Movie Review: Batman Begins (2005)

Updated on August 9, 2018
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Batman Begins Ultra HD blu-Ray cover.
Batman Begins Ultra HD blu-Ray cover. | Source

Quick Info:

Director: Christopher Nolan
Studio: Warner Brothers
Released: October 18, 2005
Runtime: 140 minutes
Availability: On DVD and Blu-Ray, buy on Amazon

Story Summary:

Batman Begins retells Bruce Wayne’s origins as Batman, ditching the campy aspects and rebooting the Batman franchise. We follow Bruce Wayne as he battles crime as Batman after the murders of his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne.

The Story Is an Interesting Retelling of Batman’s Origins:

This film was released back before the superhero movie craze that has become normal nowadays where we have a superhero film release every year. Marvel hadn’t started the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet and the Batman movie franchise was dead thanks to the horrible Batman and Robin movie.

Batman Begins breathed new life into superhero films, making them serious mediums of storytelling with the story of Batman’s origins. The film showed what we all know about Batman, how Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered by a mugger and how Bruce Wayne took a vow to fight crime.

While the film portrays the story that Batman fans know from the comics, Christopher Nolan also put his own spin on the story that isn’t in the comics and made a version that is unique to his version of Batman.

I really enjoyed this movie. It has a good story, good writing, and a relatively realistic version of Batman. The plot is good and there’s a lot of action and suspense in the story. Batman Begins also used Scarecrow as a villain and none of the other movies had ever used him before.

Batman Begins: (2005) Trailer #1:

The Visual Effects Are Amazing!

The visual effects are very well done, the costumes look fantastic, and the locations look amazing along with excellent cinematography. What’s really impressive about this film is how the visual effects are practical effects, not like Disney’s Star Wars films where they tout, “We’re making this film with practical effects” and then concentrate more on the visual spectacle and ignore telling a good story.

The visual effects are very well done and they don’t rely heavily on CGI to look good. It’s a nice change compared to a lot of newer films nowadays.

The visuals are nice to look at and the film is still entertaining despite how old it is.

Batman ascending from above.
Batman ascending from above. | Source

The Acting Is Good:

The actors are excellent, for the most part. Christian Bale is excellent, portraying Bruce Wayne, but his “Batman” voice is too deep and unintentionally funny. While he sounds good when he’s acting as Bruce, when he has to do the deep “Batman” voice, it sounds so ridiculous that you have every right to laugh at it. I enjoy the movie despite it but it is still funny.

Michael Cane is excellent as Alfred Pennyworth and he fits the role perfectly. I love how he gave the character a charming, sarcastic wit that I have seen in other adaptations of Batman, but he’s still the best live-action onscreen Alfred Pennyworth.

Liam Neeson was really great as Henri Ducard. I have always enjoyed Liam Neeson’s acting ever since I saw him in Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999). While that film is probably not the best first impression of him as an actor, Batman Begins is definitely a great first impression of his skills as an actor. He did a fantastic job and I really enjoyed his performance in this film.

Katie Holmes also did very well as Rachel Dawes, an original character specifically created for these movies. I like Katie Holmes more than the actress Maggie Gyllenhaal who portrayed the character in The Dark Knight (2008). I liked her performance and she was a good choice for this character.

I also enjoyed Garry Oldman as Jim Gordon; he was fantastic in this movie. I really liked his acting and he portrayed the character very well. He really made this character stand out as a supporting character and he was a great choice to play Jim Gordon.

Cillian Murphy is kind of corny as Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow. It’s a little hard to take the character seriously, but the writers of the film made it work. His performance was good even if he’s not the best Batman villain in the Dark Knight Trilogy.

Batman Begins Soundtrack - Molossus:

The Music Is Fantastic!

Hans Zimmer’s musical score is wonderful and perfectly fits the tone of the movie and I enjoyed the soundtrack a lot. The music is very grand and emotional and heavy. It’s also a very memorable soundtrack that has become iconic when it comes to Batman films. It is a very excellent musical score for the movie.

The Dialogue Can Be A Little Hokey:

The dialogue for the movie can be a little silly, especially since this is a comic book superhero movie. Some of the supervillain names can sound hokey like Scarecrow and Ra’s Al Ghul, but if you can put up with things like that then you should be fine. Superhero films are popular these days, but this film came out when it was still risky to make superhero movies.

Parental Rating:

Batman Begins is rated PG-13 for violence, language, and themes.

The Scarecrow is hokey but they made it work.
The Scarecrow is hokey but they made it work. | Source

This Film Revived Batman From The Dead:

Batman Begins is the film that revived the Batman franchise from the grave after Batman and Robin, it made people take superhero movies seriously, and it led to Marvel making Spider-Man and X-Men movies and eventually both DC Comics and Marvel making their own superhero movie franchises. We wouldn’t have that without Christopher Nolan taking a chance on a dead franchise.

The film isn’t a perfect movie but no movie is perfect. It’s still a lot of fun and something I enjoyed a lot. It is the movie that got me into superhero movies and I will always appreciate it for that.

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Quick Summary:

What Works:
What Doesn't Work:
Great story, plot and world-building
Some of the characters are hokey
Excellent visual effects
Because of some of the hokey characters it might be hard to take this film seriously.
Great acting
Great soundtrack

Grade: A-:

I highly recommend Batman Begins; it’s a fantastic, but slightly imperfect adaptation of Batman that made the superhero cool again to a mainstream audience. I really enjoyed this movie, and I have the DVD. I’m contemplating getting the Blu-Ray because my disc is really old. It’s well worth the time and money, especially since it’s very cheap to buy now.

If you’re a big fan of Batman, you should buy this movie, it’s not only a great superhero film, it’s a great Batman film as well.

It’s well worth your time to buy the Dark Knight Trilogy, not just Batman Begins, but the other films in this trilogy as well. I don’t think they’re the best superhero films but they are a lot of fun, and I will also appreciate them for making Batman one of my favorite superhero characters.

I will always be grateful that they took the risk with a superhero movie. The risk paid off because Batman Begins was a successful superhero film that brought the Batman franchise back from the dead and made him a respectable character again.

It’s a different kind of superhero film that doesn’t rely on the supernatural or superpowers that most superhero movies feature now. It’s well worth having this in your blu-ray collection, but not everyone is going to like superhero movies.

My Rating:

5 stars for Movie Review: Batman Begins (2005)

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