Top 9 Romantic Movies Like 'Everything Everything' Everyone Should Watch

Updated on June 25, 2020
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Rahul is a movie addict who can never get enough of good films. His all time favorites are Inception, 12 Angry Men, and Scarface.

What Movies Are Like Everything Everything?

There's something about featuring terminal illnesses in a romance that makes everything all the more memorable. It has been an age-old trope to make romantic flicks where at least one of the central characters is terminal or has an ailment of some sort. One such film that came out not long ago is Everything Everything.

Featuring Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson, Everything Everything is the story of young love that fights against all odds. The plot follows Maddy, a young girl, who is ailing from a rare disease, which prohibits her from leaving the house.

However, when a new boy, Ollie, moves in next door, she immediately gets attracted to him. Soon, the two begin talking and eventually fall for each other. But when Maddy's mother finds out about their relationship, all hell breaks loose.

Other than all the usual tropes in a love story, the movie gains points in setting up such a fantastical premise. It also focuses on strained family ties, adding a nice dimension to the whole tale. If you liked it and are looking for movies like Everything Everything, I have got you covered.

Films Similar to Everything Everything

  1. Midnight Sun
  2. The Fault in Our Stars
  3. Me Before You
  4. Remember Me
  5. A Walk to Remember
  6. 50/50
  7. The Perks of Being A Wallflower
  8. If I Stay
  9. Before I Fall

1. Midnight Sun

A teen tearjerker with Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger in the lead, the movie has all the crucial emotional aspects for a dreamy yet tragic romance. The story revolves around Katie Price, a teenage musician who suffers from a rare disease, prohibiting her from venturing out into the Sun.

However, her sheltered life takes a massive turn, arguably for the better, when her high school crush Charlie, meets her at a train station one day and asks her out on a date. Thrilled by newfound love on one hand and absolutely terrified of revealing her condition to her boyfriend, Midnight Sun guarantees to leave you emotional. Seeing this young girl's emotional conflicts will tug at your heartstrings.

Bella is endearing as the central character and Patrick makes for good eye candy. The acting isn't much to write home about, but everyone has done a satisfactory job with their parts. Thanks to plenty of emotional hook points, Midnight Sun is an engaging watch about tragic love.

2. The Fault in Our Stars

This film which released in 2014, is a classic take on two cancer patients who develop a beautiful romance. The Fault In Our Stars is guaranteed to leave you teary-eyed.

The story revolves around Hazel and Augustus, who initially meet at a cancer support group. United by their passion for books, the two young lovers decide to track down the author of a particular book they absolutely love. Sadly, the author whom they admire turns out to be a mean spirited man, who not only admonishes them for disturbing him but also mocks their illness.

As the two dejected lovers return to the United States, Augustus' cancer relapses and becomes much worse. It becomes clear that his days are numbered. However, the two always knew that their fairytale love story was going to be shortlived anyway, so they take this devastating news with calm acceptance.

The two leads have done a fabulous job and will make you feel for them. In spite of death looming over the entire film, The Fault In Our Stars is one of the most wholesome films I've ever come across. It is a spellbinding tale of love, friendship, and learning to accept the inevitable fact that we are all going to die someday.

If you're looking for some heart-warming flicks like Everything Everything, The Fault in Our Stars should be right up your alley.

3. Me Before You

Another romantic drama with a tragic ending is Me Before You. Starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin, it's a story of an unusual romance between a bitter, crippled man and his chirpy caretaker.

Louisa Clarke, played by Emilia, comes from a lower middle-class family who is in desperate need of money. As a result, she takes a job as a caretaker for Will Traynor, the middle-aged son of the wealthy Traynor family. Paralyzed from the waist down after a motorcycle accident, Will is wheelchair bound with little to no hopes of recovery. As a result, he develops a cynical attitude toward life.

However, thanks to Louisa's bubbly nature, he develops a more positive outlook. The two develop a very close bond and eventually fall for each other. But just when we think everything will be alright, tragedy strikes. Will wants to be euthanized and he is determined to see it through.

Starting off as a cheerful, romantic film, Me Before You takes on a sad, gloomy quality in the latter half. Other than featuring so many conflicting emotions, the film also invites a much-needed discussion on euthanasia.

4. Remember Me

Initially, Remember Me seems like another tragic love story on this list, but there's more to it than meets the eye. Following the story of Tyler and Ally, the film beautifully portrays how their past traumas have shaped their psyches. The tumultuous love story aside, Remember Me also gives importance to events that made them the people they are. For those who are not as moved by romance, this extra layer makes for a refreshing change of pace.

