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"Happy Death Day 2U" Movie Review

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Very rarely does a sequel surpass the original, improving on everything that made the first good and even fixing the problems that the first had. Don't get me wrong, part 2 had its own issues, but they weren't as glaring as they were the first time around.

The film follows Tree, the sorority girl from the first film who found herself trapped in a time loop reliving the day of her death 11 times. She once again finds herself in a new loop, but this time she's discovered what's causing it all. She's also horrified to find that things have been changed. Her mom is alive again and her boyfriend is dating her snooty housemate Danielle. Now, not only does Tree have to catch and unmask a killer and figure out how to stop the loop once and for all, but she also has to decide what's more important: living in a fake world where her mom is alive or going back to her real life where her mom's gone.

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I loved the emotional stakes this film proposed. If you had a chance to have a lost loved one back, would you take it or would you let the past be the past? Also, the explanation as to how the time loop came to be was brilliant. It didn't feel like a cop out nor did it feel like a cheap explanation that left you scratching your head. It was actually very well-thought out and for that, I was appreciative.

There were only two things that bugged me. First, the film opened with Ryan stuck in the loop which then transferred back to Tree. Tree's been through enough, don't you think? I would have liked Ryan to have been the film's center this time around with Tree as the side character who is really the only one who could possibly understand what he's going through. Second, the film disconnected from its own story. While the added humor and emotion was a nice change, that cuts both ways. The story became less about finding a killer and more about life's drama. In a way, I was fine with it since the first film focused solely on the killer but in the same breath, the film is called Happy DEATH Day 2U for a reason. That being said, there is one small section of the film that some people might take offensively. Tree has to keep the loop going until she and her friends figure out how to close the loop. She decides that it'd be better to just off herself again and again instead of being chased by a killer repeatedly. Some might take that as poking fun at suicide. I personally didn't take it that way, but just in case someone out there does, don't say I didn't warn you.

In conclusion, I feel that Happy Death Day 2U improved on the first and made the characters much more relatable. It gives you a lot to think about and it also gives you some mystery and suspense. Be sure to hang out during the credits for a revamped cover of Stayin' Alive by Lizzo. I give the film a 3 out of 4.

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