Five Worst Sequels in Hollywood

Updated on July 28, 2017

Sequels seem to be the current obsession of Hollywood right now. You can't have a big budget movie without chatter about how the sequel could come out. Filmmakers and producers don't often consider the quality that must be maintained to warrant another trip to the cinema. This is why sequels generally get a bad rap.

Five Worst Hollywood Sequels

  1. Saw 3D
  2. The Matrix Revolutions
  3. Transformers: Age of Extinction
  4. Grown Ups 2
  5. Batman & Robin

5. Saw 3D

There wasn't much life left in the series by the time this seventh installment was released. However, there was hope that this would be the final hurrah to give us some closure or a resolution. We did get some, but you had to go through utter boredom to get there. The whole film is a rehash of previous material, and we have a protagonist thrown in the mix for no reason whatsoever. We all wanted to know what Mark Hoffman—the villain—had in store. But what we got was a complete turnaround of his developed character. There was no more mind games, only brutality. Yes, the Saw series is notorious for its gore, but there was never any direct murdering. Hoffman changes his method for no reason. Even the most loyal of fans couldn't conjure up anything to say in support. While the true attraction of Jigsaw was there for just a minute and a half, the anticipated return of Dr. Gordon comprised of two scenes. But hey, at least he's having a good time. Which is more than what I can say about the rest of us.

4. The Matrix Revolutions

This may not be the worst sequel that comes to mind, but it is kind of terrible how laughably stupid the resolution of the series came about. All the unique plot points were mashed together and we ended up with a literal deus ex machina. The film tried so hard to paint Neo as a tragic savior who just needed to sacrifice himself to be considered The One. The directors seemed to be going for a blood bath in this one. There are barely any scenes not involving someone getting assimilated by Smith or blown apart by sentinels. You'd be hard pressed to figure out just what happened by the time the end comes about. It's just so difficult to wrap your head around what you just saw. The special effects, which were a staple of the series, just weren't enough to be a saving grace this time around. We'd seen quite enough of it in the previous two movies. The Matrix Revolutions needed that wham moment of awesomeness to send the audience home happy. It tragically failed to do that.

3. Transformers: Age of Extinction

We all thought we had it bad with the second installment, but Michael Bay showed us why we should never underestimate his horrible directing skills. While the series itself has never been a critical darling, it still had some small charm to it. The characters gelled together well enough for you to root for them. But there's none of that here. I'll be honest, I still have no clue what the plot was or who the antagonist was supposed to be. You have Optimus Prime acting like the biggest wimp of all time, hiding in some garage and getting walloped front and center. He is only triumphant when his opponent has his back turned. This doesn't exactly create the image of a valiant protagonist. The human characters are as insubstantial as they come. Just because you've got Mark Wahlberg as the protagonist doesn't mean we should instantly care about him. His character falls flat, his daughter isn't even slightly likable, her boyfriend is a moron, and we're meant to root for them. Now why would I do that?

2. Grown Ups 2

My god was this terrible. The true definition of a movie without a plot. In fact, the entire film takes place over one nonsensical day. Ripe with ludicrous moments such as a deer urinating on Adam Sandler and Kevin James turning his burps into farts, you wouldn't be at fault if this movie gave you suicidal thoughts. Not once does the movie even hint at making an attempt to piece together something coherent for the viewer. And when you have Taylor Lautner thrown in just for fan service, it's pretty obvious the filmmakers weren't even interested in trying. What's even more terrible is that the cast is filled with bona fide comedians, yet the jokes—or lack thereof—fail to even get a chuckle out of you. There really should be a law banning movies such as these from ever seeing the light of day.

1. Batman & Robin

Okay, what did I just watch!?

That's what my reaction was for this film. Granted, the earlier sequels in the Batman franchise weren't really spectacular either, but no one expected this. Whoever thought that giving Batman—the most terrifying vigilante to have ever scaled Gotham's dreary heights—a Bat-Credit Card was a good idea? That has to be one of the most ridiculous moments in all of cinema. And it doesn't end there. You have Bat nipples, Bat butts, and a whole world of homosexual undertones to boot. Which kind of makes you wonder what Batgirl was even doing there. It honestly would've been a better movie had they gone with making a Batman and Robin romance flick. Adding to the misery is a wide range of puns which pretty much make up the whole movie. You don't get one scene without Mr. Freeze spluttering some nonsense one-liner (We get it, your superpower is making things freeze.) Then you have a dumbed-down Bane who just grunts the whole time. It honestly made me want to rip my own head off. Perhaps the one saving grace the film has is its unintentional comedy. If you feel depressed, all you need to do is watch some of Batman & Robin and you'll realize your life could be worse.

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