Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review

Updated on November 29, 2018
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I am a long time movie enthusiast. Always on the look out for films that don't just consume my time but change the way I think of movies.

Director- Juan Antonio Buyana

Cast- Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, James Cromwell, Jeff Goldblum

PG-13 (for intense sequences of science fiction violence and peril)


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is the fifth in the Jurassic saga. This film directly follows the storyline of the previous film by the same title-Jurassic World. We open with a political dilemma about whether the dinosaurs should be allowed to live or meet their demise yet again in another fashion, this time a volcanic eruption. Owen played by Chris Pratt and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) are sent back to the island in an attempt to save the dino population from yet another cataclysmic event not unlike the second film in the franchise, Lost World. While we end on the same pattern with the dinosaurs coming into our own back yard. Quite literally, Lost World (minus eating the dog). The visuals, as always are spot on and a masterpiece to watch, even to the intricacies of drool and blood that is exciting imagery to view and adds a layer of much needed detail and realism. We see the scale of the movie goes from one as large as an island to as small as the third act, which is nothing but a mansion of hallways.

Watch as the film follows these characters along the same character beats EXACTLY as the last film of the same name. We find them at the beginning of this film in the same place as the last, with little to no growth at a basic character level. They seem to be getting shallower instead of growing into deeper characters that we as the audience can care about on any level off the surface. The antagonist is a cookie cutter copy from any sci-fi film in the genre trying to sell his assets at rock bottom prices. They just go from one plot point to the next as the story needs with no real reason or explanation other than, because, to get to where dinosaurs get loose, just to carry a 128-minute run time.

The overall feel of the film is much akin to that of the original in tone. It harkens back it in its dark, dire feel in a lot of ways by utilizing more animatronics and less CGI. While still feeling as though they need to throw in as much nostalgia as possible just shy of recreating entire scenes. I can understand and appreciate a film that desires to send a message about animal and ethical treatment, but this film gets bogged down and confusing at times while we watch a dinosaur die horrifically from a natural disaster, wanting us to feel sad, and then turn around as we watch one brutally eat multiple people. The movie is a constant battle between emotion and logic while we go on this ride that doesn’t know if it wants the dinosaurs to be the heroes, villains or victims of nature and man. Meanwhile the characters are nothing more than empty shells (one might say robotic clones of characters we actually enjoyed watching in the original movie) not that much different than the movies twist addition. With dialogue that feels as though it at times was written in crayon.

So, if you are looking for a film to enjoy without going to deep into a plot and just want to see more dinosaurs doing dino things then this is the movie for you. But if you are looking for a movie that builds on the groundwork laid before it four other times, you will come out wanting more.

2 stars for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

© 2018 Jesse Keehn


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