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"Kidnap" (2017) Movie Review

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To give you an idea how intense this film was, my hands were shaking by the time it was through. That hardly ever happens. Kidnap had spectacular action, incredible stunt work, and A-plus intensity. Combine that with Halle Berry's spot-on performance and you get one fantastic film.

Kidnap has a simple plot. A mother is at the park with her son where he is kidnapped. She sees the car the kidnappers get into and the chase is on. Remember how Buried took place inside a coffin for the entirety of the film? Well, Kidnap is similar to that in the sense that most of the film is a car chase. Now, while that might sound like it'd get boring after a while, there's always a nice little twist to keep the watcher on their toes.

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I won't say this is Halle's best performance ever but it was certainly up there. The desperation and fear in her eyes and voice was so sincere, you'd think you were watching an actual kidnapping in progress.

The stunt work is probably what impressed me the most. There's one particular moment where a random pedestrian becomes a victim of a hit-and-run. That moment has to be the most realistic depiction of a hit-and-run that I have ever seen. It's even better than the moment in Lost when Michael was hit in a one-continuous-shot sequence. At least in Michael's case, the driver tried to stop. In Kidnap, there was no intention of stopping. Then in the same scene Halle does a very brave thing which I will not spoil but wow that whole sequence was fantastic.

Obviously I loved this film, so why did I deduct .25 from my final score? Well, there's one particular line in the film that I thought really damaged Halle's character's development. At one point she says, "You took the wrong kid." Maybe it's just me but that felt like she didn't care if any other kid was taken as long as hers wasn't. It was an unnecessary line that really did nothing but hurt the moment it was in.

In conclusion, Kidnap is the story of every mother's fear and unfortunately one that many live through on a daily basis. I hope that this film will help people stay more alert and hopefully end the kidnapping rings that are still active all over the globe. I give the film a total of 3.75 out of 4.

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