Top 15 Captivating Movies Like '50 Shades of Grey'

Updated on June 22, 2020
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Rahul is a movie addict who can never get enough of good films. His all time favorites are Inception, 12 Angry Men, and Scarface.

What Films Are Like 50 Shades of Grey?

50 Shades of Grey is an erotic romance trilogy adapted from the series of novels by E.L. James that displays the thrills of forbidden desires.

Christian Grey is a young billionaire. Being the CEO of a large company, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc., it looks he’s already done what most people aspire to in their lifetimes. Ana is an innocent girl who simply wants to take Grey’s interview for the newspaper as she steps in for her sick roommate. She finds the young entrepreneur extremely smart, polite, and very intimidating.

These may be the qualities that made him into such a huge success at a very young age. Grey seems to be getting interested in Ana’s life as well, who is a self-proclaimed uninteresting person. She heads out after finishing the interview, but can’t get the enigmatic man out of her head, so they decide to meet again.

Things get personal real quick as the two start to develop feelings for one another. Grey shows Ana the unusual fantasies he keeps hidden from the outside world and entrusts her with this bizarre assemblage of sexual tastes.

Ana, who has never been a part of something so exhilarating, finds it appealing as the two go on a journey of sexual exploration. Everybody has imperfections so it’s not unusual that Grey, who seems perfect on the surface, has some too. Are these really flaws or is it the acceptance of one’s true nature?

The movie does exceptionally well to answer that question as it delves deeper. If you loved it, take a look at some movies like 50 Shades of Grey that'll hook you instantly.

Films Similar to 50 Shades of Grey

  1. Pretty Woman
  2. Basic Instinct
  3. Mr. And Mrs. Smith
  4. Nymphomaniac
  5. Wild Things
  6. Cruel Intentions
  7. Friends With Benefits
  8. No Strings Attached
  9. The Girl Next Door
  10. Unfaithful
  11. The Dreamers
  12. Don Jon
  13. Take This Waltz
  14. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...And Spring
  15. The Piano Teacher

1. Pretty Woman

Every girl dreams of growing up to become a princess but that’s hardly ever the case. Maybe they can be if they find the right guy who’ll treat them like the queens they are. After businessman Edward Lewis asks for directions from Vivian, who works as a prostitute, their two contrasting worlds collide. He’s in town for the week and offers a business proposal so they can spend time together until his visit is over.

She undergoes a drastic change in her lifestyle, which she slowly gets accustomed to, all the while having others wonder how they’re together. The simple business transaction turns personal as they begin falling for each other and have to set aside their differences if they wish to end up together. Pretty Woman is a must-watch if you're looking for some raunchy movies.

2. Basic Instinct

Catherine Trammel is being investigated after the death of a rock star but after finding no evidence that could link her to the murder, the police are forced to let her go. Surprisingly, one of her alibis is a crime novel written by her that describes the situation, exactly as it happened, correlating the stories with real life. But detective Nick Curran, who himself has an unrevealed past, does not buy her narrative and sets out to investigate the case himself.

She is a beautiful seductress who loves messing with people’s heads, turning them into characters in her own books, and she’s intending detective Curran to be the next. Will he discover the truth before he faces the same fate as the others? Even if he solves the case in time, can he give up on this forbidden romance?

If you're looking for some steamy movies like 50 Shades of Grey, Basic Instinctshould be right up your alley.

3. Mr. And Mrs. Smith

The Smiths seem like a normal couple and go about their daily lives in the most tedious way, which has made their marriage dull. But both of them are secret trained assassins who’ve hidden that part of their lives from each other. Upon discovering the true identities of their significant other, their love is shockingly restored as the chemistry that had faded over the years comes back to life.

When the two receive assignments to kill each other, they have to decide how to handle the situation but constantly try proving they’re better by going back and forth in an elimination contest. We can see real chemistry between the leads, which is not a surprise, considering Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were actually in a relationship during the filming of the movie.

4. Nymphomaniac

As the title suggests, this story is about Joe, a nymphomaniac or more politely put, a sex addict, who is not ashamed of her so-called disease. On the contrary, she embraces it and considers sexuality to be the life force of humanity. But it’s also agonizing because she has to keep feeding her addiction to be able to think straight and remain calm.

Jerome, unlike other people, embraces her wild side because he enjoys her true nature and the rawness that comes with it. But these urges are not so easy to control because if she's not careful enough, she will end up being consumed by it. Will they live happily ever after? Watch Nymphomaniac to find out.

5. Wild Things

Wild Things is exactly as the title suggests, wild and filled with untamed desires that will take you on a sensuous expedition. After two teenagers accuse their guidance counselor of raping them, he gets arrested but denies the charges, hoping his lawyer can prove his innocence. However, detective Duquette suspects that this case is not as simple as its being presented and plans to uncover the real story.

It looks as though the three have made plans that will benefit them somehow, but problems arise in the group as they argue among themselves, which makes them prone to committing mistakes. Will the detective unravel the mystery before it's too late?

If you're looking for a movie like 50 Shades of Grey, Wild Things will not disappoint you.

6. Cruel Intentions

Cruel Intentions push the envelope on sexual fantasies with a plot so sultry and obscene, it will make you squeamish. The plot revolves around two step-siblings who challenge one another to sleep with certain individuals, just for the fun of it, as it quenches their boredom.

Soon, however, these games become too easy, so Katheryn moves it up a notch, daring his brother to seduce Annette, an innocent girl who seems unattainable. The prize if he succeeds is the ultimate forbidden fruit of a step-sibling relationship.

