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"Mile 22" Movie Review


Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg reunite for a fourth time to bring us a thrilling story with some great action and spot-on acting. The story was in the vein of 16 Blocks mixed with Lone Survivor but gave us an espionage twist in the end. Was it fresh? Not by any means. The story's been done several times. Was the film worth watching? Absolutely. Sure, it may be familiar but Peter Berg gives his version a little something extra that the others didn't have: nationwide consequences should the team fail.

The film follows James Silva, an operative in a special branch of the CIA. Silva and his team are tasked with transporting an asset from the US Embassy in Southeast Asia to an airstrip 22 miles away. The asset is the only person who knows the code needed to unlock a disk which contains vital information detailing the whereabouts of stolen chemical bombs.

I said it once and I'll say it again: Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg are the best actor/director team-up since Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. Berg knows how to deliver the thrills and realism while Wahlberg delivers the intensity and urgency. Having now paired up four times, Berg and Wahlberg are a sure-hit golden duo.

The acting was fantastic. Wahlberg always delivers but the true star here is Lauren Cohan. I have never seen her deliver as intense of a performance as she does here. She does well on The Walking Dead, but she stays more in the emotional realm on that show. Here, she showed a whole new side to her badassery which I hope carries into more films.

I will warn everyone out there that if you can't stand a lot of language then you're going to have a bad time. Usually, language doesn't bother me but occasionally there's certain movies that seem to throw in as many "f---"s as possible just because they can. It doesn't make the character look tough or make the movie better, it's just unnecessary and takes away from the movie after a while. There must have been an F-word every two seconds during the prologue but once the main story kicked in, it wasn't as prevalent. This isn't going to affect my final rating in any way, I just thought I'd put that warning out there for the more sensitive ears out there. I give the film a 3 out of 4.

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