Hear Me Review: Bad Moms

Updated on August 30, 2016

Bad Moms - Red Band Trailer #1

Bad Moms Review

How better to summarise this movie than 'an entertaining slice of girl power'? To start off with, if you go into this film expecting a revolutionary plot, or groundbreaking humour, you need to shift your expectations. From the trailers and marketing, it goes without saying that a film such as Bad Moms will follow a general comedy drama pattern of highs and lows, clichéd characters, come-uppances, and happy endings.

But it all seems to work in its favour. Although Bad Moms doesn't set the world alight, it's entertaining from start to finish and has plenty of laughs along the way; as long as you allow or at least simply disregard the cheap attempts to steal some giggles from characters simply falling over or loudly exclaiming obscenities.

Mila Kunis stars as the typical young mother, Amy, who struggles to balance children, work and her increasingly distant husband—and she's soon joined by fellow moms Carla and Kiki, respectively played by the boisterous Kathryn Hahn and the mild Kristen Bell. Together they decide to stop trying at motherhood so hard and to learn to enjoy themselves a little more, starting with a hilarious trip to the supermarket, one of the funnier scenes that really stands out. Each of the characters play their part in creating a well balanced group, with Kunis being the typical flawed hero, Hahn playing the outrageous, sex-mad friend on one shoulder, Bell playing the soft, sad-case friend on the other.

And the relationship between the characters works well enough because of this typical format - its simple for the audience to recognise that all three ladies clearly enjoyed making this movie and that's a strong appeal for the genre. The chemistry and cohesion between generally likeable people that obviously legitimately get on well with one another often makes for a satisfying movie experience and that is certainly the case here. Although the characters are somewhat one-dimensional, the actors excel in their roles. This applies to the three 'villains' of the drama, led by the absurdly bitter PTA president, Christina Applegate's Gwendolyn, also.

As previously mentioned (and you've probably gathered by this point) there are no real surprises here. But sometimes that's okay—the plot plays out as you would expect and all the resolutions are easy to see coming, but if you're having fun along the way with the characters and their excessive antics, I consider that to be a successful trip to the cinema.

It really boils down to each person's personal sense of humour. Some are naturally more easily impressed than others. And although the plot is predictable, it is heartwarming and it's a welcome love letter to the millions of hard-working, suffering mothers out there. And a nice surprise during the end credits makes it all the more pleasant.

3 stars for Bad Moms


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    • Danny Lannister profile imageAUTHOR

      Danny Lannister 

      3 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for your comment Mills P - I'm new to Hubpages and was trying to work out the way in which the website formats articles. Thanks to your comment, I understood where I went wrong and (hopefully) fixed it. I'll be reviewing a couple of movies a week if all goes according to plan!

    • profile image

      Pat Mills 

      3 years ago from East Chicago, Indiana

      I hope this is just the beginning of film reviewing for you here. It's usually a good idea, though, to somehow reference the movie in your title.


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