Mechanic: Resurrection Review

Updated on October 28, 2016
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Steven Escareno is an amateur film critic that writes about movies in his spare time.

Stevennix2001's Rating:

3 / 10


  • Action scenes are nice. Very well choreographed.
  • Nicely paced
  • Cinematography was nice for the most part.
  • Musical scoring was OK.


  • Weak story.
  • Generic characters that come off as bland stereotypes.
  • Predictable setup.
  • Camera was a bit shaky, during some of the action scenes.
  • Jason Statham and Jessica Alba pretty much play themselves in this film, so why even bother calling them by their character's names?

The sequel that nobody asked for is finally here.....but unlike "Finding Dory", this was truly one sequel that never should've been made.

While I'm not going to pretend like the last "Mechanic" film was some sort of masterpiece, it was rather clever in how it was setup. It was a fun action film that was full of suspense, and drama. Granted, it was predictable for the most part, but it still left you with a few surprises that you never saw coming. Sadly, i can't say that about the sequel.

While not a bad movie per se, it's basically nothing more than a generic "by the numbers" cliche action movie, where everything is predictable. You know what's going to happen at the end. The bad guys will get their comeuppance, and the good guys gets everything they strive for, and then some.

Sure, the action sequences are well choreographed, and we learn a bit more about Arthur Bishop's past (Jason's character). And in spite of a few shaky camera moments, most of the cinematography seems OK. Jason Statham pretty much plays himself again, as it's kind of a given at this point that he can only play the bad a** silent tough guy.

Of course, Jessica Alba plays the sexy love interest, who's pretty much the damsel in distress. A bunch of bad guys kidnap her, in order to blackmail Jason's character to do various jobs for them. However, if you've seen the last movie, then you know how this one plays out.

Right now,  I'm sure Jessica is asking herself..."Where's Machete when you need him?"
Right now, I'm sure Jessica is asking herself..."Where's Machete when you need him?"

And while I'm not going to say that the original was this innovative masterpiece worthy of being compared to something like "The Dirty Dozen", I will say that the story structure was a lot more interesting. In the original movie, Jason's character was hired to murder his mentor, and best friend.

However, after he died, his son asks him to train him, so he can avenge his father's death. Although the son was oblivious to what actually happened to his father, Jason's character reluctantly agreed to train him. This inevitably led to both our heroes finding out it was all part of a giant conspiracy, which also puts a strain on their relationship later on. It was an intriguing concept, and one that offered infinite possibilities on where the story could go, which made the original engaging.

On the one hand, you rooted for Jason Statham because he was the protagonist that got played by the bad guys, but at the same time, you were uneasy about his character because he killed an innocent man, and later gets thrust into a situation, where he's forced to deal with his son that lusts for revenge.

But here? The story is pretty cut and dry. A mafia boss wants his services, so he blackmails some hot girl to become his girlfriend. The two coincidentally become close, and later the bad guys kidnap her, in order to force him to do whatever they want, while he plots to rescue her.

And unfortunately because of this setup, "Mechanic: Resurrection" is arguably one of the most boring action movie of 2016. Not only does it follow every cliche in the book, but the story itself isn't that interesting. At least in the original, it gave you reasons to be conflicted about Jason's character, which is something most action films rarely do these days. Here, even when Jason is forced to kill innocent people, he's still portrayed as the likable anti hero of the story. Not saying that's a bad thing, but it does fall short of what the original used to be.

"Mechanic: Resurrection" seems like a movie that would've been better off going straight to DVD/Blue Ray, as the story is too generic to stand out from other action films. Although I'm sure there might be some fans that'll like this movie anyway, it's a bit too bland for my tastes. Unless you just want to see Jessica Alba in a bikini (or Jason Statham if you're a woman or happen to be gay...not that there's anything wrong with that. Just saying,), then chances are you'll probably get bored watching this film.

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