Top 10 Heart-Warming Movies Like 'Forever My Girl'

Updated on June 20, 2020
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Rahul is a movie addict who can never get enough of good films. His all time favorites are Inception, 12 Angry Men, and Scarface.

What Films Are Like Forever My Girl?

The romance genre has always been the bedrock for American films. Even though the emphasis has shifted towards action and sci-fi in recent years, everyone enjoys a good love story. One such good film featuring a heartfelt romance in recent years is Forever My Girl.

Following the lives of Liam and Josie, the two are all set to get married when Liam ditches her at the altar. He wants to pursue a career in singing and becomes a big country musician. However, after the death of a friend, he's forced to go back to his hometown and confront his past. Initially, Josie is clearly upset with Liam's return, but eventually, the two get closer as the movie progresses.

Witnessing Liam's internal conflict as he tries to decide between career and family is intriguing to watch. In spite of being a romance, it is not sappy, with more emphasis on the protagonist's family. This combined with some good performances makes it a wholesome entertainer with a love story at the center.

Being a huge fan, I compiled a list of movies like Forever My Girl. Take a look.

Films Similar to Forever My Girl

  1. A Star is Born
  2. 1 Mile to You
  3. A Country Wedding
  4. The Choice
  5. Safe Haven
  6. The Longest Ride
  7. Dear John
  8. Once
  9. Charlie St. Cloud
  10. P.S. I Love You

1. A Star is Born

This famous Oscar-nominated film bears a lot of resemblance with Forever My Girl. It also features a famous country musician who's struggling with his fame and trying to sort out his personal life. Except, in this case, there is not one, but two musicians. Featuring the supremely talented Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, this adaptation of the 1937 classic has been winning hearts and for good reason.

Jack, played by Bradley, is a famous musician with an alcohol problem. He meets Ally, played by Gaga, who's an up and coming singer. Jack initially mentors Ally so that she can break out and in the process, they fall for each other. Unfortunately, Jack's internal demons are far too strong and it takes a serious toll on their relationship. His impulsive behavior drives a wedge between the two and the film leads to some pretty dark places from there.

Other than the amazing performances and awe-inspiring background score, A Star is Born also showcases mental illness. Definitely far darker and mature than Forever My Girl.

2. 1 Mile To You

They say true love never dies, and this film is the best example of this adage. 1 Mile To You is a tragic yet idealistic love story about a teenager who mourns his loved one. It shows how even the worst kind of emotional pain can act as motivation to achieve something incredible.

Kevin is a teen lad who's madly in love with his girlfriend. Sadly, she dies in an accident, and he's unable to recover from this tragedy. However, he finds one way to escape his pain, running. Only when he is running, he's able to think about her and relive their moments together without destroying himself. This leads Kevin to become obsessed with the sport, which catches the attention of a coach, who thinks he can do this professionally. As he starts gaining recognition, he also gains new admirers. Whether he finally puts his past behind him and moves on makes up for the rest of the tale.

To be honest, the story sounds kind of cliched and far too romantic to be taken seriously. But, it actually plays out quite well on the silver screen. As a viewer, you will be able to relate to his pain and root for him as he chases after his new goal if only to escape the pain of his girlfriend's loss.

Those looking for some heartwarming flicks like Forever My Girl will love what 1 Mile to You brings to the table.

3. A Country Wedding

A Country Wedding is another film that has a very similar theme to Forever My Girl. Here too, we have a successful country singer returning to his hometown where he meets his old flame, and well, sparks fly. The only difference here being the level of popularity, for this flick is not as mainstream as the latter.

Bradley Suttons is a famous country singer who has really built a stellar career in music. Other than enjoying all the money and fame, he also found love in a famous actress and the two are all set to marry in a big fancy ceremony. Just a couple of weeks before the nuptials, Brad has to go to his hometown to attend to some family matters. Here, he runs into his girlfriend from high school, Sarah. As you can guess, first love is truly special and as they bond once again, Brad begins to question his decision of marrying some other girl.

With plenty of country influences, the film actually stays true to the region and culture of the place it's featuring. This is the one thing many mainstream Hollywood flicks fail to do.

4. The Choice

Not featuring any musicians or country setting, The Choice is still a gripping romantic drama that sheds light on the nature of modern relationships. Love is always complicated and no film shows it as good as The Choice. It is an adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel after all.

Gabby moves into a new neighborhood, next to Travis. Travis is instantly attracted to her and two hit it off. Eventually, the two get into a relationship, but there are a few complications. Both Travis and Gabby are seeing someone else and when her boyfriend returns home, things become a lot more complicated for all of them.

I must say it is a lot less sappy than other works of Nicholas Sparks. It has infidelity and other concepts, making it a somewhat realistic portrayal of romantic relationships. At the same time, it sticks to the formula of passion and drama, which makes such films so successful.

