'John Wick: Chapter 3' - Movie Review

Updated on July 30, 2019

John Wick is thrust into action once again, but this time he has a 14 million dollar bounty on his head and is the target of almost everybody. This movie is perfect for any action fan as it delivers some of the most top notch action scenes I have ever seen! There are a few problems I had with this movie, however, I think this movie is great and needs to be watched by everybody!


The best thing about this movie is, as mentioned before, the action! This movie has amazing action sequences. This movie had a lot more fight scenes than the previous ones which is a fresh take on the series. As the other ones had a lot of scenes which featured a great amount of shooting, this one had more fights. John Wick does not just go in guns blazing, rather he takes it in a fist to fist match. The fight scenes are shot with a wide frame and long takes so we see everything in the fights. It is not short cuts and up close. We see the whole fight play out which brings us into the action and makes us feel as if we are watching them duke it out for real.

I loved the way they made this film fresh and stand out from the others. They put John Wick in different situations than he has been. For example, he rides horses and motorcycles and has fight sequences on both! There is one fight scene where he fights somebody using only a book! The filmmakers used different ideas to make this film really stand out.

Another positive about this film is, of course, Keanu Reeves. Reeves was born to play this character! It is obvious that he spent a great amount of time training for his fight sequences. This is also true about Halle Berry, who has a short appearance in this film. She comes into the franchise and is a stand out. She really holds her own in her scenes. The two of them have an amazing scene together in which they incorporate dogs into the fight. This sequence is probably one of my favorite scenes of all time!

Another positive about this film is the world building. The filmmakers create this world of assassins that live in our world. It feels as if there really is this life that John Wick has lived. We see these characters who he interacts with and we know he has been in that position before. There are these rules and different higher powers in this world that makes it so believable.


The negative aspects I have with this film are short. With that being said, I did have some problems with it. This movie was definitely the weakest story of the three. The first had the most emotional drive for John Wick as he was on this revenge tale because the bad guys killed his dog. While the actions from the first film lead into this one, that emotional drive is lost. I was unclear on what John Wick's motivation was in this film other than to survive. There is a sequence in which he goes on a quest to achieve something, however he reverts back on that decision he made. This left me questioning his motivation.

Another negative I had was one of my positives. With the wide and long cuts, we see everything. So, when John is fighting two people at once, we see one of the guys kind of waiting his turn while Wick is fighting one of them. Realistically, the bad guys would charge him at once to take him down. So as this is a negative, it does not take you out of the action. The action is so amazing you forget about that aspect.

Final Thoughts

This is every action fan's dream of a movie! It delivers on the action 100%. The story is a little weak, however, the action makes up for it. If you have not seen John Wick yet. go watch it! It is an amazing movie. It does not slow down with it being the third in the franchise. This movie franchise is still on fire!

4 stars for John Wick


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      11 months ago

      I had the same problems with the film. Good review! This franchise is still on fire!


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