25 Festive Facts About Your Favorite Holiday Movies

Updated on November 21, 2018
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1. In Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the hair on the suit Jim Carrey wore was completely made of real yak hair. It took 4 months to make for the film.

2. In The Nightmare Before Christmas, famed actor Vincent Price was supposed to provide the voice of Santa Claus. However, his wife passed away before filming and Price had a difficult time portraying the jolly Claus. A local actor was therefore brought in for the role.

3. Randy Kornfield wrote the screenplay for Jingle All The Way when he personally witnessed his in-laws go to extreme lengths in order to get a Power Rangers toy for his son.

4. On the set of Home Alone, both Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern had a hard time refraining from using swear words. Pesci grew annoyed by this since Macaulay Culkin was often on set and he had to watch his language.

5. Tim Allen’s The Santa Claus caused an uproar when parents across America received huge charges on their phone bills. Their children began calling the number Allen’s character joked about, 1-800-SPANKME, not knowing their Santa calls would be redirected to a 900 line.

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6. In A Christmas Story, Ralphie expresses his desire for the “Red Ryder BB Gun” 28 times.

7. In Love Actually, actor Kris Marshall (Colin) enjoyed the scene where he was undressed by 3 American girls so much he returned his check for the day, saying he was happy to do it for free.

8. The website Iris and Amanda used in The Holiday is an actual home-exchange website.

9. In White Christmas, when Bob (Bing Crosby) and Phil (Danny Kaye) perform “Sisters” they are laughing almost throughout the whole sequence. It’s the best take the director could get.

10. The make-up and prosthetics Jim Carrey wears in Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas took a whopping 3 hours to apply, and Carrey even consulted with a C.I.A Specialist who taught him torture-resistance techniques.

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11. Eddie Murphy and Jack Nicholson were both considered for the role of The Grinch.

12. Will Ferrell caused several small car accidents in the Lincoln Tunnel when filming Elf, while he walked around wearing his costume.

13. In Miracle on 34th Street, Natalie Wood thought actor Edmund Gwenn was actually Santa Claus. It wasn’t until she saw him out of his costume that the young actress realized he wasn’t really Santa.

14. Mythbusters tested if it was possible to actually get your tongue stuck to a piece of cold metal, like in A Christmas Story. It is possible, so make sure to keep your tongue to yourself!

15. Ming Ming the elf from the beginning of Elf is Peter Billingsley, the actor who portrayed Ralphie in A Christmas Story.

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16. Daniel Stern was extremely apprehensive about filming the scene with a tarantula in Home Alone. He agreed to it as long as it was done in one take, and his scream had to be dubbed in later because a real scream would have scared the tarantula.

17. Love Actually writer Richard Curtis first conceived the movie as two separate films; they would have followed the storylines of Hugh Grant and Colin Firth’s characters.

18. There were no rehearsals for the actors in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Chevy Chase had a tendency to improvise and ad-lib, therefore rendering such preparation useless.

19. In The Holiday, Jack Black was initially skeptical about starring in a rom-com, until he heard Kate Winslet was in it. In fact, Winslet said after filming, “Trust me, it was not difficult to fall in love with Jack Black. At all.”

20. Will Ferrell often felt sick during filming Elf, because he actually ate all the sweets he used in the film. It also messed with his sleeping habits.

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21. You can actually stay in the house from A Christmas Story. It is a real house that has been preserved into a museum, and over the holiday season super-fans can bid to spend two days and nights living there. On Christmas morning, presents are opened in the living room that include two BB guns.

22. The character of Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas can be seen in the 1988 movie Beetlejuice, which was Tim Burton's second directorial feature. He is seen at the top of the carnival hat that Beetlejuice wears. The Nightmare Before Christmas wasn't released until 1993.

23. Hugh Grant was not enthused about doing the iconic dance in Love Actually, because he believed the prime minister should be more stately.

24. Shockingly, CBS executives originally hated A Charlie Brown Christmas and felt it was too slow-paced. The special ultimately ended up winning an Emmy and has since become a beloved holiday staple.

25. In Bad Santa, it is clear the film is not suitable for children. The 'f-word' is used a grand total of 147 times! Though Billy Bob Thornton is now infamous for the lead role, both Jack Nicholson and Bill Murray were interested in the part but were busy filming other movies.

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