calculated the net profit of the film to be $293.7 million, making it the 5th most profitable release of 2017 and highest for any horror all-time. Now, that's a huge feat.

Take away the horror element and there was a real-life human story beneath that made us think about our own situations. The film has been described as a loss of innocence story, with fear, mortality, and survivalist themes. It's immediately clear that unlike several offerings from this genre, there was something different about this one. It had depth, which finally brought attention to the new age of the horror genre - an age where audiences are treated to films where the horror is interwoven into the fabric of what it means to be human.

It doesn't only guarantee a compelling storyline, but these new relatable plots make these movies scarier because these sinister things can happen to you. The plots are rooted in real human emotions, focusing more on the evil within as opposed to a supernatural being. These plots don't have to rely on fantastical locations or mythical beings to scare you.

It has done well to shine a light on this re-emergence of the horror genre. With the renewed upsurge and interest in the horror sub-genre along with new offerings such as Us, Get Out, and Brightburn, just to name a few, it is completely possible to miss out on some noticeable additions.

Fret not. I have got you covered. Here’s a look at five movies like It that will scare the holy bejeezus out of you.

Movies Similar to It

  1. Hereditary (2018)
  2. A Quiet Place (2018)
  3. The Badadook (2014)
  4. It Follows (2014)
  5. Get Out (2017)

1. Hereditary (2018)

When you question everything a family stands for and introduce the supernatural, you have the premise for Hereditary.

This 2018 offering has been described as “a new kind of horror” and “creepy beyond belief." Another directorial debut on this list, Ari Aster’s 2018 film stars Toni Collette, Alex Wolff, Milly Shapiro, and Gabriel Byrne as a family haunted after the death of their secretive grandmother, who if we learn anything about, was not the sweetest.

We can all relate to having a few secrets in our families, maybe hiding a few ourselves, and that is the premise Hereditary clings to, bringing this insidious drama to life. The most interesting thing about this movie is you will not be terrified by slimy things and repeated jump-scares, but by a simple noise - the flick of the tongue.

If you don’t mind the questions that will linger with you long after the movie is done, watch Hereditary on Netflix.


2. A Quiet Place (2018)

For a movie about being quiet, A Quiet Place’s audience reception was anything but that. Directed by John Krasinski, this movie is a slow-burn nightmare. The plot is set three months into the year 2020 where an invasion has rendered Earth silent for fear of roving creatures hypersensitive to sound.

These beings are dangerous, ready to kill anything that movies. Someone makes a sound and the next second they're torn to pieces by these scornful beasts. Imagine watching this horrifying movie in a world where you’re not allowed to make a sound - a world which according to this movie, is only a short few months away.

The movie boasts very beautiful character development along with an immersive environment that leaves audiences on the edge of their seats as they hope for a calming resolution. Will it come? Well, a sequel is scheduled to be released on May 15, 2020. We'll find out more.

If you're looking for a disturbing movie like It, A Quiet Place should be your best bet.

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3. The Babadook (2014)

This list entrant from Australia reaffirms how the horror scene as a genre seems to have agreed worldwide to gravitate towards audiences with globally relatable plots. Written and directed by Jennifer Kent in her directorial debut, The Babadook follows the story of Amelia, who six years after the violent death of her husband, is at a loss.

Her son, Samuel, is an out of control kid, at least according to her. Despite her best efforts, it's impossible for her to love Samuel. All the while, Samuel's dreams are plagued by a monster he believes is coming to kill them both. Things get progressively worse when Amelia finds a disconcerting storybook and reads its stories to Samuel.

Samuel becomes increasingly convinced that the creature in the book is the one he often dreams about. As he grows visibly irritated and violent, Amelia, scared to death of his own son, starts medicating him. However, the monster doesn't take long to make his presence known to Amelia. It slowly dawns on her that the thing Samuel has been warning her about may have been real.

The central theme of tragedy here is one any audience can relate to, made even more poignant with the relationship between a mother and her child.

The film has quickly become a favorite worldwide and finished 2014 as one of the best-reviewed films for the year. The director of the iconic 1973 genre classic, The Exorcist, was quoted to have said, "Psycho, Alien, Diabolique, and now THE BABADOOK."


4. It Follows (2014)

This one is definitely one for the genre’s history books. Unlike most horror movies that count on its swooping and fast-paced monsters to make the stories more terrifying, the monster in It Follows just walks slowly towards you and never stops.

Written and directed by David Robert Mitchell, this supernatural psychological horror story follows a teenage girl named Jay, who is pursued by a supernatural entity, which was transferred to her after a sexual encounter. In a bid to survive, she must do whatever it takes to get rid of that being before it comes close enough to kill her. The only solution is to sleep with someone else and get rid of this pestilence once and for all. Things, however, don't quite go according to the plan as the movie progresses.t

It’s safe to say the whole world is in love with this new brand of horror, and you should pay attention to it if you haven’t already. Those looking for a movie like It will love what It Follows brings to the table.


5. Get Out

If you know anything about Hollywood, you may have recently come across the name, Jordan Peele. Formerly known for his hilarious sketches with Keegan-Michael Key on the American comedy series, Key & Peele, Jordan Peele has gone on to direct one of the genres most celebrated offerings in recent history in Get Out.

The story re-imagines the horror genre with a nod towards racial tensions that exist in real life by following Chris and his girlfriend, Rose, who both agree that they have reached the meet-the-parents milestone of dating. Rose then invites Chris for a weekend getaway with her parents.

Everything goes smooth at first, but things start getting weirder around him. Something about this place isn't quite right, but he can't point his finger on it yet. As the family's macabre secret is unveiled one layer after another, you as an audience will squirm in your chair as Chris fights for his life.

For a modest production budget of $4.5 million, the movie has gone on to gross $255.5 million worldwide. The film was nominated for four awards at the 90th Academy Awards including Best Picture, and won for Best Original Screenplay.

In an interview, Jordan Peele was asked if he would make a sequel and he mentioned he was open to it, so don’t be surprised if we are treated more from this new cult director for the genre soon.

Did I miss out on any other good movies like It? With so many disparate offering from all around the world, it's quite possible that I might have left out some movies worthy of a slot in this list.

If you have found any movies, feel free to share your suggestions in the comments section.

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