Kevin Hart: What Now?

Updated on October 20, 2016

Stevennix2001's Rating:

7 / 10


  • The comedy sketch before the main comedy act itself was clever. I especially loved the fourth wall breaking subtitle joke, as that was kind of interesting.
  • The James Bond references were a nice touch, in the comedy bits before and after the main show.
  • Kevin's Hart stand up routine seemed well organized, and i love how he made use of the lighting on stage, for one of his jokes.
  • Kevin's comedic timing was excellent. Granted, he's no Robin Williams, or Rodney Dangerfield, on stage, but he carries himself rather well for the most part.
  • Jokes were funny.


  • Some of the celebrity cameos seem a bit unnecessary and forced.
  • The ending comedy sketch was a bit generic and underwhelming, as it lacks the creative originality that the opening sketch had going for it.

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What Now?

Depending on whether or not you like Kevin Hart will determine how much you'll like this movie. "Kevin Hart: What Now?" is essentially a film that shows Kevin Hart doing stand up comedy. Sure, it's sandwiched between two comedy sketch sequences, where it shows a slight satirical homage to James Bond, as it all somehow ties into him doing his biggest show ever. Of course, he makes a few jokes about today's social media, as there's even an animated sequence on the side of the screen to illustrate what he's talking about, while he's on stage doing his act.

But apart from all of that, it's nothing you wouldn't normally see on an HBO stand up comedy special, or a comedy club. Granted, Kevin Hart does make great use of the stage lights, during his act, as he depicts one story about how scary it was for him to take out the trash, which inevitably led to him forcing his son to do it. However, that's really about it, as it's basically like any other stand up comedy act you'd see on cable TV.

I have to admit prior to seeing this movie, I was somewhat unfamiliar with his style of comedy on the big stage. Sure, I've seen quite a few of his movies in the past, but critiquing a film is not the same thing as judging a stand up routine.

For the most part, Kevin Hart's style of comedy is both witty, and interesting. Most of his jokes are derived from his personal life, and it seems to work pretty well. Granted, he does swear a lot, and there are a few sex jokes, but most of his jokes seem rather tame, in comparison to other comedians of the past like Richard Pryor, Chris Rock, George Carlin or Dave Chappelle, to name a few. Those guys were always pushing the envelope in terms of stand up, as far as how much they could get away with.

Whereas Kevin Hart, his style of comedy is just bold enough to be considered edgy in today's political correct society, but still safe enough to appeal to most audiences.

But for the most part, Kevin's comedic timing on stage was a treat to watch. His stand up routine certainly seems more organized compared to other comedians. Take Martin Lawrence for instance. While I can't say I've seen every comedy act that Martin has ever done, I will say that based on the few that I've seen, most of his jokes tend to get repetitive, and his comedic delivery always seemed disorganized on stage. Whereas Kevin Hart, most of his jokes are original throughout his performance. Each joke flows nicely into the other, and he always seems to play off the audience rather well.

Granted, he's no Rodney Dangerfield or Robin Williams, as they were masters at playing off the crowd. However, Kevin Hart does a fairly decent job, and I love how funny he was during the comedy sketches; both before and after the stand up act.

It was a nice reference to the classic James Bond films, and the fourth wall breaking subtitle moment, at the beginning, was kind of clever. It almost makes me wish Kevin Hart had his own sketch variety show on TV.

Overall, I can't say "Kevin Hart: What Now?" is a bad movie. If anything, it's pretty enjoyable for the most part. Apart from a few sex jokes and foul language, Kevin's style of comedy should be safe and inoffensive to anyone watching it, while still being just edgy enough to make him stand out from other generically safe comedians like Jerry Seinfeld or Bill Cosby, before his rape scandals of course.

If you're not a big fan of Kevin Hart's style of comedy in movies, then chances are you probably won't be swayed here. However, if you are a fan of his films, and you're just looking for a few cheap laughs, then it's worth checking out in theaters. Granted, it's not the best stand up comedy act that I've seen, but it's still funny for the most part. Definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of Kevin Hart.

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