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"Creed II" Movie Review

Nathan is a film critic and aspiring author with a true passion for the film industry who hopes his writings will help launch his career.


Legacy is a powerful thing. It's not just the sum of whatever's left behind, it's also the name itself and the expectations that come with it. For some, that means everything, even life or death itself.

Creed II follows Adonis Creed, who has just won the World Championship and feels like he's finally made his father, the late Apollo Creed, proud. His life couldn't be more perfect. In fact, he and long-time girlfriend Bianca are engaged and happier than ever. Trainer Rocky Balboa has beaten his cancer and is still in Creed's corner. The happiness doesn't last though. Rocky's old rival, Ivan Drago, has returned from Russia with his son Viktor for revenge. Ivan was put to shame, discarded by his wife and country, after his fight with Rocky 30 years ago. Ivan hopes he can save his family name by having his son fight Adonis. The stakes are high for Creed, who's father Apollo was killed in the ring by Ivan. Adonis feels like this is a no-choice fight for him because he isn't just defending the title, he's defending his legacy.

So let me first say that the drama and emotion were kicked up in this film. There's not a moment that passed that wasn't stellar. The tension that built throughout and the message the story left us with were all well-done and powerful. Sylvester Stallone has had a hand in all the Rocky scripts and the two Creed scripts. This film just proves how vastly talented the man is. He has a distinct vision and he transcribes it to paper brilliantly.

The acting has improved greatly from the first Creed film. Michael B. Jordan has come a long way in his career. While he was always a good actor, lately, he's begun absorbing his roles and becoming them, expressing the emotional content as if it were his own.

The boxing scenes were so well-choreographed that they looked painfully real. The fight choreographers and stunt performers must have spent a lot of time preparing and planning to pull these fights off so brilliantly.

In conclusion, I have nothing but praise for the newest installment of the Rocky/Creed franchise. It's one of the best films of the year, even, and I wouldn't be surprised at all to see it nominated for Golden Globes and Academy Awards. I give it a 4 out of 4.

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