Eh, 'Captain Marvel' Was Okay

Updated on March 20, 2019

The problem with Captain Marvel is that I wanted to like it. Perhaps I wanted to like it a little too much. My expectations were high, and I went in thinking that I’d be blown away. That might be the reason I’m so completely underwhelmed.

What’s really terrible about this is that I still feel so obligated to support it. There’s such a dearth of female-led superhero movies that any perceived flop will be jumped upon by a swarm of angry vultures and used as evidence as to why female leads in superhero movies just don’t work. It’s a preposterous stance, but it’s a pervasive one. It doesn’t matter how many terrible Batman movies come out, no one is going to say the same thing about male leads.

Despite all of this and my strong desire to sing its praises, even I have to admit that Captain Marvel is lacking. The plot is utterly predictable. Every twist can be seen from a mile away, so there are literally no surprises. Wait, I take that back. There is one surprise, and it’s a humorous one. However, it certainly isn’t relevant to the plot of the movie.

Carol herself comes across as almost two-dimensional. She lacks emotional depth. Every scene she has that’s supposed to spur feeling within you fails at accomplishing its goal. I do have to give props to Lashana Lynch, however, who does such an excellent job expressing the emotions of Maria Lambeau that it almost makes up for the blandness of Brie Larson’s performance as Carol Danvers. To be fair to Larson, she wasn’t terrible. She also was just far from spectacular. I shouldn’t be bored to tears with the main character of a blockbuster.

It also seemed as though they were trying to mix that Guardians of the Galaxy style humor alongside some of the more serious tales we’ve seen spun up until this point, and it honestly just did not work. The humor fell flat, and Ben Mendelsohn’s character Talos delivered his “humorous” lines in an almost cringeworthy manner.

I will say this. The special effects are pretty amazing. This is especially true when we see Captain Marvel powered up and at her best. They completely blew me away. It doesn't help though that as Captain Marvel is flying around, she lets out these entirely unrealistic shouts that sound as though they belong to someone riding one of those 4D roller coasters and not to a highly paid actress.

Was this the worst Marvel movie I’ve ever seen? No. Did I go see it again? Yes. I didn’t want to though. I only dragged myself back for a second time because I had planned the trip with a friend before my first viewing naively thinking there was no way I wouldn’t want to see it twice.

I will admit that I was able to enjoy it much more the second time around. Maybe that’s because my expectations were no longer through the roof. Maybe it’s because Jude Law’s appearances on screen didn’t shock me back to reality with my brain shouting “Hey! It’s Jude Law!” for every telepath in the vicinity to hear, or maybe it’s just because I calmed down and realized that an okay movie doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad.

Oh, and spoiler alert. I seriously believed Carol and Maria were going to kiss at the end there. They were everything to one another! I'm supposed to believe in Thor and Jane Foster but think these two were just friends? I think not!

C'mon, Marvel!


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    • Noel Penaflor7 profile image

      Noel Penaflor 

      15 months ago from California

      Agreed. Standard Meh-rvel.


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