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"Vengeance Part 2: Bloodlines" – A "Friday The 13th" Fan Film

I've been a film buff since childhood, and I love writing about and reviewing my favorites.

"Vengeance 2: Bloodlines" is one of the best "Friday the 13th"  fan films ever made.

"Vengeance 2: Bloodlines" is one of the best "Friday the 13th" fan films ever made.

Friday The 13th Vengeance 2: Bloodlines

(aka "Vengeance Part 2: Bloodlines")

  • Director: Jason Brooks
  • Starring: Jason Brooks, Kelly Tappan, Sanae Loutsis, C.J. Graham, Tom McLoughlin, Richie Ramone, Tamara Glynn, Darcy DeMoss, Thom Mathews
  • Release Date: October 7, 2022 (YouTube)
  • Run Time: 1 hour 48 minutes

"Guess who's back? Jason's back. Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back..."

No, Jason Voorhees hasn't returned to your local multiplex. The ongoing legal battle between original Friday The 13th screenwriter Victor Miller and series guru Sean S. Cunningham over who "owns" the Jason character is still tied up in court as of this writing.

While progress in the "real" F13 franchise remains on hold due to the lawsuit, however, everyone's favorite hockey masked maniac has continued to stalk unlucky camp counselors in numerous not-for-profit, audience-funded fan films, created by filmmakers with a deep love and respect for the series' lore.

2019's Vengeance, which used the events of Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (my personal favorite F13 film) as its jumping-off point, was one of the best Friday fan-films I've seen. Now Bloodlines, the brand new long-awaited sequel, has been unleashed on YouTube. I'm happy to report that Bloodlines upholds, and in some cases even surpasses, the high standards set by the first film.

To the untrained eye, Bloodlines could easily pass for a legitimate entry in the F13 series. It has impressive production values, fantastically gory practical effects, and lots of witty references and call-backs to the "real" F13 saga that are bound to please even the pickiest Jason junkies.

WARNING: Many spoilers lay ahead!

The Story

In the previous Vengeance installment, we learned that Jason's father, Elias Voorhees (C.J. Graham), was responsible for setting him on his murderous path. Picking up where the last film left off, Elias is still intent on using Jason to settle his long-standing grudge against the Jarvis family, aided by his dim-witted henchman, grave digger Walt (Friday VI writer/director Tom McLaughlin, whose role is expanded from a bit part in the original).

Vengeance also introduced us to Angelica (Kelly Tappan) and Ashley (Sanae Loutsis), the daughters of legendary Jason slayer Tommy Jarvis, who are still searching for their missing father as Bloodlines begins.

As bodies continue to pile up in the woods around Crystal Lake (or is it still "Forest Green" in this timeline? I forget), the girls are inevitably drawn into Elias' elaborate plot to bring the Jarvis bloodline to an end, and use their deaths to re-animate Jason's beloved mother, Pamela Voorhees!

Of course, in between all this dysfunctional-family drama, there's still loads of good ol' fashioned ultra-violent Friday The 13th mayhem going on. Jason whacks his way through a seemingly endless number of sheriff's deputies, search and rescue workers, stranded travelers, and even a band of punk rockers led by Richie Ramone, in a small but pivotal role.

Since the filmmakers didn't have to concern themselves with pleasing the MPAA ratings board, the kill scenes in Bloodlines are gloriously brutal, and in many cases, WAY sicker than anything you'd ever see in a "mainstream" Friday movie. Kudos to the special effects team!

Jason Brooks as Jason Voorhees

Jason Brooks as Jason Voorhees


Jason Brooks, who played Jason in the previous film and repeats the role here, is also the co-writer and director of Bloodlines, and he did a bang up job on all fronts. Bloodlines is a faster moving, more action packed affair than its predecessor. Vengeance occasionally got bogged down by lingering longer than necessary on plot points and back story, but this sequel cuts out the fat, presumes you've already seen the first part, and jumps right into the good stuff.

On the Easter egg front, longtime F13 fans will appreciate the brief flashback glimpses of young Jason in his Part II-era "potato sack" mask, among the many other shout-outs that include an appearance by Part VI star Darcy DeMoss as "Nikki," whose infamous motorhome death was, apparently, greatly exaggerated (though she isn't quite so lucky this time!).

By the time the great Thom Mathews finally makes his heroic late-inning appearance as the absentee Tommy Jarvis (continuing the victory lap he started with cameos in the rival F13 fan films, Never Hike Alone and its sequel) and C.J. Graham briefly switches into his old Part VI era Jason get-up during a final showdown with Tommy, the Friday faithful are likely to pass out from this total overload of fan boy wish fulfillment!

Surprisingly, the best line in the whole movie comes from Tamara Glynn, an alumnus of Halloween 5. When her friends express amazement that she has never heard of Jason Voorhees, she explains her ignorance by informing them that she isn't from Crystal Lake, but "grew up in Haddonfield," which I guess is the closest we'll ever get to a Friday/Halloween crossover...

Father-son bonding: Elias (C.J. Graham) and Jason (Jason Brooks)

Father-son bonding: Elias (C.J. Graham) and Jason (Jason Brooks)

Final Thoughts

In case I haven't made it abundantly clear, Vengeance Part 2: Bloodlines is a stone cold, action packed, blood-splattered hoot that will leave old school Friday The 13th fans with big grins on their faces.

The cast and crew have done the Friday legacy proud. Everyone reading this should go to YouTube immediately and add Bloodlines to your viewing slate!

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