By juggling both old and new, The Choice managed to win its way into the hearts of the audiences, even though it was collectively slammed by the critics.

5. Safe Haven

Looking for a bit of thrill in your run-of-the-mill romance movie? Safe Havenis your best bet. Erin is a young woman who flees from Boston to a small town in North Carolina. Working as a waitress, she meets Alex, a widowed father of two. Living under a new alias called Katie, Erin bonds well with his kids and eventually starts dating Alex. Everything seems hunky dory until her bloody past decides to catch up to her.

It is definitely unrealistic, but completely entertaining at the same time. The thriller elements are actually one of the best things about the film. The tension between the couple will keep you on the edge of your seat. However, the rest of the film is pretty formulaic, with the exception of the climax.

A good thriller is never complete without a twist and Safe Haven has the mother of all twists right at the end. If you're looking for a movie like Forever My Girl, Safe Heaven will not disappoint.

6. The Longest Ride

The Longest Ride has a rather interesting concept at its center. Set in the countryside, this flick sees our protagonist as a bull rider. The story is about how the love for the profession drives a wedge in someone's relationship.

The tale is that of Luke Collins, a professional bull rider who is recovering from a near-fatal injury. After a year, he joins the business to meet Sophia Danko. The two eventually fall for each other. But things go South when Sophia finds out about Luke's accident, an argument ensues and she demands him to quit the game. However, Luke refuses, which strains their relationship. Just when it looks like things are going to fall apart, the two rediscover their magic, thanks to an old man.

It has all the good country film tropes in it and a strangely fascinating story at the center. What's more, it's also an adaptation of one of Nicholas Sparks' novels. So you can definitely expect some strong emotional elements in the film.

7. Dear John

An important part of any romantic film is for the two lovers to have opposite personalities. This creates contrast and conflict, giving the audience something to hold on to. And there's a pretty big reason for conflict in this film, as the hero is in the army.

John is US military personnel and goes to his hometown during vacation. Here, he meets Savannah, a college student. The two hit it off instantly and soon start dating each other. At the end of the summer, John is deployed and the two keep in touch through letters. After staying apart for two years, Savannah reveals that she's marrying someone else. John eventually returns to town to find she wasn't telling the whole truth after all.

The two leads Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried bring this film to life. Their chemistry is truly breathtaking and needless to say, they also look great. Since John is in the military, there are a few scenes featuring war as well. Expect a teeny tiny bit of heart-wrenching action, too. Those looking for a flick like Forever My Girl will love what Dear John brings to the table.

8. Once

Who said only Americans excel at making romance movies? Here, we have a great film from Ireland everyone should check out. Once is set in the Irish capital of Dublin, following two star-crossed lovers who also happen to be musicians.

The two central characters live in Dublin, Ireland. Thanks to their mutual love for music, the two fall for each other in spite of being from different countries. But what is the lifespan of such a magical relationship? Not too long, as you will witness in the film.

While the film itself is great, the setting and the music are a huge bonus. The visuals are breathtaking on many occasions and there are plenty of great songs. It's a musical after all, so if you're a sucker for those, you're in for a treat.

9. Charlie St. Cloud

Zac Efron hits the nail on the head with Charlie St. Cloud. Playing the titular character, he gets into a car accident with his little brother, Sam. Sadly, Sam passes away and Charlie is left reeling in shock and grief. Now, he can see his little brother's ghost everywhere. This eventually becomes his life, until he meets Tess one day. The two are pulled towards each instantly, but there's a catch. If Charlie gets close to Tess, he won't get to see Sam anymore. Torn between the memories of his brother and present love in his life, Charlie must now make a decision.

The plot is certainly interesting, even though many did not think so highly of the execution. Zac does deliver an honest performance, and he's not eye candy for once. His character has depth, and the element of using a family member makes it much more than a romantic film. For those who aren't keen on watching chick flicks but still something heart-touching, this one is for them.

10. P.S. I Love You

P.S I Love You is one of the most famous films in this genre. When one thinks of the words chick flick, this is one of the first films that come to mind.

Starring big names like Gerard Butler and Hillary Swank, the story follows Holly and Gerry, a married couple living in New York. The two are very much in love, with the exception of the occasional fights. But one day, tragedy strikes as Gerry is diagnosed with a fatal illness. Soon, he passes away, leaving her devastated.

However, he has left a series of letters for her - letters which will help her get back on her feet. Thanks to his loving and encouraging words, Holly finally finds some in her life.

Gerard and Hillary make a striking pair and this film makes it evident. Their chemistry is simply off the charts amazing and the two are enough to keep your eyes glued to the screen. In case you still haven't seen it for some reason, now is the time to redeem yourself.

Did I miss out on any other movies like Forever My Girl? Let me know in the comments section.


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