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Mia Thermopolis' Top Ten Outfits From "The Princess Diaries" Series

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10. Plaid School Uniform

Before Mia (Anne Hathaway) was attending soirees in ball gowns and fancy dresses, her style reflected more humble beginnings. In The Princess Diaries, Mia was a wallflower at Grove High School where the students were required to wear this plaid blue uniform. Though she may not have been the most popular girl amongst her peers, her beauty and charm were unmatched. A uniform may not be the most fashion forward ensemble, but Mia looked both sweet and chic in this outfit. Paired with her iconic makeover and her blossoming newfound confidence, Mia proved she could pull off anything.

9. Chic Pink Dress Suit

Jackie Kennedy Onassis would be envious of this ultra sophisticated and classy pink dress suit. The soft pink knitted A-line dress and matching coat was a gorgeous color on Mia and it perfectly captured her royal style transition. She wears the polished ensemble wonderfully and the shade of pink is demure and not too showy. Her style in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement really evolved and Mia truly came into her own with her fashion choices. This classic outfit really highlighted the growth Mia has experienced since the first film.

8. Beauty in Blue

Who could possibly forget the embarrassing state dinner Mia wore this beautiful blue gown to? Though the night wasn't much of a success, her fashion choice sure was! This lovely cerulean gown wonderfully complimented Mia's skin tone and brown tresses, and the unique collar added a fun pop of flair. With her hair styled in a sophisticated up-do and paired with delicate earrings and a necklace, Mia looked every bit the princess she was. Her soft makeup also further elevated the whole look, and she absolutely was a beauty in blue.

7. Silk Archery Dress

Mia wore this simple yet chic silk v-neck dress when she had her oh-so-swoon-worthy archery lesson with the dreamy Lord Nicholas Devereaux (Chris Pine). The a-line blue dress complimented Mia's figure and paired beautifully with her dark locks. Her style evolved greatly since the first film, and took on a more mature and elegant flair. While the silk dress was lovely in its own right, many fans of the film will remember the simmering sensual tension between the queen-to-be and Nicholas. It's no wonder Nicholas was absolutely captivated by Mia!

6. Elegant Pastel Pink Dress

Mia was definitely channeling her royal-ness when she wore this elegant pastel pink dress. The chic silhouette of the sleeveless outfit looked stunning on her, and featured delicate buttons, belt and a crisp collar. Our favorite princess wore a lot of pink in the second film, and boy does she know how to pull it off! The pastel shade complimented her creamy skin and was the perfect hue. It's become quite clear that Mia would look good in a potato sack, but it's still fun to see her embrace her inner Princess Diana.

5. Ravishing in Red

Wow, Mia sure did look ravishing in red when she wore this breathtaking crimson ball gown for her 21st birthday! At the party, she was tasked with dancing with all the eligible bachelors and boy were they lucky! This fabulous red strapless gown featured plenty of tulle, delicate shimmering beading and a sweet little bow at the waist. Mia wore her hair in curls and in a demure bun, and only accessorized with small earrings and statement-making white opera gloves. With the royal crown on her head, Mia looked ready to take the throne and rule Genovia.

4. Regal Ball Gown

Despite all her apprehensions of becoming a princess and ultimately queen, Mia sure knew how to look regal and stately! For her coronation, Mia wore this breathtaking ball gown featuring stunning embroidery, lots of silk and taffeta, and gorgeous sleeves with delicate bows. The intricate design and textured fabrics really elevate the already awe-inspiring dress, and the long train of her cape really knocks it out of the royal ballpark. Her curly tresses were swept back to reveal her jeweled necklace and earrings, and she was absolutely the embodiment of a true queen. Genovia must have been so proud!

3. Pretty in Pink

There is just something about Mia in pink that really hits the mark! This feminine and romantic soft pink flowey dress featured flutter sleeves and layered chiffon, and looked absolutely dreamy. With a wrap-esque v-neck front, cinched tie at the waist and chic floral hat, Mia was delightfully captivating. With her brunette tresses styled in loose cascading waves, she was the belle of the ball at the garden party. Of course, it's hard to forget that Mia shared an oh-so-swoon worthy first kiss with Nicholas during the scene. Sure, they might have ended up drenched in a fountain but at least they looked darn good doing it!

2. The Iconic Floral Ball Gown

Well look what we have here; Mia's iconic floral ball gown is one of the best ensembles she has ever worn. This strapless, a-line floral ball gown is a gorgeous off-white hue with delicate beading and intricate detailing, and featured elegant opera gloves. Mia wore the stunning dress during a pivotal moment in the first film, when she finally accepts her role as Princess of Genovia. With her hair pulled back in a sleek and simple bun, understated diamond earrings and striking tiara, Mia was the absolute epitome of a true princess. It was an emotional scene in the movie, and her ball gown will remain an iconic dress in cinema history.

1. Vision in White

Here comes the bride? Mia faced quite the dilemma when she is supposed to walk down the aisle and marry Andrew, when her heart really belonged to Nicholas. Though inside she may have been a mess, on the outside Mia was an absolutely breathtaking vision in white. She wore an exquisite off-the-shoulder lace detailed wedding dress that was so regal with its design and simplicity. The long train and antique veil further added to the enchanting quality of the gown, and it completely captures Mia's journey throughout the series. She went from a high school wallflower to the Queen of Genovia, all the while falling in love and finding her voice.

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