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Movies Like '500 Days of Summer'

Rahul is a movie addict who can never get enough of good films. His all time favorites are Inception, 12 Angry Men, and Scarface.


What Films Are 500 Days of Summer?

500 Days of Summer is a boy-meets-girl story. Tom Hansen is an architect who writes greeting cards for a living. He meets Summer Finn and falls for her inexplicable charm. The film captures the emotions and their related memories. Tom remembers Summer over a span of 500 days spent with her. They are uneven and rhetorical yet magnificent and life-like. It doesn't talk of finality in a relationship but lets it dangle in a series of memories through moment to moment manifestation.

Joseph Gordon Lewitt plays the innocent loser (I am not really calling him that!) and Zooey Deschanel plays the enigmatic Summer. The songs outline Tom’s emotions with such reprising ease you might feel as if nature knows the melancholy of lovelessness. The heartbreak, the love, the longing; everything is so real and transient.

Being a huge fan, I have compiled a list of similar films to 500 Days of Summer. You will surely unravel similar yet distinctive layers of relationships through these amazing stories.

Movies Similar To 500 Days of Summer

  1. Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind
  2. Juno
  3. The Fault in Our Stars
  4. Blue Valentine
  5. 50 First Dates
  6. Love Aaj Kal
  7. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  8. The Vow
  9. Yes Man

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

We all have had that thought that screams out loud to delete the person we love or want, just so we are spared the pain. ESOTSM is a conflicting journey of human complexes and the desire to seek love.

Clementine (Kate Winslet) is a wreck, derailed from set go. Full of uncertainties and spunk, she breathes an adventurous thrill. But she is not a magic spell that would fix someone's broken mind; she's just off to find her own peace of mind. Joel (Jim Carrey) finds solace in Colorful Clementine and falls for her.

They have a great time together, albeit it's marked by Clementine's wandering mind and Joel's insecurities. Clementine deletes Joel from her mind in a sudden turn of events, prompting the same action from Joel (Yeah, brand new frontiers for science!).

Is he ready for an everlasting surgical removal? Find out in this brilliantly scripted piece of Charlie Kauffman. He has brought a human relationship to life through his unique world of imagination and wonder.


2. Juno

Juno was one of the shining films in the year of its release. This teen comedy is much more than just being about momentary laughs or awkward adjustments to adulthood.

Juno Macguff (Ellen Page) is smart 16 years old and ready to experiment with everything, including her body. Her best friend, Paulie (Michael Cera), however, participates with a little less desperation. Result; Juno is pregnant. After a brush with an abortion clinic, she decides to have the child and hand it over to a responsible couple. Enter the exotic couple; Mark (Jason Bateman) & Vanessa Loring (Jennifer Garner.)

Vanessa's desire for a child and her husband's waywardness get Juno into more experiments than she enrolled for. The film is intelligent and subtle, with scenes unraveling its multi-faceted characters in more ways than we would expect.

We take a deep plunge into Juno's life while she struggles to set her heart in the right direction. Kimya Dawson's songs are an enriching addition to the film. Ellen Page delivers a smart performance, eliciting sympathy for her character. The subject of teen pregnancy, adolescent life, parenting, and love are dealt with genuine humor and utmost warmth.

If you're looking for some great movies like 500 Days of Summer, Juno should be on your to-watch list.


3. The Fault In Our Stars

When two similarly broken hearts meet, healing takes place. Hazel Grace (Shailene Woodley) suffers from terminal thyroid cancer and carries a cylinder around to help her lungs function. Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort) is one of a kind millennial who has lost one leg to Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and dreams of living a remarkable life. Hazel and Gus (same guy!) hit it off immediately when they meet at a Cancer Support Group.

After existential conversations about oblivion and life, they go for a movie date at Gus' house and share each other's favorite books. 'An Imperial Affliction' by Peter Van Houten (William Dafoe) is Hazel's pick while Augustus forwards 'Counter Insurgence.' And thus starts a journey of acceptance and love.

They chat, bond, and have fun. "Just Cancer Perks," as Hazel would say. Things go south when they decide to visit Hazel's favorite author, Peter Van Houten. A series of revelations haunt the two, while they discover a forever in their numbered days.

Based on a novel of the same name by John Green, The Fault In Our Stars became a sensation as soon as it released. It could be called gooey and romanticized but it's also a promise of hope and meaning in life.


4. Blue Valentine

"You always hurt the one you love, who you shouldn't hurt at all!" It's originally an Allan Roberts-Doris Fisher song that features in the movie. It's essentially the theme of this lovely, close-to-life piece.

