Movie Review: "Before I Fall"

Updated on June 6, 2017
Based on the 2010 novel of the same name by Lauren Oliver. Before I Fall was adapted by writer Maria Maggenti and directed by Ry Russo-Young.
Based on the 2010 novel of the same name by Lauren Oliver. Before I Fall was adapted by writer Maria Maggenti and directed by Ry Russo-Young.
Zoey Deutch's complete name is Zoey Francis Tompson Deutch. She is best known for the role of Rosemarie "Rose" Hathaway in the 2014 film, Vampire Academy.
Zoey Deutch's complete name is Zoey Francis Tompson Deutch. She is best known for the role of Rosemarie "Rose" Hathaway in the 2014 film, Vampire Academy.


On February 12th, Samantha Kingston (Zoey Deutch) wakes up on Cupid's Day. She ignores her sweet little sister and gets picked up by her friends Lindsey (Halston Sage), Elody (Medalion Rahimi) and Ally (Cynthy Wu). She is teased about losing her virginity to her boyfriend Rob (Kian Lawley) and gives an affirmation of finally doing it with him at the party. The party is hosted by Kent (Logan Miller), Samantha's admirer who also gave her a rose, apart from the one given by Rob. She and her friends attend the party but it ends with Lindsay confronting Juliet, a pitiful underdog who is constantly bullied through verbal harassment by Lindsay and her group. They fight and Lindsay loses her party mood so she decides to leave with her girls Samantha, Ally and Elody. In the car, they all talk about the fight and how psychotic Juliet is but by exactly 11:39, the car crashes. Samantha wakes up, thinking that she had a dream. She looks at her cell and it is Cupid's Day. The same exact sequence of the day's events happens and she starts feeling anxious and scared by night time as they all get in the car. She looks at the time through her mobile and the same thing happens at 11:39pm. The next day, she wakes up on the same day and realizes that she is in a never-ending loop, reliving the same day over and over. She makes the most out of it and cherishes her family, especially her little sister. She gives time to the people she has once ignored and makes things right by apologizing to Juliet. She also tells Kent that she loves him. She fixes her life and values the people around her, in hope that it will really be the last day of her life.

Was It Worth Watching?

The Edge of Tomorrow was the last movie I have seen with a theme about time loops where the same day happens over and over. There has been too many movie of the same concept and there's always that one obvious purpose --- to make things right. Before I Fall has the same theme but definitely not as grandiose as I was expecting. It is a movie worth watching at home when you're bored and you just have to keep up with the new movies that you have missed. I'm glad I didn't watch this movie in the big screen because I would've wasted my money on something that is just out there for the sake of being out there as an adaptation of a novel. I guess the director and writer weren't too ambitious though their simple and not so extravagant production made it to the box office with $13.4 million worldwide gross against a budget of $5 million. The fact that it opened alongside The Shack and Logan in the United States and Canada was really crazy and unbelievably a big risk. I would have to give this a thumbs up for its simplicity, despite my shattered expectations. At least the lead actress did a good job in portraying her role as a woman stuck in a day without tomorrow. I guess teenagers would like this movie --- the girl stuff, the party, the secret admirer thing, the not-so-close family ties, the teenage dilemma of losing virginity or not, and life being meaningless because of wrong priorities...teenagers could relate and I think that was the market of the movie.

If there is just one thing that made me keep on going on and watching this till the end, it would be because of the narration. It is the only thing that fascinated me because no matter how simple wordings were used to narrate the story, the way it was done has improved the quality of the film. I mean, the movie felt more like a simple dish, with its narration as "salt and paper" to taste. Other than that, there was really nothing special. The message that it wanted to convey to the audience is too obvious. It is a topic that has been tackled over and over and it doesn't take a brainstorming to know how the story will actually end. There was no twist, no goosebumps effect, nothing really. It was a plain movie with moral -- something that would open the eyes of teenagers so that they could value every day of their life with the right priorities.


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