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'Don't Breathe' Non-Spoiler Review


I'll be the first to admit I'm not a horror movie connoisseur by any means. I don't see them a whole lot, but if I do decide to see one while it's out in theaters, I expect a pretty good movie. Don't Breathe...is an alright movie. It didn't blow my socks off by any means, but it's a pretty good summer horror flick to see with your friends.


If you've watched literally any of the trailers, you know what this movie is about. The amount of story they showed in the trailers for this movie actually pissed me off quite a bit. We don't need to understand what the entire movie is about before we get into the theatre. We just need to be hooked, that's it. Give us a little taste and make us come to the theatre for the full meal.

Anyway, three teenagers that rob houses fairly often decide to pull off one more job before they ride off into the sunset. The last house they plan to rob, though, is owned by an army vet who's blind. You can pretty much figure it out from there. They break into the house, and then the shit hits the fan.

One thing that this film definitely gets right is their choice to make the man who owns the house blind. It's a concept that I don't believe has been used in a horror film like this before, and it works very well. The way the man uses his other senses to maneuver and hunt the three teenagers is quite interesting, and overall it added a nice twist to the whole home invasion concept. Also, it almost makes you root for him throughout most of the movie, but then a twist that I didn't see coming turns you against him.

So, it's a cool concept and the plot is pretty simple, but is it good? The short answer is yes, this is a great movie to see with your friends, or whoever you want to see it with, on a Friday night. But it certainly has some issues. My main issue with this movie is that it was advertised as a horror film, but it feels more like a pure thriller with a few jump scares. Only one of the jump scares got me personally, but of course whether or not you'll get caught by them depends on how well you handle jump scares. The next (and biggest) issue I have with the movie is the ending. Towards the end of the movie, it cuts to black. I thought that was a great ending for the movie, but then it comes back and gives us an extra three minutes that we don't really need. I mean, we REALLY do not need the extra three minutes we get. It almost left a sour taste in my mouth about the movie, because it's just not needed. If you can't tell, it pissed me off.

BUT, if you can get past the "extra" ending we get and a few minor issues with the story, you'll have a great time. It's not the greatest movie you'll ever see, but it's a good movie to see in the theater.


The script in this movie isn't really important since we're more focused on what the characters are doing rather than what they are saying, but it is worth nothing that the script is decent. There's not a whole lot of dialogue, but when the characters do exchange words, it doesn't come off as clunky or irrelevant. So yeah, props to whoever wrote the script for not creating a pile of crap.


The old man who owns the house is essentially the star of the movie. Everything hinges on what he does, and he carries that weight very well. He's an intriguing character, and a pretty smart one too. I found myself more interested in him than all of the other characters combined.

If I'm being honest, the three kids aren't very interesting at all. They're not the smartest and for the most part they willingly put themselves in bad situations. The good news is that we aren't meant to be super engaged by them, because it's the old man that makes us root for them.

Potential Audience:

This movie is 100% aimed towards fans of thriller and horror movies alike. I may feel like it leans way more towards the thriller side, but I think there's enough in the movie for horror fans to be pleased as well. Even if you're not a fan of thriller or horror movies, go see this movie with your friends. You'll have a good time.


Despite a couple of issues I have with it, I did enjoy Don't Breathe quite a bit. It's by no means the best movie I've ever seen, but it is one of the better thriller/horror movies I've seen in a while. One thing I have to hammer home, though, is that this is a movie you should definitely see IN the movie theatre. The movie theatre experience is fantastic for movies like this. So save up eight bucks, or however much a movie ticket costs where you live, and go see Don't Breathe.


3.5 out of 5 Stars for Don't Breathe

3.5 out of 5 Stars for Don't Breathe

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