Dean is a high school dropout working for a moving company in Brooklyn. Cindy lives in a troubled home while studying to be a doctor and taking care of her grandmother. Dean (Ryan Gosling) and Cindy (Michelle Williams) fall in love in a series of events, which, as per Dean, was destined.

The hopeless romantic in Dean pulls up Cindy to marry him while she's traumatized by the residues of her previous relationship. Amidst the constant pressure of managing a family and their love, the relationship keeps losing ground.

This film is moving in its portrayal of how often we just can't love. It's haunting to see Dean and Cindy struggle through the crutches of fading love. Blue Valentine is a definite watch for those who are fascinated by the ever-changing dynamics of romantic relationships.


5. 50 First Dates

What happens when you go on a first date too many times? You might say one gains experience because you meet different people in different scenarios. But what if the person on all those dates remains the same, and you go on your first date again and again? This Peter Segal directed pic tackles the same question heads on.

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore create beautiful people and lovers out of their characters, as they have in their previous outings together. Henry, a veterinarian, meets Lucy in a Cafe and they connect instantly. However, when he comes back to see her the next morning, she has no recollection of yesterday's events. Lucy, as it turns out, suffers from anterograde amnesia (short term memory loss) after an accident on her father's birthday a year ago.

Now, she relives that day every day. Henry goes through a troublesome but heart-filled journey of making Lucy fall in love with him every day, just so she would remember him.

This rom-com will leave you warm and satiated. If you're looking for some hear-warming movies like 500 Days of Summer, 50 First Dates should be your best bet.


6. Love Aaj Kal - A Bollywood Movie

The movie is as it sounds; love in today's day and age. Relationships are tainted by technology, fast-paced lives, and hunt for new experiences. Is love still a feather in the dust that makes you stop and look? Or it's just a speck passing by in the wind?

This Hindi film by Imtiaz Ali explores a modern relationship, where the lovers are not looking for something serious; it's just this moment that counts.

This is a fresh and innovative film with an uneven narrative that keeps you interested and intrigued. Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone do ample justice to their smart, vulnerable characters. Even if you don't understand Hindi, it's well worth the trouble to watch this affair with subtitles.


7. The Perks of Being A Wallflower

Are there any perks of being a wallflower (socially shy, in nutshell)? If you're a wallflower, perhaps you want to fit in but don't really know how! Charlie (Logan Lerman) is going to start high school while still recovering from a traumatized past. People don't readily welcome him except for a set of seniors who might just have felt pity. Sam (Emma Watson) and Patrick (Ezra Miller) are half-siblings who offer Charlie companionship and love. Mr. Anderson (Paul Rudd,) his English teacher, becomes another cynosure.

While tackling depression and mental episodes of his aunt's accident, Charlie develops feelings for Sam, who sadly has a boyfriend. Patrick, on the other hand, is gay and deals with his own scenarios of s difficulties.

Based on Stephen Chbosky's acclaimed novel, this movie garnered critical acclaim all across the world. Set in the 1990s, it's an emotional and relatable story. For adults, it may seem like a teen trip to their schools.


8. The Vow

Two people fall in love, both artists. They vow to be with each other in holy matrimony. Things, however, don't go as planned. Paige, the girl, meets a horrific accident, resulting in the memory loss of the events leading up to meeting her husband, Leo. He is left devastated as she's no longer acquainted to him. In a desperate attempt to win her love again, he does everything to make her remember.

This romantic flick will keep you engaged despite a cliched storyline. Though it starts off slowly, The Vow changes gear seamlessly after the first half. Once the rollercoaster ride begins, it never looks back.


9. Yes Man

The secret to a fulfilling life is just saying "Yes!" to everything. I am not saying so, neither is the film. That's the premise. Carl is lonely and done with his life, shunning his friends and society alike.

Enter a chance seminar, where the speaker addressing a huge crowd clamors for a YES from everyone! Carl experiments with it, and Shazam! comes Allison. With her bewitching charm, she lights Carl up like a tree on Christmas. Carl accepts the 'YES' with open arms and his life begins to change. Will this strategy of saying yes to everything work forever?

Jim Carrey, as always, doesn't disappoint here with his comical yet vulnerable character, evoking sympathy effortlessly. Zooey Deschanel portrays yet another character with superb simplicity. This boy-meets-girl story is refreshing - a journey well worth saying YES to. Watch Yes Man for Jim Carrey and his lightheaded trials of everyone's life.

Did I miss out on any other good movies like 500 Days of Summer? Let me know in the comments section.