Top 9 Spicy Movies Like '9 Songs'

Updated on June 28, 2020
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Rahul is a movie addict who can never get enough of good films. His all time favorites are Inception, 12 Angry Men, and Scarface.

What Movies Are Like 9 Song?

Art house movies are generally considered a cut above the rest. Those who are fed up of mainstream films often opt for such fare. Moreover, they often find a red carpet welcome in prestigious film festivals, quite literally. Also, erotic themes are very common in films like these, even if it's expressed in a tasteful manner. However, some flicks tend to get overindulgent with steamy scenes, to the point of being overly gratuitous.

One such flick is 9 Songs. Featuring nine famous rock songs, they make for the film's background score at various junctures. The main story revolves around a couple named Matt and Lisa. The plot is flimsy at best, with a major focus on the spark between the two leads.

This Michael Winterbottom feature created such a furor in the film community that many countries refused to even give an R rating to it. Considered irreverent and smutty, the film does have its admirers, though. If you enjoyed this flick, check out these films like 9 Songs that would put Fifty Shades of Grey to shame.

Movies Similar to 9 Song

  1. Caligula
  2. In The Realm Of The Senses
  3. The Blue Lagoon
  4. 91/2 Weeks
  5. Showgirls
  6. Kids
  7. Romance
  8. Intimacy
  9. Shame

1. Caligula

Depraved, deranged, and downright sadistic, this Tinto Brass film has been labeled as a no-holds-barred historical drama, and aptly so. I cannot emphasize the word sadistic enough, for the film literally becomes a callous affair after a certain point.

Based on the life of one of the evilest and brutal rulers of Rome, the film held a lot of promise. With a script written by the legendary Gore Vidal, everyone anticipated a cinematic masterpiece. What they got instead was a sultry affair in the guise of cinema, set in ancient Rome.

Containing disturbing themes such as rampant prostitution, slavery, and all kinds of debauchery, it is an intense cinematic experience. To the film's credit, it also has ample violence and drama to keep things coherent.

Caligula is an audacious attempt by a director who is best known for making smut films, with the help of a stellar cast. However, it is necessary to warn you; watch it at your own risk, as it gets graphic at certain points.

2. In The Realm Of The Senses

If you thought only Hollywood can come up with such enticing stuff, wait till you see this Japanese film. In The Realm Of The Senses came out way back in 1978, but it's considered a super controversial film to this day. Following the story of a harlot and a hotel owner set in 1930s Japan, the film gets progressively disturbing.

Featuring disconcerting themes like mutilation, the film is legit nightmare fuel for those who are squeamish. Even though there's a nice story arc, which showcases the two getting obsessed with one another, its focus is somewhere else.

Beyond a certain point, the film's just a patchwork of random lovemaking. Watch it at your own risk. And oh, one more thing; don't watch this film while you're eating. You'll thank me later.

If you're looking for some raunchy movies like 9 Songs, In The Realm of The Senses should be your best bet.

3. The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon, which came out in 1980, is another fine example of steamy lovemaking overshadowing the story. Plotwise, the film holds a lot of promise.

Set in the Victorian period, it's a tale of two children who are shipwrecked on a deserted island. These two helpless kids are also cousins. With just the cook to guide them, the two eventually grow up to be strong, gorgeous teenagers.

The sole caretaker of the two teens conveniently dies, leaving these two alone on the island. With evidence of human sacrifice on the other side of the island, the story is all about their survival, and whether they make it back to the mainland or not. However, the survival aspect not the main attraction of the film.

The major focus is on the two teens as they engage in all sorts of steamy affairs, because well, there's nothing else to do there. Blue Lagoon will not disappoint those looking for some taboo action.

Unfortunately, those craving a riveting, engaging plot will be sorely disappointed. Although collectively battered by the critics, the film found its own niche fan base.

4. 91/2 Weeks

Well, the jury's still out on 91/2 Weeks. While some find sexual elements in the film truly artistic, others find it excessive. Perhaps, you should listen to the tale before deciding for yourself. The plot revolves around two people, John and Elizabeth, as the two get increasingly involved in each other's life.

John and Liz enter a relationship and while Liz expects it to be normal, John has other ideas. He doesn't respect her and only uses her as an object. As the title suggests, the story follows the first nine and a half weeks of their relationship, which culminates in Liz losing her peace of mind.

Involving some really explicit themes like public intercourse, assault, cross-dressing, and humiliation, the film doesn't hold back its punches. However, the one good thing about the film is that none of the erotic scenes seem gratuitous. They fit the narrative perfectly as they meticulously portray Liz's mental degradation from a healthy woman to a broken, jumbled mess.