Tyler's strained relationship with his father adds a touch of realism and relatability to the entire plot. The film also features the infamous 9/11 terrorist attacks. With so much going on, one can safely call this film one of the most realistic ones in this genre, for it downplays the ideal romance part and shows us all the different pitfalls in a relationship.

5. A Walk To Remember

The idea of tragic love is a fascinating one. Seeing two people trying to be together even in the face of death makes us all teary eyed. Well, this imagery is best described in A Walk To Remember.

Landon, a local high school student, lands in trouble with the law after a prank on a classmate goes horribly wrong. He is forced to do community service, and here he meets Jaime, the local church pastor's daughter. As Jaime assists Landon with his chores, the two fall in love with each other, but things aren't so cut and dry for this young couple.

Jaime is battling leukemia and the illness is far too advanced to be treated. Surprisingly, this tragic turn of events brings the star-crossed lovers even closer. A Walk To Remember gives us a great example of what an ideal romance looks like. Even though the premise is far too idealistic, it acts as a breather in a world where love is far too fickle and fleeting.

Those looking for a disarmingly poignant movie like Everything Everything will love what A Walk to Remember brings to the table.

6. 50/50

If you thought a movie can never make light of something so terrible as cancer, you are sorely mistaken. 50/50 is a heartrending comedy-drama about a 27-year-old man who's diagnosed with the dreaded disease. Joseph Gordon Lewitt plays the protagonist while Seth Rogen plays his best friend Kyle. Bromance aside, the movie also has a little love angle between Joseph and his therapist, played by Anna Kendrick.

The best about the movie is that it takes you through a roller coaster of emotions. You would be laughing your heart out one moment, and probably crying your eyes out the next. Also, it's not pretty, like the other films on this list. It shows the ugly side of cancer - with shaved heads, constant vomiting and mental health taking a nosedive.

The film is backed by talented actors. Joseph gives an earnest performance that will stay with you for a long time. Do yourself a favor and watch this film, even if you don't like romance.

7. The Perks of Being A Wallflower

If you're looking for a teenage tearjerker with a lot of depth and substance, The Perks of Being A Wallflower should be right up your alley. It follows the story of a 15-year-old named Logan, who is dealing with emotions of experiencing first love and death of his best friend while battling mental illness. Looking at such a rough childhood, you can't help but empathize with Logan as he tries to find a group where he belongs. Fortunately, this film has a happy ending, even though the tone is bittersweet.

The entire cast has done a spectacular job in this film. Plus, you also get to see Emma Watson at her best as she plays Logan's love interest. Another great thing about the film is the dialogues. They are simple yet profound and will really make you think.

On top of an enthralling storyline and authenticating performances, the background score is also pretty great. There's very little to complain about with this film. It's the closest you'll get to finding a flick like Everything Everything.

8. If I Stay

A teen drama that will tug at your heartstrings, If I Stay focuses a lot on limbo, the unknown state between life and death. Mia is a passionate cello player with a loving family and a boyfriend. One day while the family is driving to see their grandparents, they get involved in a car crash.

The accident puts Mia in a coma where she has an out of body experience. As fond memories flash in her mind in the comatose state, she must now decide whether she wants to live or move on to the afterlife. As she lies in this state, her boyfriend Adam and her grandparents give her continuous support.

Although not exactly featuring any illness, the concept is highly intriguing. All the emotional aspects and romance aside, the film also raises the fundamental question of the inherent value of life. Is it truly better to stay and get back to life, or to let oneself drift away into oblivion? A pretty mature concept for a teen drama, I must say. There's little else to write home about, but it is a decent, one time watch for sure.

9. Before I Fall

Imagine Groundhog Day, but much more serious and with more romantic elements, and you got Before I Fall. Samantha is a popular high school student with her group of friends, a boyfriend, and her life in perfect order. She goes to a friend's party, where they bully an unpopular girl named Juliet.

As they are returning from the party, Sam gets into a fatal car crash. However, she gets to relive the same day again and again in an endless time loop. Initially exasperated, she eventually learns her lessons as she tries to smooth out the relationships in her life.

The parallel between this film and Groundhog Day cannot be ignored, as the concept is far too familiar. Sadly, no one can hold a candle to the legendary Bill Murray, so the comparison is quite unfair in my opinion. As a standalone film, Before I Fall is pretty good. There are elements of typical high school drama and a teen who reaches self-awareness after she's made to confront her fears over and over again.

Other than the time loop theme, there is nothing really novel about the film, but that works in its favor. Such films have worked so well in the past because they stick to a certain formula, so there's no reason why they shouldn't continue to do so. Watch this film if you are particularly fond of high school themed movies.

Well, what do you think of the list? Do you approve of the films mentioned above? Do you know of any other flick like Everything Everything that deserves to be on this list? Let me know in the comments below!


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