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'Men in Black: International': Is It Worth Your Time?

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'Men in Black: International'


The new addition to the Men in Black franchise stars Chris Hemswroth and Tessa Thompson taking the lead. Thompson plays this woman who has been trying to find the Men in Black headquarters ever since she was a little girl. She saw her parents neutralized by two agents, changing her life forever. Once she discovers the location of the Men in Black headquarters, she convinces Agent O that she would be a valuable asset. From there she is sent to London and teams up with Agent H, played by Hemsworth, and the two team up to take down an alien life form and find a mole within the organization.

This movie has been poorly received by critics and audiences, so I was not all that excited to see this one. I loved Hemsworth and Thompson together in Ragnarok and F. Gary Grey is a great director, but the reviews just made me wary. However, overall, this movie did not disappoint me. I love the Men in Black movies no matter what. I find the world they live in interesting, and the partners always have great chemistry.


The biggest pro in this movie is the chemistry between the characters. As I mentioned, Hemsworth and Thompson have previously worked together and it shows that they get along. Now, you cannot beat the chemistry between Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. However, this movie is a lot of fun because of how well they get along and it just flows right off the screen. They have parts where they just go back and forth with snarky comments and it is a ball to watch. They put in good performances here, and you can tell they had a lot of fun! These two actors are phenomenal together.

I would have to say the stand-out in this movie is Kumail Nanjiani, who voices an alien character named Pawny. He has some of the best lines in the film, and Nanjiani's delivery just makes it all that much better. The character itself even has some heroic moments that make him much more likable.

There are also some good performances in this movie with Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, and Rebecca Ferguson. Liam Neeson has the most screen time out of the three. He's the head of the London organization. However, Emma Thompson and Rebecca Ferguson do great with the little screen time they have. I kind of wish we got to see more of them.

Another positive is the world in this film. Just like all the others in this franchise, there are certain alien creatures who disguise themselves on Earth. I love the different creatures that live on Earth, it makes it so interesting to experience. The story takes the characters to different locations, so we are always getting to experience new and interesting characters.

I would have to say that this mystery that the agents have to solve is my favorite out of the franchise. The first Men in Black had the best bad guy character, but it was very simple. I think this movie was very interesting with the mole within the organization and how it all played out.


The one thing I thought throughout this entire movie was, "This movie isn't all that funny." Thinking back to the original Men in Black movie, there was the goofy Will Smith and the serious Tommy Lee Jones and their interactions made the movie laugh out loud funny! This movie did not have those moments. It seemed like they just didn't have much to work with from the script. Hemsworhh has proven he is a funny guy, however, it just does not show here. Other than the character of Pawny, I don't think this movie made me laugh.

Another negative were the two bad guys. They are these alien creatures just like all the previous films, but they were so boring and forgettable. I remember watching the first Men in Black and seeing the bad guy for the first time and how he gave me the creeps. That is a stand-out bad guy that makes the film interesting. The bad guys in this film, barely spoke and never did anything to make you feel like the Men in Black were in trouble.

I also never felt like F. Gary Grey ever did anything to make this film stand out. He is a new director to this franchise and he could have put his own spin on this story. However, in the end, you wouldn't even be able to tell there is a new director if you didn't know. The reason the original is so incredible is because Sonnenfeld did things in the movie to put his own spin to it. I can remember wacky moments in the original that stood out to me. This movie just did not have those moments. It just felt too safe of a movie. He never took any risks like Frank (the talking dog) or the gross moments when aliens explode after being shot.

'Men in Black: International' - Trailer

Final Thoughts:

In the end, this movie is a lot better than people have been giving it credit. It is just as good as the other sequels, but the original will never be beat. However, with the agents going global, this film is very interesting and is a new take on the franchise. If you have enjoyed the sequels to the original Men in Black, there is no doubt you will enjoy this movie. It does nothing different than the previous entries. This movie probably has the best mystery story and likable characters.


Michael115 on August 07, 2019:

I will have to disagree. The characters shared no chemistry with each other and the movie failed because of that. The reason the original was so funny is because of the interaction between Tommy and Will. These two felt like they were doing terrible improvisation through the entire movie. The only good thing I got out if it was the decent alien effects and the half way decent action scenes. It is a forgettable time and a completely unnecessary sequel that adds nothing new to the franchise.