Morgan Film Review

Updated on December 22, 2016


I wasn’t planning to check this one out or write a review about it as I heard a lot of negative word of mouth from almost everyone I know and most of the critics. I also noticed that it bombed miserably ($9 million worldwide gross!) everywhere. Most of the reviews I read about this one compared it to the surprise hit and critically acclaimed sci-fi from last year “Ex-Machina” because of the similar storyline which is creating a humanoid entity and trying to make it as human as possible and expectedly things never goes as planned. However, one critic pointed out that it is a mistake to compare this one to “Ex-Machina” or any other deep sci-fi film, and it should be regarded as an action thriller instead. I cannot agree more. This one is a fast paced action thriller with a sci-fi element, it is not a deep film and certainly not a deep sci-fi film.

I took my expectations to the other direction and I didn’t focus on the ideas or the creativity behind the camera. I wanted to kill sometime in front of the T.V and I decided to check it out with some low expectations and an open mind of acceptance and patience. The film did not require a lot of acceptance or patience, it is actually a very watchable film with some surprisingly good action scenes. First of all, there are some big names and familiar faces in the cast which was a surprise to me given the small budget ($8 million). Second of all, the small scope served the story well by injecting a good dose of claustrophobic tension. Third of all, the story which is nothing out of the ordinary, is still a fun and offers some good twists.


If the film’s weak point is the story as expressed by most of the people who watched it, the film’s strong point are the thrilling action scenes. Director Luke Scott (Ridley Scott’s son) might have been clumsy in handling the story but he demonstrates a strong sense of time and place during the action scenes. He is able to hit the audience with some violent, surprising, and suspenseful scenes. The one on one fight scenes are also surprisingly well-staged and better than many of the fight scenes in most of the big budget films this year.

All in all “Morgan” did not disappoint me and I found it to be a good effort from a new director who demonstrates an overall good potential in pacing an action thriller with a knack for staging exciting and well shot action and fight scenes.


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