'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' - Is It Worth Your Time?

Updated on August 12, 2019

'Godzilla: King of the Monsters'

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is told mainly from the human's perspective. Vera Farmiga and Millie Bobby Brown play mother and daughter in this film. Fermiga's character has finished building a device in which she can practically calm or anger the monsters using radio waves. She is forced to use this device to awaken all the monsters in order for them to wipe humanity out for the good of the planet. On the other hand, Kyle Chandler plays the ex-husband, who teams up with Monarch to try to stop her.

And of course, Godzilla arrives to battle such monsters as Mothra, Rodan, and the three-headed King Ghidorah.

There are two perspectives in the movie—the humans and the monsters. The monsters view is so much better. The monsters duke it out with Godzilla in order to rule. That's pretty much it. Everything else doesn't matter. That's really all we want to see, right?


The best thing about this movie is the thing you want from a movie like this—the monsters. This movie is jam packed with Godzilla fighting all these monsters. For the people who said the first one did not have enough Godzilla action, this film is for you! This one never stops. The design of these monsters were really cool to me. King Ghidorah was one of my favorite monsters as he put up a fight with Godzilla. He was really interesting to see come to life on the big screen. The CGI in this movie was amazing. The monsters looked realistic, each had a unique design, and there were cool images in this movie. There were certain spots where you could pause the movie and it looks like a movie poster.

I liked the aspect of monsters taking over the world. It creates this sense of urgency because we obviously would not want this to happen in real life. So it feels like the characters always have to be moving to try and stop this from happening. The movie benefited a lot with this aspect as the movie never really felt boring. The action is what keeps this movie going.


There is an aspect of the film that I am mixed on. It is not a pro, it's more of a con, but not completely. That is the characters in this film. I could almost split it up into two aspects—the actors and the characters. The actors were great. They put out some good performances. However, their characters sucked. Goodness, they were boring as hell! The movie slows down so much when the characters are just sitting there talking. All they do is deliver a whole lot of exposition. They do nothing other than that. So, I am torn because the performances were great but their characters were boring.


The big thing for me was the fight scenes in between Godzilla and the other monsters. I did not feel invested in them as much as I wished I was. There were two things that bothered me. First, a lot of it was from the human's perspective. So the camera is angled up and we are not in the action. Then there was how close the action was shot when not shown from the human perspective. It was so close that you can't really tell what is going on. Because of this, the monsters never felt huge and threatening as they did in the previous film.This is a big let down for me because I was so excited to see Godzilla fight these monsters. But in the end, I was never fully invested in the fights.

Another thing was the story. Like I mentioned, the characters are weak. The story was just trying to give a reason for these monsters to come alive in order to fight Godzilla. Other than that, it really has nothing. When Godzilla or the other monsters are not on screen, this movie sucks. However, I do not watch a Godzilla movie for a really great story. I just want to see a whole bunch of monster fights. This movie delivered on that even if they were not to my liking.

I also thought the characters were just dumb. Millie Bobby Brown's character was probably the dumbest ones. A child her age should not be put in these scenarios; why would her mother allows this? I don't know, but movie's gotta movie. I also did not like the mother at all. She was written to be one thing at the beginning of the movie and because of this, when her story wrapped up, it had no payoff whatsoever. She was a very unlikable character.

This movie was also filled with tons of action movie cliches. Every scene seemed like it was either going to sacrifice a character or see them getting saved at the last second. It felt like we have seen it all before. Oh wait, because we have!

'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' - Trailer

Final Thoughts:

Even if this movie had a lot of problems, it is still a fun watch. I was not as happy with this film as I was with the first. I think the first Godzilla had a lot more payoff and told a better story. I do not think this one was nearly as exciting. However, it does have a lot more monster action and it sets up the universe with King Kong. There is a lot of discussion on that topic, which I am excited for.

In the end, this movie did not live up to my expectations. I did have a good time with it though. For anyone who thought the first one did not have enough Godzilla, you will probably like this one. This is a good Godzilla movie with a lot of fan service!

'Godzilla: King of the Monsters'

3 stars for 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters'


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    • profile image

      Natan sibuea 

      2 weeks ago

      I actually watched the movie and then I slept and missed the Boston battle and the end, but good thing the Godzilla king of the monsters scene videos showed the ending and what happened in the Boston battle like Mothra vs Rodan and everybody bowed to godzilla after defeating ghidorah in the end


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