Movie Review: Colossal

Updated on August 9, 2017
Colossal movie poster
Colossal movie poster

Prior to this film, I watched Shin Godzilla and immersed myself back in the kaiju universe. Now, despite the look of the monster, this is not a film that resembles anything close to Gojira. Or any other serious kaiju film for that matter. What it does is borrow science fiction elements from these films and parody it in a way that makes it okay to laugh at.

Colossal, directed by Nacho Vigalondo, is a science fiction comedy about the everyday life of a woman named Gloria and a kaiju hell-bent on destruction. Gloria (Anne Hathaway) is a women whose life is in a rut due to her problems with alcohol. As a result, her boyfriend has kicked her out and she's forced to move back to her hometown. While there, she runs into her childhood friend Oscar (Jason Sudeikis), who gives her a job working at a bar. However, things take a turn for the worse when a mysterious monster attacks Seoul, South Korea whenever Gloria is wasted.

Black Comedy

The comedy is very subjective and whether or not it's funny depends on the person that's watching. It's very bizarre. I mean, hundreds of people are crushed under a monster while the person responsible does dance moves in the park. A lot of the comedy in this film hangs on how well you take black humor. The silliness of it all certainty lightens it a bit and I certainty chuckled a few times while watching.

Anne Hathaway as Gloria and her kaiju counterpart.
Anne Hathaway as Gloria and her kaiju counterpart.


While the comedy is stable and alright most of the time, dramatic scenes disturbed the flow of the comedy and led to confusion. There are times when the movie wants to go the dramatic route while still retaining its silliness. Although appreciated, the switch between the two is distracting. The comedy is hampered by the drama. And the drama is hampered by the comedy.


One thing is certain. If you enjoy kaiju films and Anne Hathaway (what a strange mix) then you'll surely enjoy this film. SNL's Jason Sudeikis unfortunately doesn't get to flex his comedic muscles here because of how serious his character is. And the rest of the cast is forgettable. The Godzilla references compliment the film nicely, but don't expect anything past the appearance of monsters and destruction. Overall, the comedy is not particularly good. Therefore, your enjoyment hangs on your appreciation of kaiju films and the genre itself.


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