It looks like Sebastian is close to completing his challenge but at the cost of feeling something he’s never felt before, something beyond infatuation. He doesn’t know how to deal with these new-found emotions. Will the games end up costing him the happiness he’s always been searching for?

7. Friends With Benefits

After facing a series of bad relationships, emotionally damaged Jamie and Dylan learn they have so much in common and become friends really quickly. They’re both too traumatized to try on new relationships, tired of all drama that eventually unfolds. So they decide to add sex to their alliance, thinking it’s not going to affect the friendship dynamic.

People already doubt the effectiveness of their arrangement, but they’re adamant on making it work because they haven’t felt this free in a long time. However, the duo who don’t buy the idea of a Hollywood romance, start falling for each other, realizing there’s much more to love than what they had previously thought.

If you love movies like 50 Shades of Grey, you'll love what Friends With Benefits brings to the table.

8. No Strings Attached

Having the same storyline as Friends With Benefits and released on the exact same year, this movie had to be on the list so you can compare the two for yourselves. Unlike the other movie though, No Strings Attached tells the story of Emma and Adam, who are old friends, so the idea of a romance while maintaining the relationship is even more far-fetched. Both of them are tired of trying too hard to impress other people, only to find themselves alone the next day, so it’s important that this deal works.

They have some ground rules - no lying, no jealousy, and no expectations. Will love get in the way of this perfect relationship where you don’t need to constantly worry about the future? As you guys might have already guessed, complications follow and now they’ve got to deal with the consequences of their actions.

9. The Girl Next Door

Everybody has an experience from school they’ll always remember but for straight-A student, Matthew, it’s going to be his next-door neighbor, Danielle. He’s constantly looking across the window for any chances of getting a glimpse at her, so she confronts him and intends on breaking him free from his sheltered lifestyle.

He’s awestruck after finding out Danielle used to be a porn star and doesn’t know how to deal with that fact while still trying to pursue her. He learns that people are forced to fight for the things they desire in life and takes on adversities - things he couldn't even imagine before meeting her.

10. Unfaithful

Connie has a good life; a loving husband, and a loving son but her life’s about to change forever following an accidental encounter with a stranger who helps her after she trips and hurts herself. She wants to thank him for his help and the two meet again, which eventually leads to infidelity, triggering a series of unfortunate events. She doesn’t seem to be in control when she’s around him and risks her perfect life for a moment’s desire.

The husband starts suspecting something and makes an investigator follow her because he wants to find the truth, as painful as it may be. And things turn even darker after he discovers his wife’s disloyalty. Things will never go back to the way they were. We can’t help but feel sorry as one mistake ends up ruining four separate lives. This is not a sultry flick, though it starts out as one. This sly feature will make you think deeply about your own romantic interests.

11. The Dreamers

While on the scene of a student riot in Paris, things are about to change for an American exchange student, Matthew, who meets the local twins, Isabelle and Theo.

They bond instantly after discovering their similar taste in movies and their opposing character traits, bringing them close real quick. The two ask Matthew to move in with them after their parents leave town, freeing them to explore some exciting fantasies.

Matthew notices the closeness between the siblings who have now incorporated him as a member, making the three inseparable. But things start going south after he unknowingly starts to create a rift between these family members, once considered to be two halves of a whole.

He used to love them before for their free-spirited personalities but after increasing levels of insanity, he can’t seem to keep up. Where will this unlikely trio end up? Watch this flick to find out.

12. Don Jon

There’s a handful of things Don Jon really cares about - cars, family, friends, girls, church, and porn. He is, however, forced to give up on the last one i.e. porn, if he wants to have a relationship with Barbara, which seems hard as Don has never had a real bond with any woman before. The plot combined with a bunch of hilarious characters present in the form of Don’s family members and friends makes for a very entertaining movie watching experience.

Don tries changing himself for her, doing the things she loves as he aims to maintain his first serious relationship but he starts questioning if she’s really worth it and forced to make a choice. Talented actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays Don John, also wrote the script and directed the movie, surprising the fans with his diverse skills.

13. Take This Waltz

Margot and Daniel meet on an airplane and it seems like these two are made for each other. It appears to be another one of those happy love stories until we discover Margot is already married. She and her husband, Lou, have a great relationship but the stagnation in their marriage may have caused her to look for excitement elsewhere.

She doesn’t want to leave her husband but can’t seem to let go of Daniel either, which makes her reevaluate herself so she can make the right decision. She tries her best but can’t seem to choose between the two, making her wonder why she ever met the stranger.

Will she pick one man before it's too late? Watch this raunchy flick to find out.

14. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... And Spring

A young apprentice is being mentored by an aging master to take care of an isolated monastery in the middle of a wilderness. No other humans can be found anywhere near until a girl arrives seeking help with her illness. The young boy who’s in his adolescent years and has never seen a girl before starts having desires for her and forsakes his spiritual existence to feed his physical needs.

The girl gets better, and the boy leaves with her, following her into a world he’s not familiar with. As the seasons change, the people are forced to change with it, and so do they as well.

This critically acclaimed drama/romance provides you a cinematic experience comparable to no other movie.

15. The Piano Teacher

Erika Kohut is a brilliant pianist and shares the art with others through teaching. She lives at home with her mother and the only thing giving her pleasure in her forties is the secret world of obsession and desire, which she keeps concealed from the others. A young man pursues her and they break the student-teacher relationship barrier as they delve into a world of forbidden desires.

This isn’t a love story; it’s purely carnal but the student makes it more complicated than it already is with his craving to go beyond the physical. In this highly praised and applauded movie, Isabelle Huppert completely embodies her character and gives the performance of a lifetime.

Did I miss out on any good movies like 50 Shades of Grey? Let me know in the comments section.


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