5. Showgirls

'Raunchy' is a perfect word to describe this sly pic. It should not be a suprise, considering the fact that it's a Paul Verhoeven film. The story revolves around Nomi, a young girl, who comes to the big city in order to make a name for herself. Starting out as a dancer at a seedy strip club, she slowly makes her way up the hierarchy until she becomes one of the top showgirls in the business. As you can guess, Nomi did a lot more than just strip to get to the top.

The best thing about Showgirls is that it doesn't pretend to be classy or artsy. It's raunchy, oversexualized, and in your face. Just like Basic Instinct, Paul doesn't hesitate in putting lewd acts on full display. It's dirty, fun, and straightforward. If you're a no-nonsense person who's here just for the action, this should be right up your alley.

6. Kids

Kids would easily make to the top of the list of films that can make anyone uncomfortable. Just like 91/2 Weeks, this film left the critics divided into two groups. While one appreciated the film and believed it had artistic merit, the other found it exploitative, with some going as far as calling it borderline child pornography.

The story of Kids is based on a bunch of teenagers living in New York City in the 90s. Their lives involve sex, alcohol, drugs, and all kinds of addictive behavior society discourage them from indulging in.

Telly is a punk and a skater who only has intercourse with virgins. Jennie, a young girl, is among them. One day, while Jennie and her friends get tested for HIV, it turns out that she has been infected by Telly. As she goes on a fruitless mission to find him and tell the truth, the boy continues his reckless behavior.

There is plenty of sex involved, but it doesn't seem glamourized - something most films in this genre is guilty of. Since it mostly involves underage actors, they don't show any explicit stuff, of course. What they do showcase, however, is more than enough to make anyone squirm.

While one can argue that this disturbing theme points to a poignant social commentary, I personally found the film somewhat stereotypical. Showing teenagers as a bunch of reckless, stupid kids don't send a great message to viewers. I'm sure this disturbing trend is more of an exception than the norm.

Personal commentary aside, it's a gripping experience. If you're looking for a controversial movie like 9 Song, Kids should be in your to-watch list.

7. Romance

Don't be fooled by a cute, harmless title, for this film is anything but that. Art house filmmakers and their neverending fascination with sex never cease to amaze me. Much like 9 Songs, Romance is also a collection of erotic scenes involving the lead actress. The plot is flimsy at best and weaves loosely around its steamy moments.

The story revolves around Marie and Paul, your traditional monogamous couple. However, Paul refuses to have intercourse with her after a certain point in their relationship. Distraught, she goes on to find other lovers who would satisfy her, while staying in a relationship with Paul.

One such lover is Paolo, whom she meets in a bar. What starts off as casual sexual experimentation slowly gets wilder and more disturbing, culminating in Marie facing the brunt. The film gets progressively depraved and worrisome with each passing moment, especially after the first half.

The actual message behind this flick is anybody's guess. If you're looking for steamy, raunchy scenes without crossing over to pornographic territory, this film shouldn't disappoint.

8. Intimacy

Just like the other films on this list, Intimacy has lots of passionate, unsimulated sex between the two lead actors. However, as far as erotic themes are concerned, the film is comparatively tame to other films in the genre. In fact, at the heart of it all, the film is a beautiful tale about a man's fruitless search for intimacy.

Jay is a bartender who lives alone in London in an old apartment. He has weekly sexual encounters with an anonymous woman. What starts off as purely physical soon turns into something more as Jay falls for her. Curious to know more about his lover, he follows her through the streets of London and learns a lot of surprising things about her. It's also revealed during his journey that he had a family of his own, whom he abandoned because his wife lost interest in him. It soon becomes evident that this relationship with the anonymous woman is Jay's last shot at some intimacy.

Although overtly sexual, the film never comes off as perverted, focusing more on the emotional development of the leads. It's a proper, artsy film that will leave you with a lot to ponder.

9. Shame

Essentially a mainstream film, Shame is one of the finest works on celluloid when it comes to sexual themes. Michael Fassbender plays Brandon Sullivan, a sex addict who his helpless to his vices. As a result of his addiction, he is estranged from his family, especially his sister, played by Carrie Mulligan. As she goes through her own problems, Brandon realizes he's destroying his life by having wanton sex with prostitutes and random women. As he comes to this shameful realization, it takes him on a darker path, testing the very limits of his sanity.

Make no mistake; there's plenty of nudity and steamy intimate scenes to go around. However, none of it seems pointless. The torrent of emotions Brandon feels each time he gives in to his uncontrollable desire is palpable. You can feel his shame, anger, and helplessness.

One can't help but sympathize with this broken, flawed man. His train wreck of a relationship with his sister is fascinating to witness. It's disturbing, but just in the right amount. Don't miss out on this masterpiece!

Did I miss out on any other movies like 9 Songs? Let me know in the comments section.


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